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Jul. 10th, 2016

I kind of feel like it would be hilarious if they had Pokemon Go on the island. Though it would probably also up the death rate a bit.

Give me one of my characters and one of yours and I’ll (do my best to) tell you about one time they kiss.

Jul. 7th, 2016

Half my local Twitter friends are playing Pokemon Go. One of them commented that she's wandering around town sharing grins with all the other people in their mid-20s with their phones out looking for Pokemon haha. I can "see" a Pokemon gym from my house! If I had to actually walk to it it would take like 15-20 minutes because of the way the roads are on the hill but once I get to level 5 I can just click it from here which is pretty great.

I'm still feeling a bit sick but I got dressed and I'm going to make myself walk to the park to visit the Pokestops. Though uh I may have to steal the sim card out of my phone to access the 3g internet since I haven't gotten one for my tablet yet and have only been using wifi...

(Ugh I got dressed but never actually left the house. Nope. Still sick. Well, that and my phone sim isn't compatible with my tablet and Pokemon Go isn't compatible with my phone. But I've been meaning to buy a new handset for ages anyway and I had enough in my account so I ordered one plus a sim for my tablet. Then I tried to play Marvel Heroes for a while, felt too blah, tried to read for a while, felt too blah... also have a couple of tags and Ana should probably talk to Natasha and Rose about security but FFFFFF my brain feels awful and I have so much bodily fluids and why do my eyes keep leaking and I've been awake since 3.30am because my flatmate's toddler is coincidentally also sick, except with tonsilitis, and she was very unhappy about it.

More napping. I might make some custard for dinner later.)

Feb. 27th, 2009

It would be really silly to consider, at some point in the future, getting a second DS for the sole purpose of pokemon trading, wouldn't it? (though if it were a lite rather than the original it's feasible to find a copy of the DS Browser - though dad might look at me funny if I asked him to put a second DS on the wireless network...)

Dec. 18th, 2008

God, I mess with my Pokemon team so much. I'm playing LeafGreen and I've had four different flying pokemon so far (evolutions not counted) - Spearow, Farfetch'd, Pidgey and now Aerodactyl, though I have to train him up to level 40. Shush, I want rockers. >.>

Atm it's looking like...
Nidoking lv 40
Ninetales lv 39
Kadabra lv 40
Venusaur lv 41
Kingler lv 40
Aerodactyl lv 16

I'm tempted to use a water stone on Eevee, but Vaporeon learns water gun at level 16 and then no more water moves until hydro pump at level 52 (bite at 30 in dark and aurora beam at 36 in ice), and my Eevee is level 25. And you can't breed in LG/FR until after you get the National Dex, which is lame.

Btw, what is with the poison gym being full of psychic type trainers?

ETA: Does anyone know what's up with House s05e12? The one that IMDB claims aired December 16 (last night in the US)? There are no torrents for it and it's apparently not up on ihtv and we're pretty bemused coz it normally does not take anywhere near this long.

Dec. 17th, 2008

An explanation of my love for Pokemon in graphical form

Apr. 14th, 2008


I am ascending to heaven )

Thanks to the economy explosion on wajas I got my two custom otter waters :) and this morning I trained all my pokemans in Emerald up to 15. I restarted the game, because, well, I felt like it. Probably I should actually go back to the island and capture some of the pokemon in the Granite Cave.

Nov. 23rd, 2007

wrimos wanted to see my skirt )

I spent a good half hour the other day contemplating why it is that breasts are not considered things you should flash around in public. It's immensely practical to wear some kind of device to keep them constrained most of the time so they don't flounce about and hurt and such - I wonder how much of our prudishness about this stems from the fact that we simply got used to them being covered? (Ditto genitalia, which need protection for other reasons, namely sensitivity - well, and because on men they're all out there.)

Yesterday, I found the first Pokemon movie for $10. HILARIOUS. Totally awesome. Now I want an Old Sea Scroll so I can find Faraway Island in Emerald and get Mew D: sadly, cannot get to event. Fie.

