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May. 13th, 2018

I was thinking about how Falke's going to be really conflicted about Tony now with his AU update* and realised that him figuring out his dream was actually new memories is actually a great reason for another round of weird presents. *happy claps* Though he gets to shop off Amazon again now instead of "stuff he found in the desert full of lost caravans and corpses" so it could be slightly less weird... or slightly more weird. Could go either way.

* footage got leaked of him uh strongly resisting arrest at the airport and the media was pretty curious about who this guy was and Tony said basically that he was a victim and should have been gotten help instead of being locked up and showed video of him showing up mid-battle to do battlefield medicine. Of course he also shaded the hell out of Steve over getting him involved... and then Falke killed a bunch of IDF who tried to capture him and lost whatever poor broken lamb cred he had... but you know, it was a gesture.

May. 3rd, 2018

Working on Falke's AU for the between-movies gaps etc and honestly one of my favourite things is just that he never has a single fucking clue about what's going on. Like, he turns up end of Winter Soldier, then there's Age of Ultron which he completely missed and I really don't know if he even knows it happened at all still, Civil War where Clint fetched him and brought him to Germany and Steve told him who to hit but never really explained why, Black Panther that he actually slept through, and then Infinity War he's going to miss basically all the explanation and set up again as well. At this point I don't care how many more movies I play him for, I'm going to keep this going as long as I damn well can. It's just a rule now. He's never allowed to know what's going on.

Apr. 27th, 2018

I mean I haven't actually seen this yet but since I'm logged in anyway and I've read a ton of spoilers

IW spoilers and Displaced musings )

Oct. 11th, 2017

character double musings )

Sep. 25th, 2017

Oh right, public holds are closing soon (end of the month) at [info]displacedmod. Here are some characters that my characters think you should apply for:

Sam Wilson
Steve Rogers, obviously. We need to round out the Triple Caps again. Any version, except *cough*that one*cough*.
Tony Stark, because they actually weirdly sort of get on as long as they're not talking about politics or making out with Lady Thor and also I just want to see everyone's reactions to a grown up Tony turning up. (We also have a teen one from one of the animated shows.)
Lady Thor, not for making out with he just likes her as a friend okay.
T'Challa. Preferably 616 but I'd happily take MCU as well. Sam thinks he's cool as hell and not just because he keeps adding fancy tech to his wings.

Laura Kinney
Gabby Kinney and Daken, because she already has her dad and it would be nice to have the rest of her messed up family.
James Hudson Jr (1610). AU bro! She's even met him once!
teen Warren Worthington III. For reals. She misses him a lot, especially now that the adult one and Betsy are engaged.
Really any of the teen original X-Men.

America Chavez
Any of the Ultimates (this also overlaps with T'Challa above, conveniently).
Young Avengers - Billy, Teddy, etc.
David Alleyne.

Maya Lopez
616 Matt Murdock would be nice (for friends, she's come to the conclusion a while ago that it's good they never hooked up for real). Also, Moon Knight, just because it would be hilarious.

Susan Storm and Namor. 616 or (for Sue) movie versions, realistically, but honestly either of them coming across their AU son would be fun.

Ianto Jones
Any Torchwood characters.

And just Marvel 616 in general, really, especially those that fall more on the Avengers side of the 'verse than the X-Men side.

Sep. 24th, 2017

me rn

Slept like crap Friday night. Up early Saturday to get to work by 8am. Voting started at 9, closed at 7pm, stayed to do reconciliation and packing up until just past 10. That's fourteen, count them, fourteen, hours, and then I had to walk back up the hill, check in with everyone to see what the results were looking like so far (not great but could theoretically swing a bit more left still), and ended up taking some lorazepam and going to bed around midnight.

Oh, and it was daylight savings so we lost an hour. I. AM. SHATTERED.

Today and tomorrow off, then on Tues I head in to the electorate headquarters to investigate any double votes, etc. My schedule is Tues-Fri, then Sat-Mon off, then Tues on and that's about where they're predicting to finish up hopefully.

Anyway on Knowhere Ianto's doing some tribble modelling to predict how screwed they are, Caithe is pondering at which point they turn cannibalistic, Maya is sulking a bit, Angela is weirdly insulted by them and slicing them up with her ribbons if they get too close, Elsa is prepping weapons, Storm is securing her gardens as much as possible, and Sam is sort of hibernating since his metabolism requires either a lot of food or a lot of sleep. His drone is still guarding any caches the tribbles might be able to get to and it set to pew pew them.

On Displaced Maya's chill with helping with the party stuff, Aracely's thrilled to visit New York again and wants to try all the snacks people sell from food carts and see all the animals, America's sort of *thinking emoji* about Kate maybe having secret powers, Laura's been working at the bar and the gym and possibly chatting with Jason Todd a bit, Angela is working on an accounting of her life and possessions in the hopes she'll find some kind of goal or motivation. Etc.

Sep. 18th, 2017

Thinking about replacing some of my characters near the end of this month. I foresee charts so I can map ease of activity, fun, strength of relationships, etc.

