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May. 4th, 2016

Just had this completely random memory of how in Blurred Lines Pepper would keep asking Rufus dating advice and Rufus was like "why are you asking me this I don't know oh my god".

They were kind of awesome.

Part of me thinks it would be sort of amazing if we got a 616 Wilson Fisk at Jaha.

Jun. 20th, 2014

Oh, wow.

I've been looking through icons to find a good PB for Laurentia's daughter (at the moment it's Aja Bair and I was trying to decide whether she should be white rather than mixed) and I found this post on what was originally my cdj and it's just.... practically an essay, and nearly 40 tl;dr comments, exploring character motivations for a single incident of rp. It's true, I really do put that much thought into shit sometimes. :P Though to be fair, Pepper was one of my most well-defined characters. Probably him, Zacharias Smith and Ianto have been my big three where I've got to the point where their actions and perspectives have been fairly close to instinctive.

May. 20th, 2014

Pepper + girl!Ianto (if he dyed his hair blonde)

I have no idea how this would ever come to pass but w/e.

Nov. 1st, 2009


On fandomsecrets today over on LJ:

Aug. 25th, 2009


If your characters had to teach a class at Hogwarts, which class would they choose?

Astra would pick Charms, or in BW-era the household magic course. Benjy, obviously, Arithmancy (or Healing, if in an era or fanon where that's an option). Pepper I think would take great delight in teaching History of Magic Reenacted by Dinosaurs. You know, for the boring bits.


I think in my canon where Pepper writes a history book about the first war (which obviously they don't call the first war until after the second war, so maybe I shall refer to it as the great war ;)), he should also publish a book of all the propaganda posters.

Aug. 23rd, 2009


We just power-logged Pepper and Rabastan's round three fight. It's short and intense and ends on a depressing note and nowhere near as ridiculously hilarious as Pepper-Bellatrix. But it's done! All pasted into the main doc and everything. Currently waiting on one tag in Florence's log so I can write her death tag, and hopefully we can use a bunch of high powered spells and, idk, hit people with a rogue bludger in the five-person round two fight so it doesn't drag on too long either. And then I'll be done!

Aug. 22nd, 2009


I really kind of want this.

BL is made of crack. Pepper's losing it, which makes me super happy, and there's babies in the post and Rufus freaking out and the DMLE babysitters club and Lily's allcaps spazz attack.

Order of the Phoenix is on tv and I'm picking at it a bit. There are sixth years in the DA who could not cast expelliarmus. How did they pass their OWLs?

I got mats for my rabbit. They're super rugged and he was like "SHITBEARS! NEW STUFF!" And all rugs and mats were half price. Woot. The supermarket had no parsley but I found some mint.

Aug. 21st, 2009

assorted stuffs and things

  • My mum has taken my eldest sister to the doctor. :/ She has a cold or flu and was having some trouble breathing.
  • Whose idea was it to put watery cheese sauce and some unidentified fruit inside crumbed fake chicken? Seriously?
  • My rabbit's feets are sticking out in the back :D he's lying under my chair :D
  • The hay I got from Black's isn't as good as the Animates stuff for cage bedding. It seems to soak up a lot more liquid and gets messy and icky. What I really want is just to cover the floor in grass matting but it's hard to find that here. Otherwise I might get some toweling to put in there. Sawdust I worry about him breathing in the dust, I could put litter but his cage is fairly generously sized and that would get expensive, plus his water bottle drips a little so the litter would get wet and annoying in that corner.
  • Dude srsly longrabbit is long. I love when he naps under my chair. :D
  • Pepper didn't react well to the news about sterilisation bills and forced terminations. He is quite an unwell person.

there are many types of cloud
like stratus, cumulus and nimbus
nimbus said to a glum-looking cloud,
please don't be so cirrus!

That might be the best part of this Leverage ep, but it's hard to say. It's a pretty funny ep.

Aug. 13th, 2009

haha I was weirdly tired this morning so I was sleeping in a bit after I'd let the bunny out (until quarter past eight, HOW DARE I) and I had my hand hanging down the side of the bed and my bunny came over and started nomming on me. "FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME." Before that he was flopped down on the ground getting scratches. CUTIEPIE.

