Dec. 31st, 2008

Mwahaha suck it Cissy XD

My Sims are such crack, especially with temporal anomalies - such as the fact that Narcissa is a child, while Pepper, who is the same age as her in BL canon, is a married adult with two children. One of whom, Tamsin is friends with little!Cissa. AND, Pepper and Jo just got her into private school! To which Pepper says "who smells of poor NOW, BL!Cissa??"

Though while he was trying to give the headmaster a tour of the house Jo kept coming over and getting all up on him. It was like "and this is the media room... and this is my wife again, congratulating me for god only knows what this time and trying to give me a squeeze. Moving upstairs now." (They also had both Sirius Black and some random sports player who works with Pepper over during this. Sirius went home after eating because he's all of ten years old, but the other guy was hanging round all night.)

Jo, incidentally, hasn't been at work for at least two weeks, by my count. This is actually okay because I'm going to move her into Culinary so she can reach her lifetime want of maxing that career path, but mostly it's just amusing to me.

Dec. 30th, 2008

Also, randomly, I am playing Sims and Pepper just knocked Jo up. Oops? I need to add more people to the neighbourhood though because they both have romance aspiration and keep wanting to go on dates with new people.
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Jan. 15th, 2008

no moar regrowth


But longer and darker than in the icon. Sry.

I got hair dye on my clothes. >.>

Played a lot of Sims this morning - I made Demelza a one-person hippie house, and then she married Theodore. She's a doctor. A specialist, actually, which is like three quarters along the career track or something ridiculous like that, and funnily enough she was only going to take the medical track job for a couple days until something more suited to her came up, but she turned out to be really good at medicine.

Theo is in politics. Not much of a surprise there, I think, though I was planning to hold out for science. He and Demelza are madly in love and get jealous quite easily if they see each other hugging or dancing with other people. Theo is highly amused by Demelza's bohemian streak, and she makes him stop taking himself so seriously all the time. She can fix anything that breaks and flaunts her independence because it makes him get up early to cook her breakfast to prove he's not entirely useless. Is it sad that Sims games make me want to ship these random pairings? :P

I'm tempted to make another house with some of my original MUD characters, but I have no idea what jobs some of them would have. Rizu, probably either military or law enforcement, I guess. Karya? Fuck if I know. She's a nature/weather priestess! There isn't a hippie track, or if there is, not in the only expansion I have.

eta: I'm trying to pick my prompts for a second piece for hp_wankfest. I've also confirmed that the generic "glasses" is not actually on the table, hence I will have to edit my first piece to highlight something else as the object... Too complicated!

eta2: No, really. Just what it says on the tin.

eta3 (sry sry): I just stumbled across a really good Demelza PB. I don't know why, she just really appeals to me as Demelza. I think it's the playful, sultry, long flowing hair, loads of different clothing styles, etc. There's also Jessica Stam who'd be interesting to use as someone who wasn't entirely on the straight-and-narrow, a con-artist type, simply for the vastly different appearances. :P

Jan. 13th, 2008

In sim-land today

Zacharias and Parvati are currently the big bread-winners, having both got themselves nice promotions. Parvati is a medium and Zacharias is on the city council! Megan, on the other hand, is still working the night shift in a convenience store, but she and Zacharias make time for each other when they can, whether it's a quick game of chess or a hug on the way out the door. Yes, it's true, they're in love. Awwwww.

It's not the only romance going on - Parvati fell in love with Luna, who promptly moved in and took a job as a typesetter for a newspaper, after a make out session in the kitchen which Zacharias happily ignored in favour of his roast lamb dinner. Apparently Megan really is the only girl for him, literally. She hasn't had a promotion yet, possibly because she keeps making outlandish suggestions to her superiors. Both couples have been offered a baby to adopt, but they're all far too focused on their careers and finding time for each other.

On the home renovation front, they added a second bathroom and bought a hot tub! They're down to just a few hundred in the bank again, but they're happily middle class now and A-OK with it. There's almost always food to help yourself to and people coming in and out visiting someone or other, and between them they have four very good friends.
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Jan. 12th, 2008


Yeah, I totally just spent a few hours playing Sims. I was going to make a house full of characters but after three I realised that even buying the cheapest lot I was gonna be having fun trying to pay for a house with all the stuff they needed, so later I'll make another family with like eight other characters for them to make friends with.

So Zacharias, after a short-lived job as a daredevil, has succumbed to practicality and is now a political lobbyist. Megan works overnight in a convenience store, and Parvati has completely failed to get any promotions in the paranormal track and is still a phone psychic. Sad. Zach and Megan are quite good friends though, and right near the start Megan walked into the bathroom while Zach was getting nekkid for the shower and neither of them blinked. Cracked me up a bit.

With bonuses from promotions and the high pay on Politics career track I have upgraded their beds, the sofa, the dinner chairs and got them a basketball court. Should get an exercise machine next probably.