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[October 31 2016]
Part of me would like to play Eliot from Leverage, but a bigger part of me would like someone else to play him because Maya would like to climb him like a tree. :P

Halloween-related headcanons [October 30 2016]
- No one who turns up to a party Maya's at wearing a Native headdress is leaving with it intact. The longest it's taken is probably around ten minutes for her to pull a "Oh hey, that's neat, can I have a look at that--? Oh, gee, what a pity!"
- Ianto is meticulous and detail-oriented and really good at making plans and putting them together... except on Halloween. He just can't be bothered. Most of his costumes are based around what's already in his closet, usually but not always suits.
- If you want to see Sam trying to pretend like he's not getting super emotional, show him a picture of a little black kid dressed as Captain America.
- TJ never uses her appearance as the basis of a costume. Instead she'll wear totally normal stuff, like dressing up as Minnie Mouse or a sexy nurse or whatever.

[October 21 2016]






[October 19 2016]

[October 18 2016]
I commented that Sam and Maya would probably really get on if I didn't play both of them but just as pertinently... I bet Cassie and Sam would interact a bunch in the same circumstance. She turns into a bird. She loves flying. She's used to talking telepathically with the other Animorphs while in animal form. I don't know that Sam would necessarily be able to communicate with her in words and sentences but she can definitely do that to anyone nearby and he would probably be able to send back impressions, at least.

[October 17 2016]
oh hey one of these again

~*anon snaps cup*~

[October 17 2016]
Been reading more volume 1 Captain America

brosephs (multiple pics) )

[October 13 2016]
The UK is having a marmite crisis. I'm not saying this because I find it ridiculous. It's not. It's super derivative.


I'm not even kidding, a couple of years ago we ran out of marmite and the entire country freaked the fuck out for months.

[October 13 2016]
Okay I just love this. (click for big)

From Sam Wilson's origin, in Captain America v1 #118. It's so brilliantly 1969 with how they make everything so easy. (117 also featured the Red Skull declaring that he couldn't be bothered watching Steve die and leaving, even though Steve had already beat up two of the four guys trying to kill him.) I guess I shouldn't laugh though, it's not that unrealistic... I mean, they spent hours and hours practicing until Sam became a highly accomplished fighter. He is now swifter! surer! stronger! He is the Falcon!

Anyway after that they part ways and Sam goes to hang out in Harlem kicking ass. Steve goes to visit one day and finds out that the police are looking to arrest Sam. Apparently that whole two days they spent together on a tropical island were really, really intense.

He knows what makes the Falcon tick. He understands him on a microscopic level! To be fair of course, two days is about fourteen years in comics time. (Spoilers: Sam was framed by members of the Maggia passing themselves off as a black version of the KKK to start a race war for... some reason? Apparently it was going to make it easier for them to take over, though, because 1971 in comics.)

Also here's the page that mentions Sam was hired to help rebuild Ground Zero. Because being a hero isn't just about hitting people.

You all really don't want to see how ridiculous my dork board on pinterest is right now. It's basically full of silly Sam memes and headcanons and Anthony Mackie/Sebastien Stan interviews.

[October 09 2016]
sam keeping it real (spoilers for CA:SW 9-13 incl Civil War II) )

[September 30 2016]
SPOILER for 1.04 )

[September 30 2016]
I might have got Netflix solely because Luke Cage came out tonight and I'm watching it now and it's awesome. I still hate streaming because we have a 50gb/month bandwidth allowance and uggghhhh to using all that bandwidth on something I can't keep but at least Netflix has captions and I dug my proper headphones out to hear better so I actually know everything people are saying.

PS Misty Knight is fierce.

[September 28 2016]
Remember that time when Hawkeye got booted in favour of the Falcon due to affirmative action? (Avengers v1 #181, 1979)

Meanwhile on Counter-Earth (Captain America v3), the super soldier serum has an unexpected side effect:

do I gotta spoiler warning for 20 year old comics? 2 more pics )

[September 26 2016]
PS These two fic I found:

Lie a Little by eva_roisin
Mature; Underage sex; Remy LeBeau/Laura Kinney

While still adjusting to his new role as a teacher, Remy longs to see Laura again. When he's reunited with her, he makes a mistake that threatens to transform the nature of their friendship.

