Jun. 5th, 2009

I love being a bitch to people on Yahoo Answers. It's their fault for asking stupid as fuck questions.

I have read two more Torchwood books and I like these ones that are set in mid season two because they actually have Ianto in them. I was expecting to like Trace Memory more than Pack Animals, but Pack Animals was so much fucking cooler. That shit was awesome. (Though Ianto's "I am bored, barefoot, eating pizza and having a James Bondathon" moments in TM were pretty neat. And him and Jack "having the place to themselves", but only as long as it didn't interrupt his James Bondathon. I'm imagining Jack doing distracting things to him while he watches Goldfinger, now...)

and a fucking meme )

Feb. 8th, 2008

Drama Descension


There's basically nothing on television tonight so I might stick another dvd on for background noise. I have a book to finish, cross-stitch to do, challenge drabbles... I'm in a weird, slightly hate-the-world, restless mood.

Umber had twin boys. :) No more babies until tomorrow early afternoon, my time. But I got an Egyptian with 100 in giraffe, Heqet of Song Flow, and put in a breed request with a male Divine with 100 in giraffe that belonged to the same person, so in five days I hope to have giraffe Egyptian baby/ies.

When LucyLily gets back on line and Laura is active again in Unlocked, things are going to get complicated for East. He has messiness with Dorian (he has absolutely no feelings for him whatsoever. Really. None.), he's supposed to have a sex-thing with Laura, and he managed to get the Head Girl (Victoire) to make out with him at a party. And Victoire and East really amuse me sometimes. The poor boy. At any rate, we have more plot starting soon, and Melanie is officially the Huff 5th year Prefect. (There was a movement to make East Head Boy. My sanity requires that I assume it was a complete joke.)

I think I might post again for Dissension, since it's starting off slow, eep.

And Demelza should probably make a post from Spain.

I'm just tired.

Feb. 5th, 2008


I am crying tears of laughter. Why yes, the amnesia did wear off. And O/D/E are freaking the hell out.

Also, Demelza has another one in the line of her seven million alternate PBs - Skye Sweetnam. There was a set of her on [info]pb_updates and I'm currently working on one of my own. Crazy musicians are good PBs and she has better expressions and things than Daveigh.

I have like 12 adult wajas now. I'm starting to get more specific with the ones I get and breed though, so I can get breeding stock with good stats and then breed markings and things. Sadly my beautiful Egyptian girl Roanoke has double wings, which is icky, but her stats are nice enough that I got her anyway.

Feb. 1st, 2008

Blaise and Zacharias lol. They were so awesome.

ETA: As are Dorian and East. Everyone's memories lost (don't ask), they mistakenly assume, based on the evidence, that they're going out.
ETA2: lmfao. Esh wrote a quick post-amnesia fic. Normally I love me my seriously realism RP, but there's just something to be said for this kind of hilarity.

I have a 382 page book that yesterday, in a fit of madness, I agreed to summarise for people who don't have access to a manual on 19th century etiquette. I'm currently trying to decide exactly how to go about this. I'll be doing it chapter by chapter, I imagine. Either I ask for posting access to Dark Dissension's wiki and host it there, or I spam this journal with it, or I spam [info]keisarmy with it (and likely link to it from somewhere on this journal, because really, who doesn't want 19th century etiquette information?). I'm leaning towards [info]keisarmy at the moment.

I also have melon sorbet that I am counting as a half-success. It's currently in the freezer. Probably I should follow actual recipes until I know what the texture and consistency should be, and also not put hot water/sugar into the ice bowl thing, because that makes it not be icy so much.

Jan. 25th, 2008


Good lord last night was.... yes, well. Basically there was a spazz attack between two mods and one of them deleted the game so we were all like "....let's make new communities, ok" so another mod did that and that's where we all are now, except then the first mod un-deleted the original game and WHAT THE HELL idk. Anyway, everyone's a bit on edge and trying to pick up the pieces and I am bleeding from the uterus.

In amusementish though, Dorian was pissed East didn't visit in the hospital wing so East made him a cake and the ensuing constantly-escalating stream of notes was making us giggle madly for quite some time. I'm pretty sure it'll continue when Esh comes on again today. I also found this website of useless and bizarre stuff I think mostly found via old newspapers etc.

I am out of conditioner and I want midori, but the place where I can buy midori is the opposite direction of the supermarket and too far away. Maybe I will see if there is any nice wine. I want wine and chocolate and fruity conditioner and I have to remember to keep an eye on the weather and bring the washing in if it starts raining or something.

Jan. 23rd, 2008

^_^ fic presents

Esh is going to write a Dorian/East fic for me.

Jan. 22nd, 2008

big bundles of wtf

- Michelle Trachtenburg is stalking me. (Unfortunately not in RL.)

- I have found my incest crack OTP. OT3, I should say.

- *flails* I apparently cannot watch The Frighteners because adult control settings have been enabled on my PS2 and I don't know the four digit code to override them. It's an M rating. I watch R18 movies on this thing all the time. WHAT THE FUCK. I'd be tempted to get out my actual DVD player and set it up to watch on there, but Early Edition's on in an hour anyway.

- I now have a playlist in my iTunes full of songs from Scrubs. Either general songs that have played during the show, songs from My Musical, or songs covered by The Blanks (Ted's band). It's glorious.

- Cast Again continues to make me lol madly.

Jan. 21st, 2008


ILY IJ. [info]easterly is perminated. We can blame Michelle for this - she found me a zillion more Dougie icons and I only had three empty slots. I was slightly traumatised by the picture of him wearing a thong but there are many that I want to use. In some of them he even looks quite nice.

Okay, so, Dorian and East are Turk and JD, right? In that order, too. We know this because I was plotting with Lily who plays Laura and we figured out that she and East had slept together for a couple weeks in her fifth year, his sixth, and they're going to start doing it again because she's upset at the moment.

This, we realised, makes her Elliot. And Ophelia, then, is Carla. It's AWESOME.

Collection of chatter

It's guy love, between two guys. [info]zerotobitch, btw, is actually Dorian Nott. Not Gray.


Obligatory "I love you, IJ". I should also perm East's journal... maybe... ugh I don't know how much money I have. I hate that.

I've been utterly shattered the last couple of days. Not sleeping well. Spent most of yesterday watching second season House - Daddy's Boy was great, Wilson and House cracked me up in that. Especially the conversation by Wilson's car about borrowing money and lying in increasing amounts.

My brother's at university at the moment though so I can't filch more episodes off his shared folder. I think I only have four or five left to watch though, and the last few are missing, so I don't get to rewatch that glorious end-of-season-two cliff-hanger.