Aug. 22nd, 2014

With the general election in four weeks it's campaign season and the Greens (the third biggest party and, tbh, kind of the only credible Opposition because Labour are incompetent) have been having various Kiwi celebrities endorsing them. So today this happened:

^ Keisha Castle-Hughes

I reposted it with a comment about Gaia voting Greens and wondering how the other characters on The Almighty Johnsons would vote. And then, because this country is awesome, the co-leader of the Greens RTed me and a whole bunch of her followers started debating the subject.

Colin Gundersen votes ACT. Mike is your classic Labour voter. Anders votes National, when he can be bothered. Dawn carefully assesses everyone's policies each election and votes strategically. Ingrid votes Greens, Olaf votes ALCP (Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party). We don't have an answer for Michele, but Michelle Langstone who played her was tagged into the conversation so she might have an opinion when she's around. In my head, Eva doesn't is politically non-political and doesn't vote. I considered whether Stacey might be an aspirational Nat, especially after she gets her business going, but she seems a bit non-conformist for that. I think Hanna might be, though. And of course Jerome, Leon et al are Mana supporters, though I'm not sure how they'd react to Kim Dotcom's buy in and the Internet-MANA merger. I'm pretty sure they're more into Hone and he's suddenly a bit in the background now.

Also someone contributed a picture of their sad newly-neutered pup Odin, because New Zealand is a magical place where tv and politics and dogs and celebrities just all go together. Honestly I don't know if I'd want to live somewhere where I couldn't have ridiculous conversations with the country's elected representatives on Twitter.

Jul. 11th, 2014

Never seeing a Steven Spielberg movie again. Not okay, guys. Not okay.

Poor thing. If only it could have had some island park to roam free on instead. :'(

PS Almighty Johnsons on SyFy Friday. Variety has a nice review of the pilot.

Jun. 27th, 2014

MAN. I looked at the Almighty Johnsons section on out of curiosity, because last time I saw it there were exactly 2 and now there are over 500, and basically:

1) About half the fandom is Anders/Mitchell from Being Human UK
2) Most of the rest is just Anders fandom
3) There is a serious lack of goddess love. What there is is (in decreasing order) Michele, Gaia, and Helen. There are exactly four fic that have the Eva Gundersen tag (Eva Bjorn, her legal name, doesn't exist), one of which is a massive multifandom fanvid, one is a 187 word children's book (?), one is the first thousand words of a vampire AU that the author SWEARS will be updated twice a month (only chapter was posted in March) and one is an AU about Anders running away from home and going to live with Colin.
4) A fair amount of incest.

None of this is a surprise really, except maybe #1 until I realised the actors were in something together, but it's still disappointing.

Gonna be back in Christchurch tomorrow. Will have to take pictures. It's gonna be so weird after living in a functional city for a year.

May. 17th, 2014

Kvasir: "He's not a god, why should I answer bloody questions about him? He means nothing to us!"
Olaf: "Because I'm a god and I'm asking. How come no one remembers Ty?"
Kvasir: "Well you remember him, don't you?"
Olaf: "Yes."
Kvasir: "So what does it matter?"
Ty: "It matters to me!"
Kvasir: "But the only thing that made him matter was that he was a god, and now he's not a god he doesn't matter! Not to them, anyway."
Ty: "What them?"
Kvasir: "The billions that aren't us. The... insects."
Olaf: "Mortals?"
Kvasir: "Gone. Poof. Forgotten."
Ty: "But Dawn didn't know I was a god."
Kvasir: *laugh* "Oh, yes, she did. Deep down in that part of her brain that used to worship us. That used us to explain their primitive world. She recognised you as a god. They all do. But then, when you stopped being a god, their ape brains can't cope with the fundamental shift. And so they just delete you. Delete delete delete delete delete." *laugh* "Whereas for us, you'll forever be the traitor that turned on his own kind."
Ty: "Why didn't you tell me any of this?"
Kvasir: "You didn't ask."

I kind of feel like I should have a proper cdj, but w/e.