Jesus. Big big earthquake last night at midnight, felt across basically the entire country. idk how I even managed to sleep at all afterwards. (Though judging from how tired I am I barely did.) Still tsunami warnings in some places, lots of aftershocks and damage, most public transport here is down and workplaces closed, two deaths confirmed so far. The epicentre wasn't even where I am, it was closer to my home town. Aaaaand we have strong weather warnings on top of that.

This is exactly why I still live in the outskirts of the city. I did a quick walk around and everything seems relatively undamaged here, and since we're on the hill we're not at risk from water. After three years in this city I can spend time in the more central areas but I still couldn't handle living there. Too many tall buildings too close together.

eta: the main north-south highway has major slips that will take a long time to clear and the ports are damaged pretty badly. that port is a big one for passenger ferries between the north and south islands, there's a couple of them just sitting out in the harbour waiting until they can get them back on land. lots of roads split open, gaping holes, bits of land have shifted several feet. intermittent power/internet/phone outages in some places (but not here). so far it looks like transport infrastructure's been pretty badly hit, which is a risk when your country is basically just a line of land pushed up by continents rubbing off on each other because there aren't very many alternate routes.


Earthquakes suck majorly. Glad you're okay, though.