Aug. 29th, 2009

i's loved

my bunner is LOVING on me today. I was cleaning up the walls of his cage a bit where he's been spraying and he kept climbing on me and licking my hands and arms. And then he climbed half-on to my leg for cuddles. I eventually picked him up proper to put him in my lap coz the position was getting awkward and he got lots of pets and licked me a lot more, then he climbed his front feets up towards my shoulder and snuffed at my face before jumping down onto the ground. I went back to cleaning and he was getting in my face again. Soooooo ridic cute.

Also he apparently likes apple. I fed him a bit of my braeburn, I had to hold it for him or he'd be pushing it all over the floor as he tried to bite it but he thought it was totally nommable. (I think the royal gala is better, the braeburn is just the tiniest bit annoying in texture against my teeth because it's harder, I think, but they're both delish. Been keeping them in the fridge so they're nice and cool as well.)

eta: also I kinda want to use virginie ledoyen for a trio-era pepperjo baby, she is so cute.
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Aug. 21st, 2009

assorted stuffs and things

  • My mum has taken my eldest sister to the doctor. :/ She has a cold or flu and was having some trouble breathing.
  • Whose idea was it to put watery cheese sauce and some unidentified fruit inside crumbed fake chicken? Seriously?
  • My rabbit's feets are sticking out in the back :D he's lying under my chair :D
  • The hay I got from Black's isn't as good as the Animates stuff for cage bedding. It seems to soak up a lot more liquid and gets messy and icky. What I really want is just to cover the floor in grass matting but it's hard to find that here. Otherwise I might get some toweling to put in there. Sawdust I worry about him breathing in the dust, I could put litter but his cage is fairly generously sized and that would get expensive, plus his water bottle drips a little so the litter would get wet and annoying in that corner.
  • Dude srsly longrabbit is long. I love when he naps under my chair. :D
  • Pepper didn't react well to the news about sterilisation bills and forced terminations. He is quite an unwell person.

there are many types of cloud
like stratus, cumulus and nimbus
nimbus said to a glum-looking cloud,
please don't be so cirrus!

That might be the best part of this Leverage ep, but it's hard to say. It's a pretty funny ep.

Jun. 9th, 2008


Jelly bellies are like the original Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans. I love them so bad. I used to buy them from this little candy stall thing in the mall when I worked at Muffin Break, for $4.99/100g.

A few days ago I went to get candy at the local supermarket - gummibears from the bulk bins. And they had a big, big bin full of jelly bellies. For $1.09/100g.

I have like 250g on my desk and 800g stashed away for later. I don't exactly eat them by the handful because these are seriously worth their weight in gold to me so they should last a good time.
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Jun. 5th, 2008

what's that got to do with the price of fish?

Apparently fish is going to be harder to get - they're changing the laws for big fishing ships. I can't remember which is which but for trawling and setting nets they have to be either 2 or 4km away from shore, which is quite a long way.

In dairy price news, last week Tip Top 2Litre ice cream was $4.99. Now it's $5.99. FFS dairy industry!

I'm starting to get over the sick, sort of. I can walk around and swallow solid food. Which means... there's a fucking huge pile of dishes waiting for me to clean because my dad doesn't clean. At all. No laundry, no dishes, nothing. My brother and mother are both sick as well though my brother not quite so bad, he's been suffering through it and doing all his usual stuff anyway though he had an exam yesterday that apparently didn't go very well coz he didn't even get it finished. Sadface.

BL - I get this feeling like there's some basic fact or concept about life that Pepper just isn't quite in line with. He's also been a little disturbing the last couple of days, what with the kidnapping and assaulting and then today sketching a serial killer profile for Severus off a crime he committed while trying to convince him it was a DE. But I like that he's human at the same time as being outrageously creepy.

I also like the Sev is frantically worried about Astra and Astra is totally falling for him. Oh, the future dramas, they will be strong.

I have figured it out. It's a parental/authority figure, he grew up completely without one. That's even why he imprinted so strongly on Mill and why he always goes for strong women (Jo, Meaghan, obvs Mill, etc). And yes, that does make Pepper/Millicent (Pepnold? lol) even more twisted. Fantastic. I love it when it's twisted.

Which means an eighth paragraph in his general personality section: )

Incidentally the bit that got me really trying to figure out what it was that was missing was the privated part in this post. I love everything I've written in the last, say, three days. Fucking ace. Sometime when I have all this sorted in my head I'll probably do the whole character essay for him, just so it's straight out on paper and not a mess.

Apr. 8th, 2008

o hay

Apparently bread cost is rising along with milk and cheese, so, people who bake (I know there's quite a few of you) - favourite easy bread recipes? I figure I'm at home all day, I might as well get up off my arse and bake a bit.

Tonight was coolio. I went out about 7 and mum was fluffing about with the vegetable bin getting stuff ready for dinner so I took over cooking while she cleaned it out properly and got the old stuff out of the fridge. We had corms and broccoli and tortillas, nom. Then when I was doing the dishes, The Singing Bee was on, this incredibly tacky game show in which people have to sing the right lyrics to songs, and we were singing along to all the old songs that none of the contestants knew, like

What do you get when you fall in love?
A guy with a pin to burst your bubble
That's what you get for all your trouble
I'll never fall in love again!

Neither of the two who had to sing that song even knew the tune!

House starts in a few minutes and while I watch that and Boston Legal, I'm going to try and get a start on this villanelle that Benjy has to write. Well, he doesn't have to, but Marlene was talking about how he "oozes poetry" and he has a mad crush on her so he's going to have a go, and a villanelle is a fairly mathematical form. He likes numbers. He's a number-form synesthesiac.

Feb. 12th, 2008


Apparently I don't like fish and chips anymore. I mean, I like them, but the grease! I feel sick still and we ate over an hour ago.

Working two part-time jobs is really starting to wear at mum so I offered to take one of her dishes and one of her cookings, she only has to do each on Sunday now. She wants us to cut down on pork and chicken, have more vegetarian meals and mostly just eat red meat since that seems to be the best balance between cost and nutrition at the moment. It's a pain because the price of dairy has gone way fucking high so cheese isn't a cost effective replacement for anything. Eggs are good but my brother's allergic to them, which is why we often have omelette when he's not here. I need to learn to make them so I can do them when he's gone too.

Unfortunately dad's not big on things like beans. I'm here for another hour or so anyway to watch Boston Legal, I might see if I can find what else is good for iron and protein. Any vegetarians on my f-list? I know quite a few of you are into cooking. I just want really simple things, mostly...

Trying to find three photos of blonde-looking foxes that look as though they might be the same one. This is complicated by the fact that getty, for some reason, won't go past page two of the results. I'm going to look for other stock image sites.