In related news, I beat the last gym leader in Emerald and now I'm training for the League. This is complicated by the fact that after gym leader eight I had two Pokemon at level 45, three at 38/39 and one at 29, since I'd recently rearranged my team and hadn't finished training one of the new ones up yet - my Swablu, which now evolved to Altaria :D So pretty! And I'm training around Sootopolis now so the water attacks aren't doing much damage because of the dragonness. Still, I'm like 15 levels behind where I should be to take on the League. So lots of work to do. I saw a rumour somewhere that when you complete the Hoenn dex in Emerald you get to choose one of the Gold/Silver starter Pokemon to have, is that true??

Nov. 11th, 2007


Today was a good-ish day. I went out (to the NaNo meet up) and went to some shops and squeed with a shopboy about Joss Whedon's upcoming new series (Dollhouse, starring Eliza Dushku, it will be AWESOME)... and got sunburned. It's quite an impressive red. What's better? I was wearing a halter top so it's all across my upper back and shoulders. I'm currently wearing a sweatshirt inside out, because the seams scratch otherwise, but I suspect I shall be sleeping naked and forgoing bras for a couple of days.

Should have remembered sunscreen. I was actually thinking more about my feet - I was wearing strappy sandals again, but not the ones I was wearing two weeks ago when I got blisters on the bottoms of my feet. I bought them at the same time, 2 for 1 deal, but I haven't worn them as much, so I had band aids on the friction points, and completely forgot that normally when I leave the house for any length of time I wrap myself up in slightly baggy cargo pants and over-large shirts and things I can hide in.

Ironically, because it was a good-ish day, I wanted to look good too, so I had more skin out than usual. Oh, my life.

So fucking pointless.

I have to go back to the doctor on Tuesday to do the forms for this quarter. Maybe when these ones run out, I'll be able to start looking for work again. Mid-February. 2008. I haven't worked since I left Subway in August 2005.

Mind you, every time I start thinking, "You know, I've had some good days. Maybe I'm getting better. Maybe I'll be okay soon.", I crash. Did it the night before last. Feeling like I might tomorrow too, or maybe later tonight even.

I think it might be a vicious cycle, partly, or at least the edges of it. There's still the bulk of it of course, but the longer this goes on, I just feel worse that I can't do anything.

There are good days though. Today was good, despite the sunburn. And I wrote about a thousand words yesterday. It's the only work on my NaNo I've done all week, basically.

Tomorrow I'm going to sit here and watch Firefly, the whole way through, and then Serenity. After I do my morning Pokemon run - to Sandgem Town to find out the swarm pokemon, then to the trophy garden for Mime Jr. (For some reason, I seem to be getting yesterday's rare pokemon every time I go there. Today while looking for Mime Jr I caught two more Eevees to add to Angelique, my original one, and her four babies. I have Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Leafeon and Glaceon so far. The two happiness evolutions will take me longer. Yesterday when he said there were Eevees there, all I found was Azurill.) Go into the Underground sometimes as well to look for fossils and keep up my supply of heart scales. I have a lot of evolution stones too. I should revive the other two Kabutos I have, actually, I think I only haven't because if I just keep them as Dome Fossils I can make a pokemon hold one if I actually do any trades, and therefore give them away. :P

By the way, I am completely in love with this song, and also with Savage Garden - Mine. They both make me happy and sad and lonely all at once. ("Sad is happy for deep people.")

he’s hard now and I kiss his mushroom head, flicking my tongue across his piss-slit.

Nov. 8th, 2007

Hmm, lovely. I'm at about the point where I'm trying to get all these fun rare pokemon now that I have the National Dex and a lot of free time - I've got three of the fossils from the Underground (Aerodactyl, Kabuto and Shieldon) and I've been poking around with the Poke Radar. Originally because I wanted a Ditto, but if I want to use my millions of evolution stones there's a few others I can only get with the radar, too...

