Jul. 23rd, 2009

I'm gonna icon her. I'm still not sure if I even like this show but Lacey and Wendy are both totally iconable.

Feb. 24th, 2009

Guys halp

I need to icon more curvy girls :D Who is curvy and gorgeous that I can icon?

Feb. 13th, 2009


Okay, so now that I have over 80 icon sets and feel like a real icon maker, I have separated my CDJ from my icon journal.

So now:

[info]keieeeye - real life, general
[info]keisarmy - pbs, icons
[info]pocketotter - cdj, fanfic

which... sounds a bit excessive but oh well. I will warn you that if you add [info]pocketotter you um may get a spam of 45~ entries on your f-list. So you might want to read your f-list right up to date, then add it, then keep reading from after that.

Accordingly, the Marius/Astra wedding planning infos is now here.

Plans for tomorrow: tag the older half of my icon sets with the PB name, do up the fanfic mega index on ~pocketotter and/or decide if I'm going to use any other tags for subcategories of "fanfic". Upload a fuckload more icons that I found while fetching all the otters because there are a ton on my hard drive that are super and not on here. Think about writing something un-depressing for [info]lifeanddeath because breaking the streak of new-ghost-pepper with aubrey's death isn't really a change in mood.

Jan. 12th, 2009

How shocking and unexpected

According to the 4-grid Sorting Hat Test people are taking I'm Ravenclaw (at 63% Orderly, 35% Moral) and Pepper is Slytherclaw (53/19). The "which Weasley do you identify with the most" question was really hard to answer, both for myself and for Pepper.

I've just finished the iconning for the second part of Sense and Sensibility so tomorrow I'll sort the caps for the final part and have a go at finishing some of the sets. Oddly, of the four people I'm iconning from the miniseries, three of them are men and one is a preteen. (Well. In the book Margaret Dashwood is thirteen*, though I'd have picked her as more like 11-12 from both the Emma Thompson movie version and the miniseries.) Dominic Cooper I wasn't intending to icon at all but his face is really interesting, so I added him in, then realised he actually doesn't make any expressions. But I'm iconning him anyway. He's really well-cast as Willoughby, IMO, because he's capable of looking like a complete and utter twat.

* I finished reading Mansfield Park and started S&S and yes, I'm still a Henry/Fanny girl. Incidentally, in the Bertram house on Sims, the Crawfords stopped by and Henry and Fanny had two very short attempts at conversation (apparently she likes desks and he doesn't) before running off to have a water balloon fight. Someone needs to learn to cook well so I can get Fanny and Julia into private school.

Jan. 3rd, 2009


default oldest newest
saddest happiest angriest
cutest sexiest funniest
fave ship fave fandom fave animated
best quote best textless best stolen idea
use the most favorite

IF YOU COULD BUY SPACE FOR MORE, WOULD YOU: Not for a while, I have room for 140 MORE ANIMALS.
AND THE SECOND MOST: Blurred Lines, probably.
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Otters and other otters.
ARE YOUR ICONS MADE MOSTLY BY OTHER PEOPLE: No, all by me with the exception of one.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: Some of them
ANIMATED ICONS ARE: The same as still - some are good, some aren't.


(Incidentally I'm aware that my animated icon is not animated. I don't have any animated ones, so I picked a random otter.)

Dec. 27th, 2008

Wicked mad spoilers for Dr Who: The Next Doctor )

Dec. 17th, 2008

icon stats

For my own curiosity/amusement/edification:

Most iconned: Julia Stiles (429)
Most sets: Julia Stiles / Billie Piper (3)
Least iconned/Smallest set: Tuppence Middleton (22)
Biggest set: Jess Weixler (322)
Most iconned male: John Simms (161)
Least iconned male: John Barrowman (23)

Dec. 16th, 2008

y so silly

Irina Kulikova is so adorable backstage. She needs to make more faces for me to icon for Clara.

Aug. 31st, 2008

I, like penguins, mate for life and am occasionally gay.

I just finished a 322 icon set of Jess Weixler from Teeth. The next biggest set is Julia Ormond at 242. as;lfjle;aw

Iconning is good when I'm miserable because it's completely mindless. Select, crop, sharpen, duplicate layer, screen, duplicate, soft light, possibly mess with colour balance, brightness, contrast, maybe merge the layers. Almost no thought required.

