Mar. 23rd, 2008


I was bored today and reading about synesthesia on the intarwebs - apparently my variation, taste->colour, is er... not particularly common. I still maintain that I'd rather have number-form. At any rate I did a bit of a random interest search and I'm contemplating whether or not there'd be enough interest in a synesthesia asylum.

(The thing that prompted all this, btw, is that my green tea ice cream tastes rich brown with purplish/reddish undertones. Similar, in fact, to chocolate. HOW WEIRD IS THAT.)

Speaking of asylum management, I was totally anticipating drama today when I approved one of the [info]asylum_promo posts - yes, the [info]refugees_of_lj one. Double asylum drama! Yay for post tracking though, which I put on right away - there's only been a couple comments on the post and they're all pretty polite, so I was sort of pleasantly surprised by that. And no I didn't say anything myself, because last time I checked [info]07refugees had a higher readership than [info]newcomers and [info]addme combined, so I knew the chances of one of my lovely members saying something was.... pretty damn high.

Also. It is Sunday night, which is family dinner night, and my middle sister called from Wellington and I talked to her a bit and my oldest sister is here now and just stole one of my books to read. :D We's having lamb roast for dinner.