May. 30th, 2016

I kinda wanna play Atlantean!Gambit? The problem is... so, he's biracial. And he has blond hair. Shoulder length-ish. And after running through Hollow Art and [info]pb_updates there are exactly zero brown/biracial guys with blond hair, let alone longish blond hair. So I'd either have to find one with dark hair and lighten it (UGH) or get a white guy and darken his skin, which feels... ehhhhh.


Oh man he has blue eyes too. ffs. I might actually have to find a really tan white guy. :/

May. 14th, 2016

bad feelings )

Sep. 14th, 2015

Just putting this story here partly for my own benefit and partly so I can direct people to it when it comes up in conversation without having to tell it all over again.

the first time someone got invited into julien's manor house )

Apr. 20th, 2014


I was looking at panfandom games and there was one on a mysterious sci fi spaceship! And there was already a Jack Harkness! And his app was not terrible! And there was no Ianto! But there was a cap on Dr Who/Torchwood because there were six Dr Who characters taken (no one in Torchwood except Jack) and not enough in other fandoms. ffffuuuuuu the mysterious sci fi spaceship was cool, dammit.

(also jack was from end of season two so it would have been HILARIOUS to get ianto from between the first two seasons or even earlier with the "uhhhhh this is just sex why are you having feels")

May. 4th, 2008

maintainership rant >.>


Do you know how time consuming it IS to freeze THAT MANY threads??? ARRRRGH. Now I'm going to see if I can find a way to make the link to contact the mods as FREAKING OBVIOUS AS POSSIBLE.

*bites things annoyedly*
*chews ardath gently*

[info]the_willow has a write up of it that one of my RP friends linked to when we were discussing it in chat - I'd come back fuming after freezing all the threads and we've been talking about it since. Unfortunately she seems to have banned the entirety of the a_p membership from commenting and deleted my comments when I used a different journal. This is the main comment I left:

(Not sure why I've been banned from commenting here, considering I've never met you before, but oh well.)

As the (interested in converting to Judaism) maintainer of asylum_promo, I just want to say that I'm very disappointed how things went down. That ad is actually one of the ones I recognise as part of the group that actually knows the rules and follows them, and has been posted many times in the past. The first couple of times I put comment tracking on so I'd know if there was wank. Since there was none, I didn't keep up with that.

The first I heard about this was one of my fellow mods coming online and alerting me. At that point there were 390 comments. Not a single person thought to contact the moderators or maintainer of a moderated asylum to deal with a problem with a post? I've just finished freezing every single thread on the post, since they've agreed to change their name and as far as I and my fellow mod are concerned that ought to be the end of it.


Yes, I am still hung up on no one telling us.

Apr. 21st, 2008


I'm tired of this sex-driven, looks-obsessed culture, particularly in RP. I've played in games where you don't have PBs for characters - PBeMs, MUDs, etc - and then I've been in HP RP where they're of great importance because people always want to have the omghottttt PBs, or the actors of their favourite characters, or whatever. I've seen people ship their characters solely because the PBs were on a show together, or play with a character just because they're desperately obsessed with the PB and for someone who doesn't idolise actors, doesn't watch that much popular tv, has watched comparitively very few movies and isn't interested in sex, it gets really, really old.

Comments disabled coz I don't really want a discussion on this... I'm cranky anyway, probably, because my meds aren't working very well again.

Jan. 25th, 2008


Good lord last night was.... yes, well. Basically there was a spazz attack between two mods and one of them deleted the game so we were all like "....let's make new communities, ok" so another mod did that and that's where we all are now, except then the first mod un-deleted the original game and WHAT THE HELL idk. Anyway, everyone's a bit on edge and trying to pick up the pieces and I am bleeding from the uterus.

In amusementish though, Dorian was pissed East didn't visit in the hospital wing so East made him a cake and the ensuing constantly-escalating stream of notes was making us giggle madly for quite some time. I'm pretty sure it'll continue when Esh comes on again today. I also found this website of useless and bizarre stuff I think mostly found via old newspapers etc.

I am out of conditioner and I want midori, but the place where I can buy midori is the opposite direction of the supermarket and too far away. Maybe I will see if there is any nice wine. I want wine and chocolate and fruity conditioner and I have to remember to keep an eye on the weather and bring the washing in if it starts raining or something.

Dec. 13th, 2007


I set up a new character journal on GJ yesterday in anticipation of being accepted to a game, and also re-uploaded all Demelza's icons that got broken. Both accounts had roughly 80 icons.

Today? Nearly 30 gone on Demelza's, and about the same on Sorrell's.

I can't deal with this anymore. I can't. It used to be okay, it was just one or two every so often, but thirty a day? I refuse to make "reupload all icons that got lost overnight" part of my daily ritual.

I'm just not sure what to do about my games. I like them. Well, I like CQ and I have a weird fondness for A2F even though it's dead slow (though not as dead as Orsa which I might as well have left already).

And only two HP games are advertising here, both with which don't interest me. I want to RP, I just can't stand GJ atm and I'm still ambivalent about all the games moving here - though I know I can't stop it, completely understand it and will probably be perminating at least one of my character journals here just to support the site so I might as well use it anyway, right?

I don't know. GJ, you fail. Please don't do this to me.