May. 24th, 2008


Sometimes posts explode unexpectedly. Other times you just know when you write something that it's going to end up huge. Like, when Pepper invites all the teenagers to ask questions about sex, and ends up with over 300 comments, not counting the original, already lengthy, conversation with Sirius on James' journal.

I re-added Aubrey to his friends list and set up a filter that's just Aubrey. This way Esh and I can do a casual PSL, because she was going crazy wanting to comment to that post but Esh + plot-based game = not really a good idea. Cue Aubrey asking about Pepper's sexlife and Pepper headdesking and the line, "For all I know "good" for you is ripping out your partners spine at the point of orgasm."

Also finished a second set of 7 Spells prompts which I'm quite frankly sort of amazed by even if I'm not entirely pleased with it because the commenting on that post was very distracting and went on all afternoon.

My fabric is on backorder and while I wait for it I'm starting one of my African women designs. They have no backstitch! It's all cross-stitch and half-stitch, which I am pleased by. It's not that I don't like backstitch, it's just a pain getting everything done and then realising you still have to do it - it's also a pain tucking the ends of the thread so they don't unstitch themselves, especially when you're starting a new one.

May. 21st, 2008


I am not allowed to eat gummibears until I finish this cross-stitch.

Ugh I so kind of want the boxes of fluoro floss they had at Spotlight, but it was five skeins for NZ$22 and I just don't want to be throwing that kind of money around for only five skeins.


May. 20th, 2008

Camera's a bit wobbly but eh, I'm coming down with something and can't be arsed re-taking it. I've finished the black backstitch on all animals and tomorrow I'll do the clouds, and then the backstitch in other colours - and I believe two squares that need their colour filled in as I missed them the first time round.

I went to Spotlight today and got the threads for my river otter design for when I finish things. I'm supposed to have light blue 14ct fabric but they didn't have any. D: I picked up some extra ivory since IIRC I'm running low on that and haven't decided whether I'll try and get hold of some blue - it would be online, as Spotlight is pretty big and if they don't have it I doubt any other craft store in town would.

Had another "people invading my living space" anxiety nightmare last night so I'm doing the ativan thing. Hopefully I will get some good sleep. And hopefully when I get up in the morning my download of the entire collection of Tintin comments in high quality .jpg format will be completed. Booyah!

May. 19th, 2008

progress shot

Working down the tower of animals with the black outline back-stitch. Done: butterfly, monkey, chickens, rabbit, elephant. Still to do: the rest of the giraffe, the cow, the pig, the lion, etc.

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May. 18th, 2008


Well, not silent, but pretty quiet. Guess what? It is just about a year since I got this journal. It's my IJversary soon! I demand presents.

No, not really.

I'm doing the backstitch on my cross-stitch, which means it's nearly finished, and it's so fucking exciting. It looks good with the black outline stitching. I'm excited to take a picture of it when it's done. After that I'm going to start on a river otter that I'd like to put on my door as a "KEEP OUT PLS" sign, though as my brother's birthday is coming up, I also have to figure out what exactly I'm making for him, so I imagine that will come first.

Since I have my new computer I've been watching inordinate amounts of Lost, rewatched the first six eps of season seven Scrubs, rewatched a few Torchwoods, etc. Glorious processor speed and hard drive space is mine!! I feel so poor without the $700 buffer in my bank account, but it is very much worth it.

RPwise I'm gonna do a PSL which makes me very happy, and I'm still/again debating whether to bring Esther to BL. I briefly entertained the idea of having Pepper going "screw you guys" to the Order and not joining so she could be media/Order supporter, but scrapped that (esp as Rory is apparently quite against the idea, if his allcaps is anything to go by) so if I do, she'll just be plain old media. I don't know. The sticking point is interaction.

My eye keeps leaking. It is annoying.

Apr. 12th, 2008

Plastic ball gown


Apr. 8th, 2008

Progress shots

I keep mentioning I'm sewing at the computer, so, new pics of where I'm up to and what I'm doing.

