Sep. 14th, 2015

Just putting this story here partly for my own benefit and partly so I can direct people to it when it comes up in conversation without having to tell it all over again.

the first time someone got invited into julien's manor house )

Jan. 2nd, 2008


In Babyon 5 3.11, Ivanova tells Delenn that she thinks she loved Talia.


I am loving watching all this again. In today's news, the station has declared independance from the Earth Alliance. Oh, and the Minister of Magic was assassinated. That was in a game, though, not B5. Also got my elf cleric up to level 51 - next level I learn cyclone and imbue and demonfire. I need to master cyclone so I can specialise my weather spellgroup. And also I probably need to give my equipment a thorough going over.

Dec. 5th, 2007

Do you mind if I give you a pile of money?

I'm sitting on my MUD on my new character, a warrior mage girl in the temple of law and justice, and one of the temple elders is like "I'ma make you a weapon, what type?" So I ask for a sword and he goes, "Do you mind much if it's envenomed*?"

o.o I think it's because there's a couple of good align temples that are all "Honour! Dignity!" that don't use poison. But it was very entertaining.

It also saves me having to find a good weapon, which is good as I don't have lore yet, the skill that gives you basic information on an item, like the craft of a weapon. The first ten levels suck.

* envenom - applying poison to a weapon to poison the mobs you fight, affects depend on the type of poison, if it wasn't obvious.

Jun. 19th, 2007

Going to this planning&assessment seminar tomorrow. Then I have an appointment to come home and show someone around the MUD a bit. I'm not actually entirely sure what that means, I guess.. show her where the newbie areas are and what eq is good? And temples probably. The temple system is good to know. Then I have to cook dinner.

Also, I got more red dye today, so I have to do that... at some point. Possibly I'll do it after House tonight since I'm going out tomorrow with my awful regrowth.

I think I might go out to the other room with my DS instead of turning my heater on in here and wasting electricity. I need to push the levels of my whole party up before I fight the second leader. Diamond and Pearl are out on Thursday, but my account went into overdraft when my health insurance went out, so even though it's back in credit now I'll wait until next week to get a video game that I don't really need.

They don't seem to have charged me anything for it, at least. They offered to up my credit limit on my Mastercard the other day as well, but I don't think I need a way to get another two thousand dollars in debt.

Jun. 10th, 2007

oh la

I am amused. I logged my level six drow cleric on my MUD and one of the temple elders was running some competitions for the lowbies. The first one I was involved in, he took us to the start of a low-level area near the city, put a pile of gold somewhere in the area, and then told us to go find it, drag or push it around, and get it to him back in the city. When he said "go", the other two characters headed west to find the gold. I headed south east to stand at the city gates and wait for them. When Baziou came past and saw me there he just grinned and carried on.

Though apparently you can't drag or push things through the city gates, which presented a problem as we weren't allowed to pick it up. I was the only one who figured out how to get around that - I got into a dragging match with Endellion, until she just went north past me to get the pile when I dragged into the room, while I was still lagged. Except I didn't drag it north - I went down onto the river, east into the city, and up onto the bridge. Unfortunately then I ran out of movement, and a passing newbie picked up the gold, but Baz got it back so I went to the healer to refresh my movement, then followed Endellion around while she dragged the gold, waited until she was one room south of Baziou, and dragged it north.

Of course, the next competition was "kill all the mobs in this area and bring me their corpses!" and having a strength of 16, Aelise can't actually carry the corpses, so she dragged the first one back and then sat down, telling Baz that she wasn't overly fond of futility. She'd also commented earlier that if she was to perform like a dog she'd at least do it in such a way that she'd win.

Apparently she highly entertained the templemates, and I got enough gold from the dragging contest to tithe to the next temple rank, so I consider it a success. She's not joining PlayerKill so I don't have to worry about all my quest rewards being spent on hp, which means I'll be able to get gold for more temple rank instead. And, ego boost of the day - Baziou sent me a tell asking who I am, and when I told him he was like "oh sweet!" Apparently he likes having someone with "this much experience" in the temple. I've been around for two or three years and I manage to mix strong RP with strong stats, so it makes sense, I suppose.

And I've figured out how to align Aelise's huge streak of independence with the temple's emphasis on rank and obedience, too.

Jun. 9th, 2007

MUD fights

I wish I knew C. I also wish I had a spare box running Linux, then I could at least download the ROM 2.4 code and try to learn by doing. It would be fun even if I wasn't running it as a server to play with something like that, so I could make a world with different races, religions, cities and towns and all sorts of things...

Except I don't have the money to get a box, so for now it'll just remain a dream. My DS got shipped yesterday, at least, so I'll have that to play with soon. Playing Crystal on the computer has reminded me of one useful thing - don't get mum to save my money! :o She keeps buying me crap. Stop it! I can buy my own crap! Fresh water > super potions!

I have to go to the doctors' on Monday to renew my benefit. I probably ought to get out of the house today, too. Maybe I'll go to the mall.

I still need to make some gaming icons...