We fixed Children of Earth

[16:39] gwen: LOL oh noes! We were totes fine with giving the 456 our kids when we thought they needed them, but now that we know we're helping druggies get their fix OH NOES moral outrage!
[16:40] gwen: best reason EVER
[16:40] gwen: I just love the way everyone's reacting: "Drugs?!" "They're trading in...drugs?"
[16:40] 4492: lol
[16:40] kittiword: heh like they didn't expect it?
[16:40] 4492: although, not really trading as such
[16:41] gwen: "you're shooting up...on children?" this dude is sooo awesome
[16:41] euruaina: I know - I eyerolled
[16:42] gwen: zomg "you opened the market over forty years ago": "YOU got them hooked on our kids!"
[16:42] gwen: this is hilarious

[17:34] gwen: you know, if the 456 could control the children so effectively...
[17:34] gwen: why didn't they just make them all gather together and beam them up?
[17:34] 4492: was it like 35000 or something?
[17:34] gwen: was it because they're all druggies and no good at thinking?
[17:34] t5kei: gwen probably they could only control them to an extent
[17:35] 4492: lol
[17:35] annemjw: sheep would be fantastic for aliens shooting up hormones!
[17:35] kittiword: Gwen- coz they wanted to fuck with people? Or where is the story in that?
[17:35] silmerin: OMG
[17:35] gwen: they could make them all stop moving
[17:35] kittiword: *chokes at anne's comment*
[17:35] 4492: AHAA!
[17:35] gwen: and TALKING, which is pretty complicated
[17:35] gwen: lol
[17:35] silmerin: so i just found a video of a baby porcupine with a banana and the hiccups
[17:35] annemjw: torchwood should've offered sheep
[17:35] 4492: LOL "Baaaaaaaaaah bah baaaah!"
[17:35] euruaina: hhahah
[17:35] kittiword: what???
[17:35] gwen: bloody aliens have found a whole OTHER use for sheep
[17:35] silmerin: it's TERRIBLY CUTE
[17:35] euruaina: .........
[17:35] 4492: sim - link?
[17:35] kittiword: haha. I love that Anne- so many million to choose from.
[17:36] annemjw: there are definitely other animals that secrete hormones
[17:36] gwen: baby porcupines are soooo adorable
[17:36] silmerin: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2y4cQEEyuTw
[17:36] gwen: yeah like APES
[17:36] 4492: taa!
[17:36] gwen: IDK if humans even have any unique hormones
[17:36] gwen: or chemicals or whatever
[17:36] annemjw: i mean, not that it wouldn't such for them, but humans are all sentient and crap
[17:36] annemjw: worst idea wever to abduct them
[17:36] annemjw: abduct beings that don't care
[17:36] gwen: the only biological thing humans have that other animals don't is concealed estrus
[17:36] kittiword: sooo.. why not monkeys?
[17:36] 4492: awwww!
[17:36] kittiword: (not really, just meant with the sentient comment)
[17:36] gwen: which, obviously not an issue because it's PRE-pubescents they're after
[17:37] annemjw: Jack should have an emergency monkey around for just such an occasion
[17:37] gwen: and also males
[17:37] 4492: lol
[17:37] gwen: lol
[17:37] t5kei: lol anne he keeps it in his pocket
[17:37] annemjw: prepubescent monkeys!
[17:37] gwen: OR WEEVILS
[17:37] annemjw: YES
[17:37] silmerin: better than an emergency grandson
[17:37] gwen: two birds, one stone!
[17:37] annemjw: EXCEPT NOT JANRET
[17:37] annemjw: *JANET
[17:37] kittiword: LOL.. of course.. although what about a parrot? that would be either funny or way to annoying
[17:37] gwen: NO NOT JANET
[17:37] 4492: emergency grandson LOL
[17:37] t5kei: I can just imagine Ianto emptying Jack's pockets so he can fix the coat and finding a monkey
[17:37] t5kei: and Jack shrugging and going "emergency monkey"
[17:37] gwen: or they could SYNTHESIZE the chemicals
[17:37] annemjw: it was a bit of an emergency grandosn. we'd never heard about him beofre
[17:37] 4492: lol
[17:37] gwen: lol
[17:38] gwen: Jack's coat is pocketful like the Doctor's
[17:38] silmerin: . . . OH GOD
[17:38] annemjw: which put his head right on the chopping block
[17:38] euruaina: yeeeeahhh
[17:38] kittiword: grr, I admit- I understand the storyline and want to do a reaction post focusing on the actual story production as its brilliant- but the emergency grandson? Not good!
[17:38] annemjw: i was seriously thinking they were going to synthesise the chamicals
[17:38] gwen: bigger on the inside!
[17:38] t5kei: I just loved Jack and Ianto sitting there going "man, we need a kid."
[17:38] annemjw: that was so the offer I thought the government would make
[17:38] t5kei: and then we get scenes of them turning up at family's houses that have never been seen before
[17:38] t5kei: going "NEED UR KID"
[17:38] kittiword: Although, it does also explain why Jack left
[17:38] 4492: lol
[17:38] annemjw: TORCHWOOD, IN THE FACE
[17:38] euruaina: Kei - that really was an awesome scene
[17:38] annemjw: WE NEED A KID
[17:39] kittiword: LOL yea I loved that scene with we need a kid.
[17:39] 4492: heh, i totally expected Ianto turn around and start moaning! lol
[17:39] annemjw: and Ianto's all 'Umm, I don't think I want a child right now, Jack'
[17:39] t5kei: "let's get this couple shit sorted first"
[17:39] gwen: can't we have our heartstrings tugged on by, IDK, PUPPIES or something?
[17:39] annemjw: earth kids are tasty
[17:39] annemjw: OR MONKEYS
[17:39] silmerin: i i just omg, sad day guys
[17:39] annemjw: we totally just fixed CoE
[17:39] 4492: or bananas
[17:40] silmerin: when PUPPIES are the better option
[17:40] annemjw: write it again, but replace kids with monkeys
[17:40] annemjw: it's hilarious
[17:40] 4492: oh god, how would you gather them all together?!
[17:40] annemjw: seriously, this is better thanm the pants game
[17:40] annemjw: "we need a monkey"
[17:40] annemjw: "it's the monkeys! What are they doing?"
[17:40] t5kei: Ianto: TO THE ZOO!
[17:40] silmerin: I WANT TO SEE THAT SCENE
[17:40] annemjw: "they're coming for your monkeys!"
[17:40] kittiword: the pants game?
[17:41] euruaina: "We want 10%. We want 10% of the world's Monkieys."
[17:41] 4492: you take a quote and replace a word with "pants"
[17:41] annemjw: "but what do you want with our monkeys?"
[17:41] t5kei: "they make us feel good"
[17:41] euruaina: eeeeeww
[17:41] t5kei: "That's... quite illegal, actually.
[17:41] silmerin: "too many bananas on our planet"
[17:41] annemjw: "it's.... it's a monkey! A monkey from 1965"
[17:42] kittiword: whats illegal kei?
[17:42] silmerin: *snerk*
[17:42] kittiword: lol Anne
[17:42] t5kei: monkeys making you feel good, kitti
[17:42] annemjw: moneky alien relations that make them feel good - very illegal
[17:42] silmerin: that would disappoint john
[17:42] gwen: don't tell John Hart
[17:42] silmerin: ahahaha, nice
[17:42] gwen: great minds
[17:42] annemjw: nah, he's all about the poodles
[17:42] euruaina: ::almost chokes on food::
[17:42] gwen: and bonobos
[17:42] kittiword: aww we won't... he;s not likely to take notice though!
[17:42] gwen: bonobos are actually the ancestors of 51st century humans
[17:42] gwen: not humans