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Feb. 21st, 2008

Ah, writing

I edited and posted my [info]hp_wankfest piece, and showed it to Raisa, which made her want to write, which made me want to write, so I did the Justin+Zacharias=Independence challenge drabble. *sighs* *pets them*

I've also done some more sewing, and I lugged my mattress back down this morning so I have a real bed again. Sleeping on the floor was actually fun though - as I'd predicted, it felt like camping out. My muscles ache a bit from moving so much furniture so quickly yesterday though - I was/will be paid for two and a half hours, but it took an hour and a quarter, including dismantling the bed, so that's not too bad. I'm aiming to not spend any unnecessary money, and if I stick to that, then on my biobirthday I'll be getting myself a present.

I have also given in to pleas and joined a Marauder era game. I retrofitted my Liam Vaisey that sadly never got into play, renamed him Octavius Pepper, gave him a job as a hitwizard and got all up in Blurred Lines. Esh also has a hitwizard, Aubrey, who is Pepper's new ickle wee partner. He is totally Pepper's puppy. And Raisa plays Emmeline and Claire and Ashley are both there, and Mango which I assume is the same Mango I've played with before, but not so extensively that we're all jumping on each other. It's more a sort of in passing thing. But the new Remus player also seems exceptionally cool. In general, I'm pretty optimistic about it - it's also much more active than DD, though Neph and Victoria have been getting all girl-talky over there and it's fantastic. And Ruth wants to RP with me so we have to decide what to log. I'm quite tempted by Harry+Zacharias snark, to be honest.

Anyway. I have to finish making my bed - I put the electric blanket on the mattress, and the fitted sheet, and that's it so far.

Feb. 9th, 2008

Random pic post

These pictures are kind of lame. No, I'm not even trying to smile. :P That bright green bit is one of my hair ties btw. Bright colours ftw!

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eta: also random pics, one of MY OWL and one of the cross-stitch I'm working on. You know you want to see it.

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Feb. 3rd, 2008

Good lord, the girl can talk

Demelza lectures Orsino on Muggle beliefs, human nature and evolution. She's... verbose today.

In cross-stitch - I'm just about finished the fourth colour of 26 on my giraffe and animal tower piece. It's... coming along. I'm quite pleased with it so far and haven't made any irreparable mistakes, but I suppose the test is whether I can keep that up. I hope that starting out with the aim to eventually have it on the wall gives me an incentive to be careful. :P

In wajas and random statistics - Okay, so the rune game. There are ten spots on the image map. There are five runes that you have to collect in order. You get the biggest prize for getting rune #5 on click 20. Capiche? Twice today I have worked through the image, going 9 8 7 6 etc, and got the runes in order 1-5. What are the chances of that? Seriously. Creeped me out a little. On the plus side, I have over 100k WC atm from playing that game over and over, I have three pregnant wajas (though I have 4 days to wait for my first pup D:), I have a small stock of love, male and strange pears, and I have a blue leaf and a rainbow leaf, selling at 75k+ and 200k+ in player shops. Not bad for 24 hours.

In Antiques Roadshow - BOOYAH. I am the man. I called exactly two of the prices tonight. Of course, if you take a guess on even half the pieces every time you watch the show you're bound to get some right out of pure chance eventually, but it was still cool.

I should go get a shower and shave, I have to go to the pharmacy tomorrow to get my seroquel refill.

Jan. 31st, 2008

*brain freeze*

Talk about a novel of an application. That was epically fun to write.

I get to have pizza for lunch today, because I made it with four cups of flour in the dough last night and people were eating at all different times and blah and there's almost an entire pizza still in the oven, so, woot! I think there's even some there that has pepper on it. (I only do half with pepper since dad doesn't like it and my brother's picky.)

I've done one of three challenge drabbles, I'm working on the third colour of my cross-stitch, I'm halfway through several books, and I'm contemplating going to the mall to see if there are cheap glow in the dark stars at the $2 Shop.

Need to wash my hairz tonight.

