I took my bunny for a run outside yesterday, after a while he flopped down and we had a lie down on the grass, it was nice. Been looking at outdoor hutches. After he's neutered it would be nice to get him a friend, not sure what my parents would say though - suspect they'd only agree if I kept them outside. He is quite moody at the moment due to hormones so I've been trying to teach him to be nice, he used to be such a little angel too. Hopefully he'll calm down after neutering though - and either way he is still lovely most of the time.

Got recced on torchwood_house with my post-Journey's End fic of all things. Explains why I had like eight new reviews on a fic I wrote a few months ago. Have to dig out the refill I was scribbling on on the bus last night to type things up. And figure out what I'm cooking for dinner. Mostly I just want to lie down and not think. No chance of that though so considering going to Eastgate for excessive amounts of candy and a bottle of midori.

Might take fluffernutter outside again too - must try and remember camera this time if I do.

Commenting too much work but omnomnom to sab and mangoz.