Nick Spencer is really upset about people punching Nazis and this explains everything about the last few issues of Captain America: Sam Wilson. Like seriously what the fuck is wrong with Sam right now? He got Starktech surgically implanted in his brain by someone who is not a brain surgeon just so he could get footage of the Americops beating people up and then when he gets footage of the Americops beating someone up it's some huge fucking moral dilemma over whether he should release it? He has to ask Steve for advice? Stop fucking apologising for how you used to be passionate about civil rights and start being passionate again, dipshit. Spencer's Sam probably wouldn't have even punched Hitler.

Wait, I think I get it now. He's been hit by the cosmic cube again. Nazi Steve can't be friends with Sam and still be his perfect self according to Nazi Kobik, so she had to change Sam as well. That's super cunning. /sarcasm