Nov. 20th, 2016

When you go to double-check something on the wiki page of your canonically dead character and THEY GOT BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE HOLY SHIT.

Sep. 26th, 2016

PS These two fic I found:

Lie a Little by eva_roisin
Mature; Underage sex; Remy LeBeau/Laura Kinney

While still adjusting to his new role as a teacher, Remy longs to see Laura again. When he's reunited with her, he makes a mistake that threatens to transform the nature of their friendship.

And all the colours I am inside by maia_saura
Teen; No warnings; Sharon Carter, Maya Lopez, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers

This is a story about Sharon Carter and her best friend (a tiny deaf socialist from New York City who never ran from a fight, named Maya Lopez.)

This is the story about Peggy Carter and her secrets.

This is the story about the topography of choice, and the logistics of freedom.

Aug. 29th, 2016

Who got Maya a paid account so they could add like another hundred icons of her gorgeous face
oh yeah
that was me

Aug. 6th, 2016

lol Maya is so excited for the Olympics and it's sort of ridiculous because [apart from the gymnastics] I actually am not that keen on them. I doubt I'd be watching at all if not for RP purposes, because I am an enormous nerd. Though I am looking forward to seeing Simone Biles perform, I've been watching her on YouTube and her footing on beam is just amazingly on point, I don't think I saw her wobble at all.

Been thinking about housing for Tumbleweed in Displaced since they'll have copies of their own-universe homes. Most of mine are pretty standard but there's a couple that aren't. atm it's something like (this being all my current characters without accounting for potential drops):

Ianto: has a kind of crappy flat that he spends/spent hardly any time in
Maya: loft apartment, so I guess on the second storey of a residential building
Sandry: either her suite of rooms from her uncle's place or Daja's entire house. if the latter she would almost certainly invite anyone who needs a place to stay there.
Laura: her place in the Bronx! that used to be Logan's place in the Bronx. she is actually not technically homeless anymore, it's so exciting.
Nico: Loki's house from Arcadia. Also has spare rooms since she lived there with Loki and America.
Cassie: her parents' farm would actually fit the setting pretty well, but she's only 16, so she'll probably have to hit up someone else to house her
Thalia: doesn't have a fixed home, plus she's 15. whatever the rest of the demis do she'll probably stick with them because she'd be looked at askance if she set herself up in a tent.
Ana Lucia: presumably she has an apartment in Los Angeles
Hurley: has a freaking mansion. who was making up stories about being super rich now, Charlie??
Tamsin: the place Bo and Kenzi and her have been squatting all series with the holes in the walls and crap, lol
Lexa: her room in the big tower with the big fancy bed and a nice little balcony
TJ: X-Mansion probably, because the Crystal Palace would be kind of hard to replicate and I have no idea where she was staying while she was in New Excalibur
Remy: I mean... Remy lives here. which could be a problem. maybe he'll just turn up and be like "so guys uh my massive underwater palace did not make the trip does anyone have a big bathtub?" haha. I'll figure something out. (yeah, he can actually live in a normal house, he just... never has. except for this week in the barracks on the island. this is literally the only time and it's freaking him out a bit.)

Jul. 28th, 2016

It suddenly occurred to me today that Maya probably has an in-universe Wikipedia page. Olympic athlete/artist/dancer, etc. For some reason this really tickles me.

Jul. 14th, 2016

That super tall tower in Polis is probably actually pretty miserable to live in. No glass in the windows, some of the other wall gone, that high above ground... can you say wind chill factor??

One day I will play an AU Maya who killed Daredevil before finding out he was Matt and never figured out that Fisk killed her father and is now technically a bad guy (who thinks she's a good guy).

May. 1st, 2016

Catching up on Once Upon a Time. Mulan turned up, reminded me how adorable she is, and OH MY GOD I MISS MULAN/AURORA. Fuck I loved them.

(Partly from the fanfic turning up in Jaha and partly out of curiosity I've been looking at my fandoms on AO3 and good lord when did fanfic in general become overrun by modern setting/real world/high school AUs? It's so common in basically all my fandoms and I don't really remember it being like that before. Where 'before' = pre 2008 because I've been reading and writing fic since the 90s lol oh god I'm getting old.)

Also kind of enjoying Maya having a bit of an insecure freakout. She's actually the character closest to me in age even though some of the younger ones have their lives way more together than I do. Or at least they're better at faking it than me. (Ianto.)

Apr. 5th, 2016

I commented on Twitter the other day that Echo was my introduction to comic books aaaand David Mack RTed thanking me. :o

Apr. 3rd, 2016

soul-tired. started writing on my tablet so I didn't have to lean up but the on screen keyboard is fucking terrible, randomly duplicates the first few letters of words, sticks a hanging a to the right of the cursor... idek. I have to replace my tablet - not only does it no longer charge while connected to the dock or in use, but the time on the clock is frozen and only updates when you rotate the screen. Looking at the same type that's available now (Asus Transformer) they've changed from Android to Windows OS and I don't want Windows. So I can get basically the same model I have already, which is some years old, or I could get like a Galaxy Tab of some kind and a bluetooth keyboard, because on screen typing sucks.

I have stuff to plan for during and after weatherbrooke too. but again. tired. when they get back maya's gonna muse about her birthday a bit and then announce she's going on a vision quest (tbd if she actually says it's a vision quest). (lol she'll barely have time to notice elektra. she'll probably name drop wilson though. fun times.) Laura is....... yeah. that'll be interesting. and unfun. but it's basically rock bottom for her so hopefully after that she'll start to improve. meanwhile ianto's going to try to make friends with the TARDIS by playing games with it. and in the doorway I have stuff going on with maya and mcu!matt. but right now I just want to sleep. I have unread mail but eh.

woke up at 4am yesterday. last night took 2mg lorazepam (sedative, normal dose is 1mg), and still woke up at 6am. fuuuuuuck.

I think... I'll make myself go and have something to eat and drink, at the very least some spoonfuls of yoghurt, and then maybe nap again.