I think Pepper's first battle is almost done, and then he and Lach fight Atticus and damage Lavinia and Anastasia considerably, though Lach has a 6 and Pepper will probably get up to about 4 or 5 before he fights Rabbit in round three. So like two more whole battles, and two that are partly done.

Aug. 12th, 2009

For all that Pepper is intermittently losing the emotional capacity to be upset over deaths of people who aren't that close to him, he's unexpectedly incensed over the defiling. And he was really, really upset over the whole baby thing. He really is weirdly religious sometimes. (And he's sitting there talking about getting the bodies back thinking "come on, please let me go four days without killing someone this time!" since every time he goes to confession he ends up committing a mortal sin again not that long afterwards.)

Aug. 9th, 2009

Good lord that meta got out of hand. Thinking way too much when I should be working on my prompt for the 10th.

Jul. 31st, 2009

I'm a horrible person.

This just makes me think how hilarious it would be if Astra went into false labour and Atticus was all "omg don't have the baby yet the Dark Lord will kill it D: D: D:"

Jul. 26th, 2009

I kind of want to play a post-firstwar Pepper who lives in a cabin in the woods off a Ministry pension and drinks and smokes weed and is pretty damn fucked up and is writing or has written a not-really-for-kids book about the war.

Or, you know, ghost Pepper.

I'm so so wary of games that are not BL though. D: And I'm deciding whether I might just take a break from HP RP after it ends. I also still want to play Ianto somewhere where the other players are capable of spelling.

This was the most hilarious thing in a long time, especially with the follow-up owls.

Jul. 17th, 2009

alllllll byyyyyyy myyyyyyysel-el-elf

I feel bereft all of a sudden. D: I took my bunner to the vet to have his teeth done and signed the forms for sedation and now he is gone probably for about six hours. I left some parsley with him, not sure if he'll eat it, he hasn't in the past seemed to like eating in strange places but he hasn't been away this long before.


Also a sad Jack Harkness vid to Moby )

Also I should decide what I'm doing with RPing. I think I've essentially dropped through inactivity all my games except BL anyway. And I liked Gusgus... but god, it's tough right now. And BL even only has six weeks left so if I kept Pepper and Astra and probably Florence (though would have to get off my arse and figure out exactly where she's at) I could probably manage to get through to the end, because being a stupid wimp and dropping out this close would be dumb.

Jun. 15th, 2009

I always feel so bad when Pepper bitches about people, esp the Longbottoms. I promise I do not hate you really!

Neither does Tweak )

Jun. 5th, 2009

I love being a bitch to people on Yahoo Answers. It's their fault for asking stupid as fuck questions.

I have read two more Torchwood books and I like these ones that are set in mid season two because they actually have Ianto in them. I was expecting to like Trace Memory more than Pack Animals, but Pack Animals was so much fucking cooler. That shit was awesome. (Though Ianto's "I am bored, barefoot, eating pizza and having a James Bondathon" moments in TM were pretty neat. And him and Jack "having the place to themselves", but only as long as it didn't interrupt his James Bondathon. I'm imagining Jack doing distracting things to him while he watches Goldfinger, now...)

and a fucking meme )

Apr. 25th, 2009

Tiny gunporn meta on power and dominance in slash

Sometime last year I wrote Shooting Your Mouth Off, a Pepper/Aubrey gunporn smut, which made me realise I have a bit of a gunporn kink. Last night, my brain wouldn't let me sleep until I'd gotten back up and penned Take Back the Night, a Jack/Ianto gunporn smut.

Not Safe For Ange )

Okay, and that went on way more of a tangent than I expected, considering I'm talking about boys playing with guns, but suffice to say, power is a funny thing that doesn't always depend on who has the firepower.

Jan. 15th, 2009

*spams f-list*

lol Blurred Lines has a stalker comm now. [info]blurred_cloud because we're silly like that.

Jan. 6th, 2009

Oh god someone kill my brain

Bye, bye, to the old ways of life
Though we fought back we were caught but wipe the tears from your eyes
Coz them good old boys are making plans on the fly
Singing, "Never will we lay down and die;
"Never will we lay down and die!"

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