Oct. 16th, 2017


So, if anyone is feeling into checking out an HP/quidditch game, I highly recommend [info]thegoldenneep. It's small, full of wonderful folks, tight & cohesive. Not to mention, there's quite a few wanted lines. We need more Montrose players!

Oct. 15th, 2017


Omitted: Chrestomanci Fic

Who: Mordecai Roberts, Miss Rosalie
What: An alternate POV on "By Omission." This is part of a narrative I wrote for Save Atlantis. The rest of it veers into an AU, but this is depressingly canon. I like it anyway?
When: Four years prior to The Lives of Christopher Chant.
Where: An opera house in London
Rating: PG
Warnings: Angst; spoilers for The Lives of Christopher Chant (like pretty much every Mordecai fic I write ever)

Mordecai would never be a very good man. )

Oct. 13th, 2017


Posting too much today because I love to share: things I notice in fanvids edition.

In Bucky's flashbacks, HYDRA seems to be amputating his arm a couple of inches above the elbow. It's hard to tell because he's looking down at his body, but it's definitely towards that end of his upper arm. When they're dragging him through the snow the fall itself seems to have taken off most of his lower arm somewhere around the elbow joint. A lot of fic I've read written post Winter Soldier and pre Civil War, if it goes into detail at all, seems to assume that the prosthetic is anchored on the remains of his upper arm, including the bone. That would make a lot of sense if you were attaching a metal arm to someone, after all.

After he and Steve fight Tony at the end of Civil War though, Bucky's arm has been ripped off at the shoulder.

I really, really hope that through the years that metal arm put too much stress on his original upper arm and they'd done further surgery to just anchor it at the shoulder or something, knowing that they wouldn't be keeping him around for that much longer anyway. Because otherwise it would seem that Tony may have removed not just most of his prosthetic, but the remaining pieces of his actual arm.

You're welcome for this very cheerful observation. Someone should write a fic where Tony's like "hey I can see how this arm works now OH SHIT THAT'S NOT METAL."


I'm... not sure how I feel about Falcon #1. Apart from my initial reaction to the cover, which was "wow, that red symbol on his uniform really outlines his dick."

idk if anyone cares about spoilers )


The problem with painkillers is you have to take the next dose before the current one wears off but you don't know if you still need them unless you let it wear off and then your mouth hurts because there's a fucking hole in it.

It's been four days since I got the tooth out though so hopefully it will be minimal pain today. I took some ibuprofen in the very early hours like 4am maybe so we'll see what happens, it's only 8.30 now.

Oct. 12th, 2017



Oct. 11th, 2017


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Oct. 9th, 2017


Life update = life is busy and I am overdue for a spiritual director but finding one is hard. Also, I miss seasons a lot.

Had a drive by visit with [info]acejillian that made me super grateful to know her and so many other people. Also, happy anniversary my friend!

Game stuff:
  • I am loving [info]thegoldenneep. It's a tight game and I love all the unforseen stuff coming up and the interactions and so many amazing people. I love the randomnesss of the quidditch matches and the political stuff seeping in.

  • [info]change_channels is also fun. It's small, which is refreshing, and I'm trying to figure out who else to app there without overstretching myself.

  • I cut down my roster at [info]toboldlygo and I might do the same thing at [info]saveatlantis. Depends how this month goes.

    Lots of thinky/meta thoughts about games and such . We'll see what happens.