I feel this could take a while.

x-posted [info]keieeeye and [info]pokemon

eta: I am working on my Eevee army, and, well, so much for the 12.5% female. I have four girls and a boy. I also have a STASH of evolution stones - eleven water stones at last count! And I have two extra dome fossils - Kabuto after you take it to the museum in Oreburgh. Dunno what I'm gonna do with those. Don't spose any Pokemon players on my f-list want/need a Kabuto?

Oct. 28th, 2007

Today = not too bad

Apart from the fact that I keep hearing quiet piano music in the background and it's driving me mad. Well, not really driving, more... putting. And I spose if I've progressed to auditary hallucination I'm probably already mad.

The Christchurch pre-kick-off NaNo meet up was today, it was wondrous, it actually coincided with me being relatively functional. Of course, I was running late so tried to walk fast in heeled sandals, and then wandered a lot after we were done, and got blisters on the soles of both feet. And then had to lance them because they were... big. Sticking needles in your feet? Better when the skin is actually dead. And has no nerves. Eep.

On the plus side I don't think I have to leave the house again until next Sunday.

Beat the Pokemon League. :D Really should have trained more first. Managed to scrape through though, despite at one point only having one pokemon left, with 5 hp - when I finished I had a different one left, with 61 hp. Mwah. Now I have to do all the gyms etc in Emerald, and all the post-League stuff, and it shall be excellent!

[eta: btw, I am that bitch that complains about girls crushing on her all the time. *sigh* I would love to return the feelings in most cases, but I Do Not Date. At all. Ever.]

Oct. 25th, 2007


Been training my pokemon team some and getting frustrated a bit. This got long. )

Really I should be working on my Nano world. I got as far as a crude mapish sort of thing and then frustrated pondering on why the fuck my sensible middle aged trader would be wandering the countryside by himself. I decided to give him a string of mountain ponies and an assistant. I would've preferred him by himself, but that would be sort of STUPID. I can deal with one other person.

Oct. 22nd, 2007

Took my last norpress about half an hour ago. Which means tomorrow I can start taking the Seroquel, and three days after that I can start taking the Effexor. FINALLY. Best estimate I got three hours sleep last night and I haven't opened anything social today, IMs or IRC or MUD clients. I just... hung out in bed, and then read for a while.

(The story, btw, is a seven book HP AU. Like, MAJOR AU. I was about halfway into the second one and stopped for a while but I started reading it again for something to do and because the AU is incredibly intricately well-developed. I'm a bit over halfway into the third one now and it's sort of entertaining. The Hufflepuffs are brilliant for all that you really don't see much of them. About the first scene with them is Justin going to Harry in Herbology one day in the second book and going, "We're all wondering if you're evil and petrifying people. Are you?" And Zacharias is practically their pet cynic. They sic him on people who are acting like idiots. It's awesome.)

Think I might crawl back into bed now though. I'll get my DS out just for something to do if I really can't sleep. Still need to train my team up to about level 60 at least before I try and take down the League.

Oct. 8th, 2007


Video games in NZ are insanely expensive. I got distracted while trying to see how much I could expect to get for my Sims 2 for DS. Pokemon games on trademe, the NZ auction site, run at about NZ$40-$80. Not just the new ones - ALL of them. On the other hand, on ebay....

Five GBA games. For ten pounds. Admittedly the one in Japanese is pretty pointless, but that's four others, none of which I have, for ten pounds, which is under NZ$30.

I'm not allowed to buy anything else now though. I think I'll have to wait until December and then let myself have a reward IF I do well on NaNo. Because I really need to be putting money back onto my credit card.

Got a dr's appointment at 1 pm tomorrow to talk about my medication. We'll see how that goes.

Why do I not have a medical tag?

Oct. 7th, 2007

I find it amusing when I go to add someone as a friend coz I keep running into them, only to find that they beat me to it.