And all the colours I am inside by maia_saura
Teen; No warnings; Sharon Carter, Maya Lopez, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers

This is a story about Sharon Carter and her best friend (a tiny deaf socialist from New York City who never ran from a fight, named Maya Lopez.)

This is the story about Peggy Carter and her secrets.

This is the story about the topography of choice, and the logistics of freedom.

[September 24 2016]
It is truly impressive how many times my flatmate's toddler has watched Zootopia in the last week.

Man, I would love a Gabby. So much. Esp because Laura's in sort of this weird place where she's still grouped with "the kids" (though Storm and TJ kind of are too), doesn't have as much responsibility as she does back home, and is a little bit more fragile after Storybrooke etc. And Gabby is awesome.

eta: pairings I have come across while browsing the google image results for 'x-23 fanart':


and platonically:
Laura+Elektra (???)
Laura+Peter Parker (???)

Which all reminds me the doctor thinks I should start practicing drawing again.

[September 16 2016]
I really hope someone's done their thesis on tv's various murdered before the show starts popular sex-loving blonde schoolgirls cf Laura Palmer, Lily Kane & Alison diLaurentis. (What's with all those Ls? lol) Because... I'm watching Twin Peaks and god there are so many similarities. Friends trying to track the killers, secret sexcapades, video/cassette tapes, clues hidden away in the dead girl's bedroom...

eta: tfw two of your usually lowest activity characters hit monthly requirements first

[September 15 2016]
The new All-New X-Men features Bobby going to a gay club, it's super cute. I also found the All-New Wolverine Annual in which Wolverine and Spider-Gwen switch bodies and oh my god. (I'm not sure why Laura has such trouble with Gwen's spider-strength though. She's canonically supposed to be super strong herself. I guess they're just... slightly different amounts of super strong?) I'm almost tempted to canon update Laura again but I did that like two months ago so it can really, really wait. Memories of being a Spider-Gwen are not that important.

Also I watched like all of season two Dark Matter that's out so far (I think there's only one more episode which is airing in a couple more days) and we found out Five's name and age and there's been so much character development and it's all tremendously exciting. Three and Five even had a whole episode where they bonded together it was fucking adorable. She also made a very dramatic entrance at one point.

"We've caught all of them except the girl. But she's of little consequence." Ha.

Also I updated my character page and figured out what to do with having two games on there and made it really pretty.

[September 12 2016]
Part of me wants to pick up Kira again after she's been with the skinwalkers a while and part of me wants to play Rue again (not sure if canon or maybe an AU where she managed to win the 74th games, lol). Though I already have a bunch of characters who are some combination of wary, traumatised, poor and confused about all of this. Kira's less same-samey but also has no canonmates and I also have a bunch of characters who have no canonmates (well, okay, two and then depending if you count Remy) and that's annoying sometimes.

[September 04 2016]
This news article has the most fucking misleadingly boring headline ever. The story itself is an absolute ripper and the headline's just like "guy says he didn't burn down his house". Come on! Nothing about the remote access printer arson theory? Nothing about the blackmail? The toxic waste dumping claims? The IRA scam? It's like they're trying to hide this magic from us.

[August 29 2016]
Who got Maya a paid account so they could add like another hundred icons of her gorgeous face
oh yeah
that was me

[August 25 2016]
I finally got around to just subscribing to All-New X-Men and All-New Wolverine on Comixology so next month I'll get them automatically when they're released, yarrrr. I didn't actually bother grabbing anything from the newest Wolverine though.

I'm the #$%^& Wolverine! )

[August 22 2016]
Ugh, Mondays.

1) definitely didn't get the job, which I pretty much knew, but they gave me a bunch of feedback
2) tfw you don't realise you're stressed until you get physically ill
3) it's raining and I wanted to go to the shops fffff
4) going back up to my actual prescribed dose of pills, I'd dropped down slightly for a little while to see how it went but I think back to normal now
5) I'm cold when is winter over

[August 21 2016]
wolverine in a corset

like so

she also has a gun

[August 14 2016]
I'm watching Stranger Things. My Laura muse is just like "no no no no nope nope". I feel like she'd want to stop watching but then keep turning it back on to find out if Eleven is okay. :/

[August 12 2016]

Simone Biles on floor... that was incredible. She knew going in she had the gold and just nailed it completely. Perfect landings on her tumbling passes, huge smile the whole way through. Just totally amazing. Especially after so many of the other high ranking gymnasts had slips and falls. (Seda Tutkhalian has got to be kicking herself I think, she looked like she psyched herself out near the start of the beam and just couldn't recover after that.)

