Jul. 13th, 2014

wishes for horses

Kira: some kitsune tails -> literal tails. (stops)
Eva: goes fuck this, makes no wishes.
Cassie: Rachel alive (but not here, and possibly in space); understand animals (constant & loud - also not understand people?); go home
Jenny: ?
Neal: ?
Ianto: possibilities: not feel so strongly about Jack (care nothing about him at all) OR Jack not remember watching him die (Jack can't remember him at all) OR decides straight away to be super careful

Jul. 8th, 2014

Nearly caught up with Pretty Little Liars - just starting 5.01. And new Teen Wolf today, so this hat I'm working on may get done by the time I run out of new tv to watch. Which is prob good because I'm feeling sick :(

Thinking about my characters. Having some trouble with HG so I might drop her and put a "wait and see" flag on one of my others. Emily and Spencer from PLL are both on hold and part of me had been tossing up putting in a hold on Emily or Mona so now it's just a 2-option coin flip between holding Mona or not holding Mona. I'd kind of also like to play Cassie again, she was sort of a victim of me getting fed up with the other game. So it's possible I might drop 0-2 and pick up 0-2.

I want to sleeeeep :( I can't really be bothered replying to or posting anything much atm. There's a couple of important tags that might be able to prompt me to do something IC but otherwise, blergh.

Jun. 10th, 2014

lol the Doctor is putting the hard word on Jenny's new flatmate vampire guy and she's sitting there like "omg you're so embarrassing dad"

welcome to having parents gurl

Jun. 3rd, 2014

Sitting watching fanvids and comment on Twitter that I like to think Ianto just keeps a kingsize block of chocolate in his inside jacket pocket all the time. You know, for reasons. Then elaborated that I suspect his reasons are in case of Dementors, because he's not entirely convinced Harry Potter isn't real. (Somehow this evolved into a conversation about Ianto and Owen playing WoW and sniping at each other over voice chat.)

Also I would love John Hart to turn up in Portland just for him hassling Ianto and Ianto being like "Yeah, I have NO idea who you are." Jack did actually mention John but I think he'd fake complete ignorance just to be a dick. --Nnnnn also it would be hilarious if Holly assigned John to live with Ianto. Comedy central, right there.

May. 20th, 2014

Pepper + girl!Ianto (if he dyed his hair blonde)

I have no idea how this would ever come to pass but w/e.

May. 16th, 2014

In honour of Portland I'm watching the sex-swap episode of Almighty Johnsons. I should add Siobhan Marshall to the PB list. (Also Hayden Frost because he's so odd-looking in the face.)

May. 15th, 2014

I'm sort of ridiculously pleased with the PBs I found for the sex swap actually. Especially because now Aurora has this icon:

Wrong bathroom sry. But omg the eyes. The hair. He even has a couple of icons with gestures that look like a woman could be making them.

And most importantly for Ianto is writing icons for his secret private diary in the main journal but also pale and black hair and massive fucking unimpressed face. Brooke Williams also would have worked but uh I had a need for Hel check this damn fine crazy plus she dresses quite femininely. She has astoundingly blue eyes though. All my Portland peeps with their amazing eyes.

But mostly I have been wrapped up in a duvet looking at the rain with dogs napping on my floor watching The Almighty Johnsons while VLC auto-caps it and feeling generally pretty damn flat. I don't know if it's a natural downswing or the start of winter. I've been able to make a few comments around... mostly Hel and SPN-Loki, Storybrooke Ianto and Hermione a little, and the Jack/Ianto log where he finally finds out about them dating. I need to start studying for exams and do more in Triumphant. And the long-dormant PBer of my soul basically wants to icon everyone in TAJ. That's less important though.

And the budget just came out and oh my god. I suppose I should take it as a win that they've moved slightly to the left with dr's visits "free" for under 13s (they haven't increased the funding for this enough to actually accomplish it, I don't think) and an extra four weeks paid parental leave phased in over the next two years. But cuts to public broadcasting, freezes to police after a cut last year, I can't remember if it was a cut or an effective cut for tertiary education, but definitely effective cuts to health that don't even match inflation let alone population growth, and a six year freeze on funding the Cullen fund which last year raised as much money as asset sales did. Oh, and they removed import duty on plasterboard so building a house will cost about $3,500 less now. In Auckland that's a letter box, as someone commented. Plus an "interest free loan" to help fund more roads in Auckland when they claimed they couldn't afford the urban rail.

