Man, this is gonna be an interesting month to RP. Two, or maybe three, points where I have to nut out how my characters will be reacting to what's happening.

Powers off
Ianto is the only one not affected by this.

America has basically always had her powers. She'll suddenly be a normal teenage girl in strength/speed/flight ability, no portals. She's probably going to feel very vulnerable but with her personality she'll hide that away and continue trying to be brash and competent. Kinda like Dani Moonstar after M-Day.

Aracely is, at first, terrified. WTF? She can't hear anyone! Is she the only one on the ship? WHERE DID EVERYONE GO? No doubt there will be screaming. For the rest of the week she'll probably prefer to hide behind people and not be so curious and adventurous.

Cassie without the power to morph actually isn't too badly off. She remembers not having it, and she's a pretty practical person. She's a bit needled about it but there are things that need to get done anyway.

Ianto, n/a. Oh, though he can now be fooled by psychic paper.

Kira will miss her fighting skills, find herself occasionally tripping over her own feet. UGH. Back to clumsy Kira.

Laura is kind of freaked out too. And without the healing factor any narratives or logs I do with her may need content warnings for dark thoughts.

Maya, oh, Maya. She's lucky she just did the Na'vi experience so this isn't a complete shock to her. She still can't hear, but she's also having a bit more trouble lipreading. Her comprehension in verbal communication will drop noticeably. She's still very graceful and maintains her abilities with skills she's learned, but she's also a little bit more likely to slip and fall, and she can't pick up any new tricks by watching others.

Remy has lost his force fields but remains amphibious since he comes by that naturally. (Either that or he can now only breathe water, maybe? or only breathe air, but that's less funny. Maybe he can handle air but only for a limited time. That could work? Wake up gasping for breath and have to try to message someone?)

Sam Wilson can no longer talk to birds, :( Not even Redwing. Redwing is also pretty disconcerted. Sam's still good with birds, but only in the way of someone who's had pet birds since he was a kid and knows these three particular birds pretty well. His strength, speed, etc are all 100% the product of hard work and remain.

We're all gonna die
America is pissed as hell. She should be able to do something. Stupid portals are broken and everything. She doesn't really want to die, though by the last couple hours she'll probably calm down and watch it happen all bittersweet.

Aracely will possibly be quietly rambling about Mitzclan and ages and hummingbirds being devoured. She's scared. Someone hug her.

Cassie I'm still working out, she's pretty practical and she's been through a war, but she was also the only Animorph who managed to go on and have a normal life for herself afterwards.

Ianto is resigned but not happy about it. He's sick of dying. He especially hates dying alone for pointless reasons. He wishes Jack was there.

Kira is all tears and eating comfort food. She's never had a real "okay, we are ACTUALLY" about to die moment, but she's been kidnapped a lot and scared of being murdered a lot and now that she's actually going to die it's… not something you just get used to.

Laura is outwardly very neutral, hard to read. If dragged out anywhere she'll sit quietly but her preference would be to seek out a dark corner and just relax, maybe have a bit of a doze until it happens.

Maya is really unhappy. She remembers dying once, has seen a vision of her dying a second time, and now this. She really doesn't want to die now that she's just starting to get her life on track, and what's worse, they're not even on Earth. She badly wants to be home so her body can be buried preferably on Cheyenne land, but anywhere in America would be acceptable. She is snuggling her dog a lot.

Remy feels guilty for not being at home where he should be, for slacking off and partying etc. (Which isn't to say he'll stop doing that next month.) He probably has a lot of stories about Valeria bc as his next in line she's on his mind a lot.

Sam is… possibly not what people would expect. He's actually pretty at peace. He's going to spend some time in the chapel with people who want to pray, but he'll end up on the top deck with a bottle of whiskey or something, just staring up at the skies. If asked he'll point out that he's been 100% prepared for death half a dozen times already and this is at least a nice way to go. It's beautiful, he's around friends, and no bad guys are getting something over on them.

Waking up
I'm not sure yet about everyone but I suspect Laura may already be living at Logan's farm. Either way, after she wakes up she'll come sit in front of the building where she and Marcus used to live and stare up at it. There are obvious signs that other people have taken over those apartments now.


I want to hug Laura all the time!
omg I know. The worst will be when everyone comes back to Tumbleweed after dying in the black hole.... but Marcus is still dead. :(

There's a photo of Marcus, his parents, and his brother buried somewhere outside Tumbleweed.
lol she can dig up half the town looking for it. :P She at least has the photos from like Thanksgiving etc.
Dash would have given her every picture he had.
Awwww. Depending on a few things with other characters there's potential for her to have a huge blow up but Dash is def one of the people who isn't included because he's helped her with and without being asked.
Awww Aracely. Ben'll hug her. Especially as he's far too calm about the maybe dying thing. XD