Jan. 13th, 2008

spammity spam spam

I am very aware of my body and the way it moves right now. *appropriately languid stretch*

Sent the payment for my cross-stitches. I need: (dark?) red hair dye, butterfly clips of various sizes. I have approximately $10 so I might wait until Tuesday for both, otherwise clips tomorrow, dye on Tuesday.

Jan. 12th, 2008

rabies is bad kids

in #nanowrimo we were linked to an article about how kids who've been through war trauma get better, er, better, if you give them a stuffed toy to focus on. This was followed by

keiwi: In other news, standing in a fridge makes you cold.
b2: and in the weather it will be getting dark in the evening and lighter towards the morning.

ps I'm stocking up on cross-stitches to do )

It was rather warm today. 29 degrees in the living room and 37 in the room at half past seven, and apparently it got to 47 in the roof in the afternoon. To that end, I am wearing my tennis skirt for the first time this summer. We had a bbq for dinner and it was just too hot for pyjama pants.

Sep. 27th, 2007


The people who I got this pattern off did something funny with the colour codes.. I think it's from somewhere in Asia and they glued paper with the codes over what it says, only... two of them are wrong. :P The colours they did put were close enough that I didn't entirely catch it until I saw that lines of light in the background that should have matched colours didn't.

If there is one thing I have learned, it is how to unpick stitching. Yegads.

Won't finish this month. Should finish before NaNo. [info]voodoodoll and I are going to the crafts store tomorrow and I've made a list of the threads I need for my next project - unfortunately when I cross referenced with what I have, only one matched up, and I'll likely need more of it anyway, but I won't get them all at once so it'll at least spread the cost out some. There's over 50 colours, eep! Definitely more than I've worked with before, though the pattern is only 27x32~, smaller than the one I'm finishing off now. At least I have the fabric already?

eta: oh bloody hell, I've put my unpicker down and now I can't find it. It'll be somewhere incredibly obvious, I'm sure...

Aug. 28th, 2007


After a sluggish morning and early afternoon, I went on a cleaning and organising spree this evening, including unpacking a lot of fragile things that have been sitting in a box since I lived on... Arthur Street? Maybe even before that. I left Arthur St, btw, when I still worked at Muffin Break - so, very early 2005.

First, more cross-stitch - drawstring pouches and dolphins )

just for sillies, my shelf o'giraffe )

That's not nearly all my giraffes. I have a giraffe bag and a giraffe memo clip, a note pad, a little ceramic box, another book end, hair stick things for going in buns even though my hair is like.. shoulder length at most, and a letter opener. And probably some other shit I'm forgetting. I like giraffes, they have blue tongues and long necks, my favourite part of the zoo we have here is GIRAFFE FEEDING TIME. You hold the branches for them and they wrap their tongue around and pull all the leaves off and some of them let you pat their necks. I love love love giraffes. Which makes it strange that I have no icons of them. I may fix that now, since I have Photoshop open, and then I might do some embroidery/cross-stitch ones too.

Aug. 26th, 2007

I have to go to Spotlight tomorrow I think... I don't have all the exact colours I need to finish this, so I need to take my card with the colours I do have, along with the half-finished design, and compare them to the "right" numbers to see if they're a good match and to get some new ones if they're not. I have a box in my drawer full of threads but none of them matched up, unsurprisingly. For now I'm going to finish off the ring of light, the last two colours for it are two that do match, and then there'll just be the last three colours on the figure.

Though I do have three lots of variegated, two green and one orange, which is super cool, variegated thread is fun. Somewhere I have a little pouch thing I made that's embroidered with green variegated thread in the shape of a fern frond, and I have another one that has a stylised e on the front, outlined with dark silver metallic, with parchment coloured aida fabric and a green tie-ribbon. No, I can't remember what the e is for. It's pretty though. At some point I might get around to taking photos of those too. (I suppose I could probably make them on commission if I really wanted, but eh. At the moment this is just something for me, I think. I need to finish this woman. After that I'll see how I feel.)

Aug. 25th, 2007

who wants to see what I'm working on?

Because cross-stitch is fairly mindless busy-work. Not bust-work. :(

ya, photobucket ToSed my pics :( )