Reasons New Zealand is in the international news right now:

- someone died in a typhoid outbreak
- our Prime Minister put tinned spaghetti on pizza

Go us.


... LOL tinned spaghetti on pizza, WHY

i am reading about the lady who died now, ummm they didn't even tell her family that it was typhoid?? wtf
My country is just a really weird place. (He actually put pineapple on the pizza as well. Twitter polls usually come back with around a 50/50 split on whether pineapple on pizza is an abomination or basically mandatory, it's a polarising issue.)

Yeah. They have not handled it well, not even the undertaker knew. Considering water contamination has been in the news repeatedly over the last few months and it can be spread that way you have to wonder about their motivations a little.
Yeah, pineapple and ham is a major option here. I don't understand it. The pineapple juice soaks into the crust and makes it all soggy WHYYYYYYYYY.

And good lord. TYPHOID. D: