Jan. 11th, 2008

all done

Well as several people know it has been an intense day for me. But on the whole I'm feeling pretty okay at the moment. We finished tying up loose ends on [info]rev_mods and have sent ads to a couple of places and commented to be added to [info]rpgindex. I also found, after much dithering, the plans and a couple of pictures for Halfway House, and Hadrian agrees that it's very cool looking. I've had fun trying to find good ones that were a decent number of bedrooms, without being too many square feet, but that also had room for social areas, a library, a small room where people could talk about Drama and Tragedy, etc. I mentioned that there's going to be a house elf, and, well, it can't be avoided. Zacharias and Hermione are going to get into it over SPEW.

Also I now have a tub of chocolate ice cream in the chest freezer, that I indulged in a big bowl of, and a little tiny tub of frozen yoghurt in the house freezer, I think it was passionfruit flavour. And some abnormally soft red licorice, a block of 72% dark ghana chocolate and a box of rose and lemon turkish delights. Oi, am I set for comfort food.

I think after dinner I'm going to close everything down again and just watch a couple more episodes of Babylon 5. I saw season four, 5-6 this morning, and the Shadow/Vorlon war has just (apparently) ended, but they're still broken off from Earth so I'm fully expecting Earth and Psycorps plots in the future. Yes, I know this show is quite old, but I haven't seen it since it was new and can't remember a damn thing that happens. :P Actually, no, I did remember a few things - the teddy bear in space, Ivanova and the alien ambassador having sex "the human way", Delenn turning half-human, and the Jazz singer with the pretty, pretty voice and lovely songs. All of those are before season four, so I'm going in blind now.

I hope Michelle calls me back soon. I want to know if I have a job.