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[May 25 2017]
Toying with the idea of a whoverse au where the free energy project (army of ghosts - fall of torchwood one) was actually a raging success and how that might affect the world. Considering entire industries would just collapse overnight... and Torchwood now has the ability to stripmine other dimensions. I feel like the doctor would not be amused.

[May 25 2017]
Good news: the 2-3 day delivery was more like 24 hours. New modem!
Good news: successfully found out the account information for the internet.
Bad news: still not working. Flatmate's just gone to work and I cant find whether we have another wall jack to test. The router has power and it's hosting the wifi network, it just won't connect to the internet. It's not a modem problem or a cable problem, I switched all those out for new.

So I'll wait until flatmate's home again and see if we have another jack hiding behind some heavy furniture or something. Otherwise we might need some actual tech support because I'm about to hit my limit of helpfulness.

Bad news: flatmate's sister doesn't know of another jack either.
Bad news: troubleshooting at a neighbour's house suggests the jack is not the problem, and also that I shouldn't be trusted to cross the road at night. (The streets here are not always generous with the lighting...)

Good news: apparently this error message means the modem is configured for vdsl instead of adsl
Bad news: configuring for adsl doesn’t actually fix it.

[April 29 2017]
I can't believe I never realised this before but I'm finally watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter made a comment about putting up a blacklight and his ship lighting up like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Which reminded me that birds can see in UV.

Which means that, when Sam looks through their eyes, so can he.

I have to wonder how many times he's just bit his tongue and not said anything even though he really wanted to.

[April 27 2017]
Important news:

Puppy live cam with baby great danes sleeping and crawling on each other and drinking milk while their mum sleeps

Turtles have three ears. THREE. One is on their nose.

Call a friend today to tell them that potatoes were brought to Japan in 1600.

[April 22 2017]
LOL so I'm reading that last run of Captain America with Dimension Z and all that crazy shit and near the end it shows what can only be Sam's apartment based on the posters and music collection etc. (And the fact that it's just him and Jet there and she sure as hell doesn't have a place.) His apartment is really high up in a skyscraper in the Upper West Side. This is when Steve's already turned crazy old, Sam's about to be made Captain America, and in a matter of months he's going to be needing to ask his brother for money to pay his bills and living somewhere that's definitely not the same place. So at first I was like "WTF?"

Then I realised, actually, it totally makes sense. First, later on he's on the outs with SHIELD, whereas while Steve's Captain America they work with SHIELD a lot. He's probably listed as a contractor and getting paid by them, and when he gets banned from SHIELD for helping the Whisperer escape and negotiate an immunity deal they'd cut him off. Also, he grew up poor as hell. He spent all his time at work, at school, doing community work, or trying to raise his siblings. His money management skills are all based around making ends meet when he's barely got two bucks to rub together. SHIELD contractor pay? Hell yes, he's going to rent a place way up in the sky in the Upper West Side. He's probably also giving his niblings tons of presents and donating a heap to the family's church. He has dick all savings. Which made me think of last Christmas in Displaced when I had him make a huge list of people to get presents for and max out a credit card, which is exactly the same behaviour. I fucking love when things tie together like that.

[April 21 2017]
You know... when Displaced moves back to Texas... 616ers might have to decide whether or not to do the same thing with Secret Empire as Trump. Because it's basically unavoidable on the internet and otherwise Sam is going to fucking flip. He's already going to flip over Beyonce having twins but it's a completely different kind of flipping lol. I did ignore the Logan film for Laura but that seems... a lot easier.

[April 20 2017]
Aw, our Steve left [info]knowheremod. Sam is very upset.

[April 05 2017]
Reasons New Zealand is in the international news right now:

- someone died in a typhoid outbreak
- our Prime Minister put tinned spaghetti on pizza

Go us.

[April 04 2017]
Sometime I really wanna play an AU MCU Winter Falcon Sam who stayed in the Air Force longer coz Riley didn't die and got pulled into an extra classified experimental thing which was secretly run by Hydra where he got brainwashed and also actual wings. Because winged!Sam is my jam.

