You know... when Displaced moves back to Texas... 616ers might have to decide whether or not to do the same thing with Secret Empire as Trump. Because it's basically unavoidable on the internet and otherwise Sam is going to fucking flip. He's already going to flip over Beyonce having twins but it's a completely different kind of flipping lol. I did ignore the Logan film for Laura but that seems... a lot easier.


I'm tweaking things a little, but one of the things I'd been thinking about was making it so suddenly the shows are no longer there to watch. They were, now they're not, and there are things that may be some weird ass variation of it now.
Yeah that would probably work. I mean I'd be happy to pretend the whole thing just doesn't even exist because fuck that bullshit, but obviously there are other people who might want to canon update or pick someone up from after that. But it's different having it come up in game like that and having characters just find out from the internet too.