[17:42] annemjw: :your monkeys are safe. You can return your monkeys to school"
[17:43] gwen: this is a misunderstanding of nomenclature that has plagued biologists and anthropologists for centuries
[17:43] annemjw: "No! Not Stephen! Not my monkey, you bastards!"
[17:43] gwen: it also explains the Doctor's fondness for bananas
[17:43] annemjw: "Also, I have a moneky called Alice and a grandmonkey called Stephen"
[17:43] t5kei: *rolls around laughing*
[17:43] gwen: :D
[17:44] gwen: what
[17:44] 4492: HAAAAAAAAAA!
[17:44] t5kei: bananas are good
[17:44] gwen: grandmonkey?
[17:44] kittiword: aww but bananas are good for potassium! lol
[17:44] silmerin: AHAHAHAHA
[17:44] gwen: yes but why does the Doctor NEED so much potassium?
[17:44] euruaina: yes, yes they are
[17:44] kittiword: LMAFO. grandmonkey?
[17:44] annemjw: okay, I'm done :D
[17:44] euruaina: ....uh
[17:44] 4492: to blow stuff up!
[17:44] gwen: plus the banana plantation ex-weapons factory
[17:44] t5kei: he's bulimic gwen
[17:44] kittiword: I am *not* going to answer that question gwen
[17:44] kittiword: Lol Kei
[17:44] annemjw: Time Lord phisiology - runs on potassium and the tannins from english tea
[17:44] gwen: "just a skinny bit of...alien nothing!"
[17:44] euruaina: lol
[17:44] silmerin: also banana
[17:45] gwen: the Doctor's body-acceptance programme was set back by three months.
[17:45] annemjw: and chips
[17:45] t5kei: that's why he actually likes earth so much
[17:45] t5kei: the tea
[17:45] gwen: and the other bulimics
[17:45] t5kei: yeah support groups and tea
[17:45] euruaina: yep
[17:45] euruaina: tea is good
[17:45] annemjw: tea helped me watch today
[17:46] gwen: "Earth has three virtues: support groups, tea, and bananas. And chips. Four virtues..."
[17:46] annemjw: *I decided I wcouldn't watch without some tea
[17:46] annemjw: in lieu of hard spirits


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