I got all my Pokemon up to level 47 so far (except my Torterra and Pachirisu are 48 coz I'm training on Route 222 which is full of water mixes) and I am taking a break to see if I can figure out all the funky wi-fi stuff. All the local connection stuff like the Underground and Union room I can't do coz I don't know anyone local who plays. :( I did have fun messing around in the Underground finding yet more evolution stones to go with Pachirisu's loot though. (3 shiny stones, 6 dusk stones, I think 1 oval stone, 1 thunderstone and 1 everstone.) 3 shiny stone, 7 dusk stones, 1 oval stone, 1 thunderstone, 1 fire stone, 1 everstone. And counting. What the hell am I supposed to do with 7 dusk stones??

I may poke at my Emerald game as well.

(eta: lol, the GTS really is as silly as I've heard. "I have a level 1 Finneon and I want a level 100 Dialga!" Riiiiight. Though, as you can neither seek for nor set as condition for trade a Pokemon you haven't seen, I clearly need to fill out my pokedex. A lot.)

Oct. 6th, 2007


I just caught Palkia, the cool legendary Pokemon in Pearl.

On my SECOND ultra ball.


I feel Palkia will replace Gyarados. The flying secondary type on Gyarados can be very annoying sometimes.

Oct. 5th, 2007

Well that was productive

I beat the seventh gym leader, Candice, with her ice types and random annoying other things that fucked up my starter selections because wtf are people in the ice gym doing with water and steel and fighting types grrr. >.>

But now I am lost in the Veilstone Galactic HQ. :P I could swear I've explored every passage I can and I'm just going in circles. I guess later I'll backtrack even further and see if I can find another way to go.

I really ought to be doing my writing samples. I will probably pick my back up PB and do an alternate Appearance section as well, so if I haven't heard back from the head mod by the time I'm done, I'll just send it in with both (clearly labelled :P). I've had two people give me other pages of Stephanie Leonidas icons, so I have a bigger variety of icons for her, but I think I'm leaning towards Katherine Moennig. We still only have 100 icons on GJ anyway so I don't need tons.

Jul. 8th, 2007

o hay

Pokefriends - I finally got around to getting my DS hooked up to our network.

Friend code: Pearl 2878 6738 8253
Trainer name: Kei // female
Trainer ID: 12216

Part of me is very tempted to yoink things from my Emerald game, but I'm only three gym leaders in so really I should, uh, finish it first. Also part of me is very tempted to buy a copy of FireRed or LeafGreen. Games are so expensive here though even on TradeMe. :-/ Or at least, Pokemon ones are on TradeMe, and Marioverse. It's a little insane.

Jul. 7th, 2007


I mentioned earlier how I love pick up, but Shinx gets dark moves. Except now, due to the lovely daycare, I have a little wee Pachirisu with Bite! I'm working on training her up, her name is Checkers because I decided that if I'm going to breed they should have names so I can tell them apart easily, and I'm just wandering around Mt Coronet before going to Lake Acuity. Wee!

I should remember to eat. It gets messy when I don't.

Jul. 6th, 2007

Dude!! srsly

I do love my Pachirisu. It has pick up, which is a super super ability that has got me lots of things that I thusly don't have to pay for. But srsly, I now have three dusk stones. Dusk stone only evolves two different Pokemon afaik!!

Ah well. Even though it seems to be a reasonably common pick up, and I will end up dying and being buried under a cairn of dusk stones, I still <3 Pachi.

I should be working on flashback and flying for 30_somethings, but instead I am... not. Oh la, the single-mindedness of me!

Jun. 28th, 2007


I am in Wayward Cave. I am being attacked every 3-8 seconds, I only have 300 steps worth of repels, and I have the annoying Mira girl with me so I can't use my bike to go a decent speed or an escape rope to get away from the fucking Zubats.

I wonder if there is some kind of map online.

(ETA: There is! EEEEE. Now I get to go check on my berries. I am going to slather a tree with honey before I go to bed, too.)

Also, I have prompt 8 for 30_somethings sitting half done but I am too aggravated to write. Did you know that has 20 definitions listed under the word 'date'?

Sometime soon I will stop constantly talking about Pokemon. The only other thing right now is this incredibly stilted conversation though and I can't be bothered getting into that.

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