Man, some face claim recommending accounts on Tumblr don't even try, do they? "Oh, you want a rec for this Latina teenager with noticeably brown skin and very curly dark hair? Here's a list of Latinas." Half of them look white, half have straight hair and a few of them seem to be bikini models or something. One of the ones that had curly hair and brown skin it's dyed blonde. Most of them are definitely in their mid twenties. Yeah, I'll just stick with what I've got.


Who are you looking for?
ok bear in mind this is sort of tentative still, I'm not putting a hold in yet because America's out in March, so if someone does a hold before then I'm w/e.


I mean

I'm shutting up
lol between this and me saying about waiting for her title to come out in March I thought you might suspect. XD I keep imagining her standing in the theatre putting star portals on the wall and kicking them and just going "ow!" when nothing happens except that she just kicked a wall really hard. I still gotta grab the rest of The Ultimates from the six months that isn't on Unlimited yet, but I know where to get those and I think I've read basically everything else.

(Unrelatedly I've been amusing myself thinking about MCU Sam vs 616 Sam. Using guns MCU Sam would win, like, 19 times out of 20, accounting for maybe a bit of luck or something. 616 he just doesn't use guns very often. Maybe a few... but it's not his weapon, at all. Hand to hand though... 616 Sam has 15 years of experience, had the wings almost all that time, used the shield sporadically even before he took over as Cap... and I have a personal head suspicion that the cosmic cube actually helped him with combat skills just to justify how quickly he picked it up when Steve was teaching him the first couple of days they met. So I feel like 616 Sam would have MCU Sam down on his ass with plenty of time to go for breakfast afterwards. Though, YMMV right now, because he is worried about Misty and I'm not sure how much that would affect his focus.

Ah, the things I ponder while trying to sleep. Thanks, insomnia!)
But also you should know I tried to reply with kate's journal and it FAILED.
She's who I was looking at to PB America, for sho.
She's at least slightly easier to find a good one for than Kamala Khan. Which sucks because Kamala is awesome and I want more people to play her.