The other day we had a lady come in to vote who hasn't been on the electoral roll since 1975. That's, like, forty years. (lol I already posted this, that will tell you how tired I've been the last week or so.)

Apr. 22nd, 2017

LOL so I'm reading that last run of Captain America with Dimension Z and all that crazy shit and near the end it shows what can only be Sam's apartment based on the posters and music collection etc. (And the fact that it's just him and Jet there and she sure as hell doesn't have a place.) His apartment is really high up in a skyscraper in the Upper West Side. This is when Steve's already turned crazy old, Sam's about to be made Captain America, and in a matter of months he's going to be needing to ask his brother for money to pay his bills and living somewhere that's definitely not the same place. So at first I was like "WTF?"

Then I realised, actually, it totally makes sense. First, later on he's on the outs with SHIELD, whereas while Steve's Captain America they work with SHIELD a lot. He's probably listed as a contractor and getting paid by them, and when he gets banned from SHIELD for helping the Whisperer escape and negotiate an immunity deal they'd cut him off. Also, he grew up poor as hell. He spent all his time at work, at school, doing community work, or trying to raise his siblings. His money management skills are all based around making ends meet when he's barely got two bucks to rub together. SHIELD contractor pay? Hell yes, he's going to rent a place way up in the sky in the Upper West Side. He's probably also giving his niblings tons of presents and donating a heap to the family's church. He has dick all savings. Which made me think of last Christmas in Displaced when I had him make a huge list of people to get presents for and max out a credit card, which is exactly the same behaviour. I fucking love when things tie together like that.

Apr. 4th, 2017

Sometime I really wanna play an AU MCU Winter Falcon Sam who stayed in the Air Force longer coz Riley didn't die and got pulled into an extra classified experimental thing which was secretly run by Hydra where he got brainwashed and also actual wings. Because winged!Sam is my jam.

(I have this whole history sorted in my head where he takes advantage of the chaos in The Winter Soldier to escape and then starts stalking Steve, stealing his food and leaving intel for him. Steve obviously assumes it's Bucky until he almost catches him one day when he's bandaging a wound to hold it til it heals and all he sees is this guy flying away. So then he and Natasha get to hunt down Bucky while also trying to convince this winged asshole to actually talk to them and stop taking Steve's leftovers that he was going to have for dinner, goddamnit. Meanwhile Sam has been getting his personality back but is also a jerk who thinks trolling Steve is hilarious.)

Feb. 16th, 2017

Man, some face claim recommending accounts on Tumblr don't even try, do they? "Oh, you want a rec for this Latina teenager with noticeably brown skin and very curly dark hair? Here's a list of Latinas." Half of them look white, half have straight hair and a few of them seem to be bikini models or something. One of the ones that had curly hair and brown skin it's dyed blonde. Most of them are definitely in their mid twenties. Yeah, I'll just stick with what I've got.

Nov. 29th, 2016

I got all caught up on Civil War II (well, the actual CWII title + the CW issues in ANAD Avengers and CA:Sam Wilson) but it's not quite finished so I don't have to decide yet about canon updating Sam. But if I did right now the only real fallout would be with 616 Clint and maybe Jen. And probably a lot of punching bags.

Also I skimmed through the first Civil War: Kingpin and there's no mention of Echo because I guess his adopted daughter being alive again is just not very important? I have three more but I really hate the artist's style. I just want to know why she's randomly alive and whether it's a case of being alive again or her death being retconned or what. Surely they didn't just bring her back on a whim for a single appearance in Daredevil Annual omg. This is gonna bother the hell out of me.

Anyway we need a Miles Morales and Kamala Khan. And a Tony.

(lol and I have five permanent accounts now. added [info]ashtawawidiwin.)

Oct. 30th, 2016

Halloween-related headcanons

- No one who turns up to a party Maya's at wearing a Native headdress is leaving with it intact. The longest it's taken is probably around ten minutes for her to pull a "Oh hey, that's neat, can I have a look at that--? Oh, gee, what a pity!"
- Ianto is meticulous and detail-oriented and really good at making plans and putting them together... except on Halloween. He just can't be bothered. Most of his costumes are based around what's already in his closet, usually but not always suits.
- If you want to see Sam trying to pretend like he's not getting super emotional, show him a picture of a little black kid dressed as Captain America.
- TJ never uses her appearance as the basis of a costume. Instead she'll wear totally normal stuff, like dressing up as Minnie Mouse or a sexy nurse or whatever.

Oct. 18th, 2016

I commented that Sam and Maya would probably really get on if I didn't play both of them but just as pertinently... I bet Cassie and Sam would interact a bunch in the same circumstance. She turns into a bird. She loves flying. She's used to talking telepathically with the other Animorphs while in animal form. I don't know that Sam would necessarily be able to communicate with her in words and sentences but she can definitely do that to anyone nearby and he would probably be able to send back impressions, at least.