I want to sleep through the night. I shouldn't take ativan. At least my mood was good for knocking off the angstiest angst on my fic backlog, and I managed to finish my BBtP piece before I got all blah.

Jun. 28th, 2008


I have an icon directory, finally. Does this make me a real PBer now? I don't know. I still don't really feel like a PBer. I feel like an RPer who made some icon sets. Dodgy quality icon sets, at that.

Pick one of my characters, and I will tell you...

1. Who their favorite person (character) is in the game.
2. Who their least favorite person is in the game.
3. Who I ship them with in game.
4. One of their deep, dark secrets.
5. The answer to a question of your choice.

May. 25th, 2008


I love crooked, lopsided smiles.

eta: Also, I created another photobucket account so my RP stuff can be actually organised better. There are ink splots in the main directory if anyone wants them for anything. http://s276.photobucket.com/albums/kk27/keirps

May. 6th, 2008


Old post: http://keieeeye.insanejournal.com/93693.html

Feb. 2nd, 2008


Oh, I am in a PBing mood today. I blame [info]regents. We're mutually PBing. Or at least, PBing at the same time. I actually started by transferring the decent sets over from GJ, and right now I'm uploading some that I hadn't put there yet, but I also did a new set of Riley Smith and added like 60 to the Agnes Bruckner set. Who is, by the way, really pretty.

I might do more Alicia Witt after I finish adding to Danielle Panabaker, but I don't know. I only have 28 of her... but I might find someone else interesting. Sadly the kid I wanted to do, Aaron Himelstein, does not have a domain fansite, so I probably won't be able to get many of him.

Dec. 30th, 2007

I made icons

I did up half a dozen icons from my Orana Park trip.




Sep. 26th, 2007

I done icons

I posted bearded dragons and iguanas on [info]keisarmy. Why? Because I can. Well, and because I was writing the bio/app for my character Liam Vaisey, and he has a pet bearded dragon named Cleosthenes. (It's a girl.)

If anyone is interested, the little lizard on the iguana's head is apparently a lava lizard. In the icon post I mean, not this icon - this is just iguanas cuddling.

ps yes I do get easily grouchy; I'm not sure if it's a symptom, side effect or just a natural lack of patience with idiots. I usually calm down pretty fast, anyway.

Tomorrow I should upload some of my lovely lovely kiwi music. I've been listening to The Feelers' Supersystem and it has reminded me of the epic love I have for debut albums. I continued to love The Feelers for their next two (I don't follow new music anymore, but I don't THINK they have a fourth out yet), whereas some others like Zed I dropped after the first one - they went on tour to the States and came back as trashy pop, which was incredibly disappointing.

Jun. 15th, 2007

I finally got around to making an icon journal [info]keisarmy, since I was making icons anyway... Somehow I got hooked on animals and sex o.o I'm not quite sure how, but oh well. They amuse me.

Jun. 14th, 2007

hee ^_^

Red-haired girls!

All from my PB icons over on greatestjournal... I'm struck by how similar they look in those ones. (That's three different girls - Dominique Swain, Danielle Panabaker, Dominique again and [E]Lena Katina.) I spent about half of today, pretty much from two hours after IJ went down until not long ago, doing the Dominique icons. A lot of that time was in the uploading, I use Flock so it's just a drag, drop, wait operation - it might actually be quicker to do it manually when it's 160-odd icons, but if I make the computer do it, I can play Pokemon while I wait. :P

Still trying to level my whole team up to around 15 before I fight the first gym leader, who has rock types. I decided to get Marill out of the box because I was using Wingull as my water type, but he's water-flying, so rock attacks are super effective on him. >.> I also have Lompre which is grass-water, but her(? - I have one girl and five boys, I THINK Lompre's the girl...) attacks so far are Astonish (ghost), Absorb (grass, but only 20 power), something lame like Stun Spore, I can't remember exactly, and Nature Power, which is another status effect. At least Marill finally got water gun at level 10, I suppose. Treecko's only grass attack is still absorb, his others are like quick attack and leer and things that aren't much help.

Jun. 4th, 2007


Just a few I made last night. Walls are from a gallery of walls with stuff written on, the other three are stock from Getty that I was playing with lighting and blur gradients on.

ETA: Gnnnn wtf I accidentally deleted this... somehow... *boggle*

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