They're bragging about a $370m surplus (which won't happen, because they never get a surplus) when we owe billions in debt to pay for the shit in the 2011 budget and yesterday they were claiming the floods that suddenly started happening three years ago in Christchurch have nothing to do with the earthquakes.

Wow, that was a rant I did not intend to have. Okay then.

May. 13th, 2014

Yay Ianto finally gets to find out what happens with Jack in his future. Well, tomorrow or whenever we get the log going. Jack was all "I don't want to just tell you the future, do you want to know, you can say no" and Ianto's like "....you already told me most of the team including me dies."

But they had like two separate whole conversations without fighting, so that's pretty impressive.

(Meanwhile I'm pretty sure Jack's about to/has just shagged River, so, there's that.)

May. 7th, 2014

You know who would be fun as hell to play? Lisa Hallett, pre Canary Wharf. I'd have to join another game though because obvs I wouldn't want to play her and Ianto and I'm pretty hesitant about that. Really better to stick with the characters I have. At least I managed to be online at the same time as Portland's Jack yesterday for epic yet very muted dramaz of the "yeah, no, I actually cannot deal with you being alive again" variety (not exactly in those words), leading to Ianto getting quite drunk, ranting to Dean and Charlie, and deciding to a) just avoid Jack now and b) get a dog. As you do.* He also managed to get on Brian Kinney's shit list, and River's just turned up, yay more Whovians.

I was rewatching Once Upon a Time 2.08 and 09 again for Aurora characterisation and I swear, every single time I see 2.08 it drives me up the wall how long it takes them to notice that the ink is on the fucking scroll. Really, guys? Really?

Ugh, 3k word essay due on Monday, vaguely started it today. It's on the barriers to greater participation of women in NZ politics and how they're being overcome and on the plus side the first assignment was annotated bibliography and essay plan in prep for it. One of the bits of feedback I got was that my essay plan is about participation in Parliamentary politics, so either I have to clarify that in the introduction or include discussion about other forms of political activity. Not sure yet which way I'll go, it probably depends on how much I have to write for the other paragraphs. I think everyone in the paper must be busy with their essays because shit is going down in NZ politics right now and this is the class where we used to have pretty intense conversations in the Stream forums. Like, our Justice Minister has been caught out doing corruption and then repeatedly lying to the House about it, and another Minister just lost all his portfolios for intervening on behalf of a donor with police after he was arrested for domestic assault. (Which, btw, our Justice Minister is defending him for.) And then the government came up with a plan to give $3k to 1000 beneficiaries for them to move to Christchurch if they get a job offer and keep it for three months. You know, Christchurch, the city I moved out of, because there's no where to live and thousands of unemployed people? It's cool though because the Prime Minister reckons if the companies that employ these beneficiaries don't give them somewhere to live they can crash with friends or family.

*The drunk-logic on the dog thing is that he's always wanted one and not gotten one for responsible reasons and he doesn't want to still be in Portland in like two years time thinking about things he could have done but didn't. Plus the conversation with Jack made it feel a lot more real that he's going to die, so he sort of wants to stay in Portland now just to, like, avoid that. Soberly, he is at least revising this plan to probably adopt an older dog.

Apr. 30th, 2014

If you're apping for a game that requires you to hold first, and you request the hold and like 20 hours later it hasn't been acknowledged yet, do you have to wait still or does just having commented to request the hold count as enough?

(on the plus side the person who "plays" Jack there saw my comment and said gmail must have eaten my email to them. they are dropping Jack, which is about what I figured. So eventually maybe someone else will pick him up.)

But anyway I went with Aurora for Portland and I think it was a good idea because she's so earnest and knows NOTHING about this world. She's already patiently explained about four times that yes, she's a princess, because her father is a king, which one of the Glee kids thinks is FUCKING AWESOME, and she's learned two new words! Lesbian and bus. Tony Stark is sitting there going "Enchanted Forest. Really." and probably brainstorming awesome jokes he can make about that.

Apr. 19th, 2013

Character summaries

To avoid writing a novel every time I introduce myself to new people )