Sep. 24th, 2016

It is truly impressive how many times my flatmate's toddler has watched Zootopia in the last week.

Man, I would love a Gabby. So much. Esp because Laura's in sort of this weird place where she's still grouped with "the kids" (though Storm and TJ kind of are too), doesn't have as much responsibility as she does back home, and is a little bit more fragile after Storybrooke etc. And Gabby is awesome.

eta: pairings I have come across while browsing the google image results for 'x-23 fanart':


and platonically:
Laura+Elektra (???)
Laura+Peter Parker (???)

Which all reminds me the doctor thinks I should start practicing drawing again.

Sep. 16th, 2016

I really hope someone's done their thesis on tv's various murdered before the show starts popular sex-loving blonde schoolgirls cf Laura Palmer, Lily Kane & Alison diLaurentis. (What's with all those Ls? lol) Because... I'm watching Twin Peaks and god there are so many similarities. Friends trying to track the killers, secret sexcapades, video/cassette tapes, clues hidden away in the dead girl's bedroom...

eta: tfw two of your usually lowest activity characters hit monthly requirements first

Sep. 15th, 2016

The new All-New X-Men features Bobby going to a gay club, it's super cute. I also found the All-New Wolverine Annual in which Wolverine and Spider-Gwen switch bodies and oh my god. (I'm not sure why Laura has such trouble with Gwen's spider-strength though. She's canonically supposed to be super strong herself. I guess they're just... slightly different amounts of super strong?) I'm almost tempted to canon update Laura again but I did that like two months ago so it can really, really wait. Memories of being a Spider-Gwen are not that important.

Also I watched like all of season two Dark Matter that's out so far (I think there's only one more episode which is airing in a couple more days) and we found out Five's name and age and there's been so much character development and it's all tremendously exciting. Three and Five even had a whole episode where they bonded together it was fucking adorable. She also made a very dramatic entrance at one point.

"We've caught all of them except the girl. But she's of little consequence." Ha.

Also I updated my character page and figured out what to do with having two games on there and made it really pretty.

Aug. 29th, 2016

Who got Maya a paid account so they could add like another hundred icons of her gorgeous face
oh yeah
that was me

Aug. 6th, 2016

lol Maya is so excited for the Olympics and it's sort of ridiculous because [apart from the gymnastics] I actually am not that keen on them. I doubt I'd be watching at all if not for RP purposes, because I am an enormous nerd. Though I am looking forward to seeing Simone Biles perform, I've been watching her on YouTube and her footing on beam is just amazingly on point, I don't think I saw her wobble at all.

Been thinking about housing for Tumbleweed in Displaced since they'll have copies of their own-universe homes. Most of mine are pretty standard but there's a couple that aren't. atm it's something like (this being all my current characters without accounting for potential drops):

Ianto: has a kind of crappy flat that he spends/spent hardly any time in
Maya: loft apartment, so I guess on the second storey of a residential building
Sandry: either her suite of rooms from her uncle's place or Daja's entire house. if the latter she would almost certainly invite anyone who needs a place to stay there.
Laura: her place in the Bronx! that used to be Logan's place in the Bronx. she is actually not technically homeless anymore, it's so exciting.
Nico: Loki's house from Arcadia. Also has spare rooms since she lived there with Loki and America.
Cassie: her parents' farm would actually fit the setting pretty well, but she's only 16, so she'll probably have to hit up someone else to house her
Thalia: doesn't have a fixed home, plus she's 15. whatever the rest of the demis do she'll probably stick with them because she'd be looked at askance if she set herself up in a tent.
Ana Lucia: presumably she has an apartment in Los Angeles
Hurley: has a freaking mansion. who was making up stories about being super rich now, Charlie??
Tamsin: the place Bo and Kenzi and her have been squatting all series with the holes in the walls and crap, lol
Lexa: her room in the big tower with the big fancy bed and a nice little balcony
TJ: X-Mansion probably, because the Crystal Palace would be kind of hard to replicate and I have no idea where she was staying while she was in New Excalibur
Remy: I mean... Remy lives here. which could be a problem. maybe he'll just turn up and be like "so guys uh my massive underwater palace did not make the trip does anyone have a big bathtub?" haha. I'll figure something out. (yeah, he can actually live in a normal house, he just... never has. except for this week in the barracks on the island. this is literally the only time and it's freaking him out a bit.)

Jul. 23rd, 2016

I don't know why but I always get really picky about the aesthetics of my applications when they use a new layout. I have made so many edits to [info]snicklet that are literally just taking out a line break or changing the bullet point symbols lol. But then to be fair I can't actually finish her application yet until I can consult closer with Logan's player and even some of what's there now might get deleted entirely and redone. (I'm really happy with Maya's as well. Spent a possibly ridiculous amount of time making sure the images balanced right.)

Jul. 10th, 2016

I kind of feel like it would be hilarious if they had Pokemon Go on the island. Though it would probably also up the death rate a bit.

Give me one of my characters and one of yours and I’ll (do my best to) tell you about one time they kiss.

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