Mar. 25th, 2016

I did a lot of reading yesterday, and I have thoughts about age and also romance in the Riordan books but that's still fulminating, so for now I'm gonna muse about comics, because comics yay.

a) I re-read the second lot where Maya turns up, Daredevil vol 2 #51-55, all in full-screen so I could really see the detail. Those five comics have so much imagery in them, like,

I don't think Maya's at all Christian, and really that's the only explicit Christian symbolism - most of it she's thinking of him as an animal spirit. That small picture of the sign for "wolf" shows up over and over when he's on the page and other signs are scattered around everywhere as well. Sometimes words that reinforce the text, sometimes the letter signs spelling something out. The art is all done in quick rough sketches and often the same picture is repeated several times with variations. It's just so expressive of her style, the way she thinks and tells stories through movement and art. I really wish I was a better artist because there's an idea in my head based off this story Logan tells her about the two dogs fighting (which it turns out came originally from her father) and how in the illustrations the mean dog's skeleton is visible. Like, placed on top, and it's repeated with Logan and then razorblades for adamantium. I can see Maya doing a piece based off that, with thick paint for the dogs and then intricately realistic skeleton drawn on paper and pasted on top of the mean dog.

(After Weatherbrooke - during which is Maya's birthday, lol, she's gonna semi-miss it - she might end up doing another vision quest, too.)

b) I was futzing with the quotes on my current character list and went to look up X-23 quotes for a better one than I had and found a reference to an appearance in Black Widow! vol 5 #11, Femmes Fatales. There's no context as to how they met up or why they're working together, it's just this snapshot of them rescuing a friend of Natasha's who's being held on the top floor of a casino and Laura calls her "Nat" and takes off her shoes and hoop earrings before going in to slaughter a whole bunch of guards while dressed in like this fancy white pantsuit and then there's a bomb and she slashes a hole in the floor so they can drop down crouched on a segment of cement to escape the blast and I have hearts for eyes now. The synopsis on Marvel Unlimited says "in the wake of Wolverine's death" and Natasha tells her that she needed someone angrier than she was and that Logan wanted her to look out for Laura. I just love the idea of her realising she needs to plan a rescue and thinking to swing by and get Laura so they can punch things together, and the way they work really smoothly, splitting up to do things they're suited for and then joining together again.

May. 4th, 2008

maintainership rant >.>


Do you know how time consuming it IS to freeze THAT MANY threads??? ARRRRGH. Now I'm going to see if I can find a way to make the link to contact the mods as FREAKING OBVIOUS AS POSSIBLE.

*bites things annoyedly*
*chews ardath gently*

[info]the_willow has a write up of it that one of my RP friends linked to when we were discussing it in chat - I'd come back fuming after freezing all the threads and we've been talking about it since. Unfortunately she seems to have banned the entirety of the a_p membership from commenting and deleted my comments when I used a different journal. This is the main comment I left:

(Not sure why I've been banned from commenting here, considering I've never met you before, but oh well.)

As the (interested in converting to Judaism) maintainer of asylum_promo, I just want to say that I'm very disappointed how things went down. That ad is actually one of the ones I recognise as part of the group that actually knows the rules and follows them, and has been posted many times in the past. The first couple of times I put comment tracking on so I'd know if there was wank. Since there was none, I didn't keep up with that.

The first I heard about this was one of my fellow mods coming online and alerting me. At that point there were 390 comments. Not a single person thought to contact the moderators or maintainer of a moderated asylum to deal with a problem with a post? I've just finished freezing every single thread on the post, since they've agreed to change their name and as far as I and my fellow mod are concerned that ought to be the end of it.


Yes, I am still hung up on no one telling us.

Mar. 20th, 2008


So, Purim starts tonight. There is a reading of the Megillah (book of Esther) tonight at the synagogue at 8:45. Don't know that I'll go though because a) new situations! new people! eep! and b) I'm doing dishes. There is also one tomorrow before the Shabbos service (which is 6.30) though it doesn't say what time it starts. Presumably proper Jews know how long it takes. :P

I been playing Sonic Rush. :D Zooooooom!

Dec. 27th, 2007

For the record, I find it mildly hilarious that I just spent a voucher I got for Christmas on a book about converting to Judaism.

Just put out the laundry. Still to do: change my sheets and remake my bed, and have a go and shifting things round in my bookcase to make more room. And probably tidy up the shelves next to my computer.

We're going to Orana Park tomorrow (the wildlife park) for GIRAFFES!!!!!! and then after that I'm going to try and curtail my spending so I can save for a new computer.

Dec. 24th, 2007

Aligning traditional holidays with local seasonal changes

There's a lot of information on Google about paganism in the southern hemisphere, a lot of interfaith calendars that list the traditional Wiccan holidays in reverse for us. However, there's almost nothing for Jews in the SH, despite the fact that many of the holidays in the Jewish calendar were originally tied to the land in much the same way pagan festivals are/were. Perhaps this is because, as exiles, they divorced their holidays from the land because they didn't have any land to call their own.

On the other hand, I did find a couple of comments at the bottom of this page that point out that Sukkoth, the "harvest holiday" after Yom Kippur, is actually a seeding/planting holiday, as in Israel you plant at the start of the winter/rainy season and harvest in spring. Which means in the southern hemisphere, Sukkoth at least is celebrated around the right season, whereas North American and European Jews are celebrating it in the "dead" time of year.

I'm tied to the elements more than the land, but the difference between the calendar and the seasons does still bother me a little. I'm not sure there's any easy way to fiddle it around to be appropriate, though, or at least it wouldn't be a simple reversal or six month shunt but a complete mix-up.

I've been dumping a few books onto my wishlist at so I can find them again easily when I have spare money. Mind you so far it's four books on Judaism and two on nineteenth century etiquette, not exactly light reading material. :P I'll keep at it. It can be a work in progress.