(I have this whole history sorted in my head where he takes advantage of the chaos in The Winter Soldier to escape and then starts stalking Steve, stealing his food and leaving intel for him. Steve obviously assumes it's Bucky until he almost catches him one day when he's bandaging a wound to hold it til it heals and all he sees is this guy flying away. So then he and Natasha get to hunt down Bucky while also trying to convince this winged asshole to actually talk to them and stop taking Steve's leftovers that he was going to have for dinner, goddamnit. Meanwhile Sam has been getting his personality back but is also a jerk who thinks trolling Steve is hilarious.)

[April 02 2017]
oh ps I have changed my comment settings to registered users instead of friends only now. I don't even know why it was set to that. But now anyone with an account can talk to me.

bonus content:
today I saw a tweet from Simone Missick which went something like this:

boy at the check out said to me, "Have you seen #LukeCage? You look like the lady in it."
me: "Is it good?"
boy: "I like it." (bunch of emojis)

[April 02 2017]
displaced thoughts for april )

[April 01 2017]
Ugh. David Gabriel from Marvel says they're going back to meat-and-potatoes because diversity doesn't sell.


[March 15 2017]
Holy shit I forgot about this:


[March 14 2017]

My sister calls this the "Vote for these abs" speech. Even though he's actually an activist, not an elected official. w/e, same career track.

[March 07 2017]
thought I had while IJ was down:

Reading a fanfic, there was a reference to Steve being named People Magazine's "Sexiest Man Alive" and suddenly I'm wondering about the six months or so when Sam was first Captain America and going along with all the tokenistic figurehead friend of the press stuff. Like, he was on a float in a Pride parade, obviously he was doing some major publicity stuff. So, like, what else exactly? Are there magazines with 8 page spreads where he's making bedroom eyes that all his friends laugh at him about when they're out drinking? Did he do a Calvin Klein ad? What sort of stuff did the interviews get into? (Not his political views, apparently.) Did he get to do photo ops with Beyonce and Obama?

I need to make this my new headcanon. Sam is really, really embarrassed about those six months. (Okay, not about meeting Beyonce or Obama. But the magazine interviews and photoshoots. Definitely those.)

Possibly once I've finished with the so-far-24k fic I'm writing right now I need to jump back to 616 and write one where after he and Steve make up, after Pleasant Hill, them and Bucky all take the time to hang out again, have a beer or two… and Steve just absolutely roasts him. (He owns every piece of media publicity Sam did, because it's hilarious he's a good friend.) Bucky almost chokes on his own laughter and Sam hates both of them.

six years ago [February 22 2017]

[February 18 2017]
Captain America: Sam Wilson #19 isn't terrible. Which is a great example of damning with faint praise, because what it is is what you get when you ask a privileged white guy with a passing knowledge of Rodney King, ten minutes to read about racism in the criminal justice system, and the opinion that turning Steve into a Nazi is a brilliant idea, to write a comic about a black superhero. Very, very simplistic.

[February 16 2017]
So this is a nice photo my dad took from my family's house last night

Over two thousand hectares of the hills are on fire. He's behind the cordon but hasn't been forced to evacuate yet, the rest of my family that live there are at my older brother's house.

Yeah. That's a thing that's happening.

[February 16 2017]
Man, some face claim recommending accounts on Tumblr don't even try, do they? "Oh, you want a rec for this Latina teenager with noticeably brown skin and very curly dark hair? Here's a list of Latinas." Half of them look white, half have straight hair and a few of them seem to be bikini models or something. One of the ones that had curly hair and brown skin it's dyed blonde. Most of them are definitely in their mid twenties. Yeah, I'll just stick with what I've got.

[January 21 2017]
Nick Spencer is really upset about people punching Nazis and this explains everything about the last few issues of Captain America: Sam Wilson. spoilers: ca:sw is pretty much terrible now )

Wait, I think I get it now. He's been hit by the cosmic cube again. Nazi Steve can't be friends with Sam and still be his perfect self according to Nazi Kobik, so she had to change Sam as well. That's super cunning. /sarcasm

[January 08 2017]
It would be really, really funny to try to play ForgetMeNot, whose mutant power is that everyone forgets him as soon as they look away.

[December 06 2016]

Judith Collins is one of the options for our new Prime Minister and this is honestly so funny for how true it is. She's completely soulless and half my friends (and me) are blocked by her either for really stupid reasons or we're not really sure why. One person had never even tweeted at her and got blocked within two weeks of creating their account lol.

