Aw, our Steve left [info]knowheremod. Sam is very upset.


Oh man. It was stupid.
What happened?
I missed the whole thing, apparently there was a mild disagreement over some ic≠ooc stuff about the Accords? idek.
It sounds like it. Tiny got me up to date on it.
I heard! Poor Sam :(
He's all frowny now. He lent Steve his third favourite knife and he didn't even have the decency to stick around to use it. (It's okay, he got the knife back.)
Also I find it hilarious how Sam and Steve are having a love-in in Logan's post. "ur the best" "no, u" "nuh uh". Sam doesn't like how serious Steve always sounds when he does that. Be more self-esteem, Steve.
haha I LOVE IT. "u" "NO U" "NO U!!!!!" steve is like, but you're the better cap it's okay i didn't really like being cap anyway i am taking tony's criticisms of me way too hard :)))))
TO BE FAIR he's way older than Steve was when he was first Cap. And he's sat there watching like a million other people try to do it and fail miserably.