I got all caught up on Civil War II (well, the actual CWII title + the CW issues in ANAD Avengers and CA:Sam Wilson) but it's not quite finished so I don't have to decide yet about canon updating Sam. But if I did right now the only real fallout would be with 616 Clint and maybe Jen. And probably a lot of punching bags.

Also I skimmed through the first Civil War: Kingpin and there's no mention of Echo because I guess his adopted daughter being alive again is just not very important? I have three more but I really hate the artist's style. I just want to know why she's randomly alive and whether it's a case of being alive again or her death being retconned or what. Surely they didn't just bring her back on a whim for a single appearance in Daredevil Annual omg. This is gonna bother the hell out of me.

Anyway we need a Miles Morales and Kamala Khan. And a Tony.

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I've been waiting till they finish the damn thing because it's all over the place.
For real, it's a hot mess right now. I can just imagine how frustrating it would be to get new memories up to that point and be like "....but what happens? WHAT HAPPENS?"

PS PS the ANAD Avengers Annual is fucking adorable and it includes a fanfic starring She-Hulk.

wait, you need a tony for what now? is there a game or do you mean in the books?

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[info]displacedmod. Avengers-wise we have MCU Steve, Scott Lang, Clint, Natasha, Bucky, Peter Parker, Vision, the Maximoffs, a whole lot of SHIELD types including Howard and Peggy, people from the Netflix shows, and 616 Sam Wilson, Clint, She-Hulk, Maya Lopez, Kate Bishop, and a whole lot of mutants. Plus a lot of teenage ones from the cartoons including baby Tony, and James Rogers from Next Avengers. (Yes, that's three Hawkeyes and three Captain Americas lol.)
Oh, I dont think I can play there.