Jul. 21st, 2018



I am so out of the loop all the time. I need halp! Anyone know of icon makers who are taking requests? OR of icons of Ashley Nell Tipton in all her cute, candy colored glory?

Thank you in advance, friendos.

Jul. 18th, 2018

[info]chapelridgemods in [info]asylum_promo

Chapel Ridge, Wyoming. Population: Changes daily. A place to live. A place to ski...all year long. People come from all over. Some stay longer than others, but one thing is constant: There is always fresh powder on the sloops. No one knows why any of this happens, but no one is really complaining either. * Chapel Ridge is a panfandom/slice of life game set in a fictional ski resort town in the Teton Range of the Rocky Mountains, Wyoming. There are monthly plots with activity checks designed to accommodate busy lifestyles.

Jul. 19th, 2018



ie another post soliciting for PLOT.

  • [info]brute is the genius* behind Nocte Security & assasynths. He runs a tight ship and likes his killer bots to be sharp and aesthetically pleasing while they commit murder. As far as Primary Users go, he's not horrible; he just has high expectations, so pls don't disappoint him. Looking for: rich buddies, other slimeballs to be a slimeball with, NSS human employees, and Synths! (* not actually a genius, just thinks he is)
  • [info]machine belongs to Tracer bosslady Marion Cross and all 6'5 of him will be lurking at Tracer HQ making uncomfortable eye contact with the Tracers as they go about their business. Deimos comes from the same production line as [info]robot and there's definitely a scary Phobos to be picked up...!
  • [info]patrician is rich, handsome, rich and sad. British aristo lineage that decamped to the States for business reasons (I read this insane article about how all eyewear is basically sourced from two mega corporations and stole that idea for his fam lmao). Looking for: other rich friends, the brother to join him and their sister [info]capricious on their privileged hijinks, and his ex-fiance!

ok thanks for coming to my TED talk xx

Jul. 15th, 2018


So who's all planning on holding at [info]neonmod? I have some ideas, but no concept docs because I tend to get into games slower than everybody else. I am interested in seeing who's interested!



heavily under construction )

Jul. 12th, 2018


QUERY my lovely icon makers/cappers/etc! I am planning on using Tom Mison (from Sleepy Hollow so with the beard + long hair) as a PB, and I'm using Laura's lovely icons, but I'm looking specifically for ones where he's more... smiley? enthusiastic? happy? If anyone knows of any sets where he's emoting in a positive way, could you link them my way? THANK YOU!