Sometime I really wanna play an AU MCU Winter Falcon Sam who stayed in the Air Force longer coz Riley didn't die and got pulled into an extra classified experimental thing which was secretly run by Hydra where he got brainwashed and also actual wings. Because winged!Sam is my jam.

(I have this whole history sorted in my head where he takes advantage of the chaos in The Winter Soldier to escape and then starts stalking Steve, stealing his food and leaving intel for him. Steve obviously assumes it's Bucky until he almost catches him one day when he's bandaging a wound to hold it til it heals and all he sees is this guy flying away. So then he and Natasha get to hunt down Bucky while also trying to convince this winged asshole to actually talk to them and stop taking Steve's leftovers that he was going to have for dinner, goddamnit. Meanwhile Sam has been getting his personality back but is also a jerk who thinks trolling Steve is hilarious.)


omg this idea is so great
Steve's life is 100% about these annoying amnesiac killing machines. Also, he doesn't have pigtails to pull. :P

Then Sam mistakes canon Steve for his Steve and does some shit and Steve's just like "wtf, Sam" and Sam's like "??? how do you know my name, I barely know my name??"
omg that's awesome. I dig MCU AUs like whoah. You could totally do something like that at [info]knowheremod, it would fit right in.
It probably would actually, what with the general theme of extra experimenting on people (including a whole military unit!)....
And I would /popcorn the crap out of that. I love the idea of him trolling steve.
this would be epic.