[December 05 2016]
uhhhhh so our prime minister just resigned? and no one has a fucking clue why? the election is next year but he's quitting in a week. which would be good because he's terrible but also really slick and popular buuuuut all the alternatives are much worse and the opposition really doesn't have any senior politicians who would make inspiring leaders. and hasn't done since 2008. they've just been fucking around with old guys who've been in politics for longer than I've been alive that no one gives a shit about, which is why they're polling at less than 25% compared to 50% for the government's party.

so yeah basically this is really confusing and I don't know whether it's good or bad.

[November 29 2016]
I got all caught up on Civil War II (well, the actual CWII title + the CW issues in ANAD Avengers and CA:Sam Wilson) but it's not quite finished so I don't have to decide yet about canon updating Sam. But if I did right now the only real fallout would be with 616 Clint and maybe Jen. And probably a lot of punching bags.

Also I skimmed through the first Civil War: Kingpin and there's no mention of Echo because I guess his adopted daughter being alive again is just not very important? I have three more but I really hate the artist's style. I just want to know why she's randomly alive and whether it's a case of being alive again or her death being retconned or what. Surely they didn't just bring her back on a whim for a single appearance in Daredevil Annual omg. This is gonna bother the hell out of me.

Anyway we need a Miles Morales and Kamala Khan. And a Tony.

(lol and I have five permanent accounts now. added [info]ashtawawidiwin.)

[November 20 2016]
When you go to double-check something on the wiki page of your canonically dead character and THEY GOT BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE HOLY SHIT.

[November 17 2016]
this is so cute to me

(added linguistic context crayfish = koura)

[November 16 2016]
They revised the magnitude of the initial quake. Have now officially lived through a 7.8M - previous highest was 7.1. (Yeah, I keep track of the biggest earthquakes I've lived through... doesn't everyone??)

uh [November 14 2016]

To be clear on that second pic, those round things on the rock are paua. They're like mussels - they live underwater. A medium-sized one would be about the size of a loosely-made fist. Looking at the rock bed, it's probably a bit taller than I am.

Sounds like a large river that was dammed by debris just broke through as well, they should have had time to evacuate though.

[November 14 2016]
Jesus. Big big earthquake last night at midnight, felt across basically the entire country. idk how I even managed to sleep at all afterwards. (Though judging from how tired I am I barely did.) Still tsunami warnings in some places, lots of aftershocks and damage, most public transport here is down and workplaces closed, two deaths confirmed so far. The epicentre wasn't even where I am, it was closer to my home town. Aaaaand we have strong weather warnings on top of that.

This is exactly why I still live in the outskirts of the city. I did a quick walk around and everything seems relatively undamaged here, and since we're on the hill we're not at risk from water. After three years in this city I can spend time in the more central areas but I still couldn't handle living there. Too many tall buildings too close together.

eta: the main north-south highway has major slips that will take a long time to clear and the ports are damaged pretty badly. that port is a big one for passenger ferries between the north and south islands, there's a couple of them just sitting out in the harbour waiting until they can get them back on land. lots of roads split open, gaping holes, bits of land have shifted several feet. intermittent power/internet/phone outages in some places (but not here). so far it looks like transport infrastructure's been pretty badly hit, which is a risk when your country is basically just a line of land pushed up by continents rubbing off on each other because there aren't very many alternate routes.

[November 13 2016]
Mental image where Sam and Bucky watch Leverage together because it's the only time they really get on. Steve joins them for one ep where Hardison and Spencer are being really homoerotic and starts teasing them about watching tv about themselves because he's a troll. So Bucky starts asking if that makes him Parker and Sam does the totally straight faced "dude, that's so racist, you can't make me Hardison just because I'm black" thing.

Then Bucky's like "....well you are a massive dork" and they get distracted squabbling while Steve just sits there really entertained.

edit: after discussing this with my sister, we offer the following correction:

Sam is Hardison
Bucky is Spencer
Natasha is Parker
Tony is Nate
Steve is Nate's ex Maggie

She also says that the Hulk is Sophie. Not Bruce, the Hulk.

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