Also Eythora Thorsdottir came in ninth which is pretty good though they didn't show her performing which is sad. Her floor routine is really fun to watch. Elyssa Downie, Rebeca Andrade and Elsabeth Black all looked good too but I think let the pressure get to them a little. WHATEVER that was all just fantastic to watch.

[August 09 2016]
Soooo I have a job interview on Thursday (today is Tuesday). For Statistics NZ. And not one of those interviews where you can just roll in and wing it. At the start I have to give a 5-10 minute presentation on the relevance of recent significant events for StatsNZ. !! Only slightly nerve-wracking, lol. It's cool though, I actually quite like statistics despite having a humanities focus and I'm pretty sure I know more or less what I'm going to talk about, I just have to do a ton of reading and put it into some kind of order and get data to back things up and then practice a bit because oh god I haven't done a presentation in foreverrrrrrr.

[August 06 2016]
lol Maya is so excited for the Olympics and it's sort of ridiculous because [apart from the gymnastics] I actually am not that keen on them. I doubt I'd be watching at all if not for RP purposes, because I am an enormous nerd. Though I am looking forward to seeing Simone Biles perform, I've been watching her on YouTube and her footing on beam is just amazingly on point, I don't think I saw her wobble at all.

Been thinking about housing for Tumbleweed in Displaced since they'll have copies of their own-universe homes. Most of mine are pretty standard but there's a couple that aren't. atm it's something like (this being all my current characters without accounting for potential drops):

Ianto: has a kind of crappy flat that he spends/spent hardly any time in
Maya: loft apartment, so I guess on the second storey of a residential building
Sandry: either her suite of rooms from her uncle's place or Daja's entire house. if the latter she would almost certainly invite anyone who needs a place to stay there.
Laura: her place in the Bronx! that used to be Logan's place in the Bronx. she is actually not technically homeless anymore, it's so exciting.
Nico: Loki's house from Arcadia. Also has spare rooms since she lived there with Loki and America.
Cassie: her parents' farm would actually fit the setting pretty well, but she's only 16, so she'll probably have to hit up someone else to house her
Thalia: doesn't have a fixed home, plus she's 15. whatever the rest of the demis do she'll probably stick with them because she'd be looked at askance if she set herself up in a tent.
Ana Lucia: presumably she has an apartment in Los Angeles
Hurley: has a freaking mansion. who was making up stories about being super rich now, Charlie??
Tamsin: the place Bo and Kenzi and her have been squatting all series with the holes in the walls and crap, lol
Lexa: her room in the big tower with the big fancy bed and a nice little balcony
TJ: X-Mansion probably, because the Crystal Palace would be kind of hard to replicate and I have no idea where she was staying while she was in New Excalibur
Remy: I mean... Remy lives here. which could be a problem. maybe he'll just turn up and be like "so guys uh my massive underwater palace did not make the trip does anyone have a big bathtub?" haha. I'll figure something out. (yeah, he can actually live in a normal house, he just... never has. except for this week in the barracks on the island. this is literally the only time and it's freaking him out a bit.)

[July 28 2016]
It suddenly occurred to me today that Maya probably has an in-universe Wikipedia page. Olympic athlete/artist/dancer, etc. For some reason this really tickles me.

[July 23 2016]
I don't know why but I always get really picky about the aesthetics of my applications when they use a new layout. I have made so many edits to [info]snicklet that are literally just taking out a line break or changing the bullet point symbols lol. But then to be fair I can't actually finish her application yet until I can consult closer with Logan's player and even some of what's there now might get deleted entirely and redone. (I'm really happy with Maya's as well. Spent a possibly ridiculous amount of time making sure the images balanced right.)

[July 21 2016]
Guess what day it is!

All-New Wolverine #10 - meta )

All-New Wolverine #10 - pure squee )

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