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Apr. 27th, 2018

Um so in the last few days

- they arrested the Golden State Killer (EAR/ONS)
- Cosby was found guilty (at least there was some kind of lead up/warning for this one)
- the Korean war ended

Any other problems from the middle of last century we can get cleared away by the end of this week???

Dec. 28th, 2017

We found a way to make Get Out like ten times worse.

Step one: watch Get Out
Step two: immediately afterwards, watch the music video for Basement Jaxx Where's Your Head At
Step two (A): imagine the main guy in the video is black

My oldest sister didn't understand a reference to the music video so we showed her and my brother was like "I feel like that was just the four minute preview for Get Out..."

Oct. 11th, 2017

character double musings )

Sep. 24th, 2017

me rn

Slept like crap Friday night. Up early Saturday to get to work by 8am. Voting started at 9, closed at 7pm, stayed to do reconciliation and packing up until just past 10. That's fourteen, count them, fourteen, hours, and then I had to walk back up the hill, check in with everyone to see what the results were looking like so far (not great but could theoretically swing a bit more left still), and ended up taking some lorazepam and going to bed around midnight.

Oh, and it was daylight savings so we lost an hour. I. AM. SHATTERED.

Today and tomorrow off, then on Tues I head in to the electorate headquarters to investigate any double votes, etc. My schedule is Tues-Fri, then Sat-Mon off, then Tues on and that's about where they're predicting to finish up hopefully.

Anyway on Knowhere Ianto's doing some tribble modelling to predict how screwed they are, Caithe is pondering at which point they turn cannibalistic, Maya is sulking a bit, Angela is weirdly insulted by them and slicing them up with her ribbons if they get too close, Elsa is prepping weapons, Storm is securing her gardens as much as possible, and Sam is sort of hibernating since his metabolism requires either a lot of food or a lot of sleep. His drone is still guarding any caches the tribbles might be able to get to and it set to pew pew them.

On Displaced Maya's chill with helping with the party stuff, Aracely's thrilled to visit New York again and wants to try all the snacks people sell from food carts and see all the animals, America's sort of *thinking emoji* about Kate maybe having secret powers, Laura's been working at the bar and the gym and possibly chatting with Jason Todd a bit, Angela is working on an accounting of her life and possessions in the hopes she'll find some kind of goal or motivation. Etc.

Feb. 22nd, 2017

six years ago

Oct. 13th, 2016

The UK is having a marmite crisis. I'm not saying this because I find it ridiculous. It's not. It's super derivative.


I'm not even kidding, a couple of years ago we ran out of marmite and the entire country freaked the fuck out for months.

Aug. 9th, 2016

Soooo I have a job interview on Thursday (today is Tuesday). For Statistics NZ. And not one of those interviews where you can just roll in and wing it. At the start I have to give a 5-10 minute presentation on the relevance of recent significant events for StatsNZ. !! Only slightly nerve-wracking, lol. It's cool though, I actually quite like statistics despite having a humanities focus and I'm pretty sure I know more or less what I'm going to talk about, I just have to do a ton of reading and put it into some kind of order and get data to back things up and then practice a bit because oh god I haven't done a presentation in foreverrrrrrr.

May. 14th, 2016

bad feelings )

Apr. 30th, 2016

UGH UGH UGH. Firefox updated and now LJ Login no longer works and the problem causing it to not work can no longer be overridden. No problem, I can start using Chrome which has LJ Juggler... except Chrome doesn't have a thread unfolder. Apparently you can't roll back to an earlier version of Firefox, either. But I need both of these things. Oh my god I'm so annoyed.

Jan. 15th, 2015

Well you can't say they don't warn you.

(I can post this stuff without explanation on Twitter coz they all know I'm obsessed with this game. It's Sunless Sea from Failbetter Games which is coming out of Early Access on Feb 6. It's this ship exploration game that ties in to Fallen London, sort of a Victorian gothic horror world that's delightfully weird and the writing and images are both fantastic.)

Jul. 1st, 2014

The forecast rain didn't get here until tonight so today my sister and I bussed into town so I could see how much it's changed. In some ways, very little. In others, quite a bit. There are a lot more buildings knocked down, and a couple that seem to be going up. Only a couple though. Mostly anything new has been made out of shipping containers and other quick and easy solutions.

77 photos here with captions. The very last one shows the rough route we took moving north up Colombo St and then circling back to the bus station to go home. Almost everything was taken from either Colombo St or on about a block (about a hundred metres) of Cashel St, a pedestrian mall where our local drinking hole used to be.

While most of the damage is from February 2011, some is from September 2010 when the first earthquake hit. It was a larger magnitude than February, but it was on a more rural faultline, and miraculously*, no one died. On February 22 there were 181 deaths, and I think 4 more later died from injuries. Most of them (115) were in the CTV building which included a media company, several offices and an English language school. The man who designed the building had stolen the identity of a qualified engineer and despite being declared safe after both September and December 2010 quakes, in February it collapsed and caught on fire. Almost all of the death certificates I handled at work were of people who died there.

* I actually mean that. Maybe not in the Vatican sense of "there is no explanation but God", but it was extremely lucky. There were several stories of people who only just managed to avoid being killed by sheer luck, without any of them being balanced by people who did get killed by sheer bad luck.

May. 15th, 2014

I'm sort of ridiculously pleased with the PBs I found for the sex swap actually. Especially because now Aurora has this icon:

Wrong bathroom sry. But omg the eyes. The hair. He even has a couple of icons with gestures that look like a woman could be making them.

And most importantly for Ianto is writing icons for his secret private diary in the main journal but also pale and black hair and massive fucking unimpressed face. Brooke Williams also would have worked but uh I had a need for Hel check this damn fine crazy plus she dresses quite femininely. She has astoundingly blue eyes though. All my Portland peeps with their amazing eyes.

But mostly I have been wrapped up in a duvet looking at the rain with dogs napping on my floor watching The Almighty Johnsons while VLC auto-caps it and feeling generally pretty damn flat. I don't know if it's a natural downswing or the start of winter. I've been able to make a few comments around... mostly Hel and SPN-Loki, Storybrooke Ianto and Hermione a little, and the Jack/Ianto log where he finally finds out about them dating. I need to start studying for exams and do more in Triumphant. And the long-dormant PBer of my soul basically wants to icon everyone in TAJ. That's less important though.

And the budget just came out and oh my god. I suppose I should take it as a win that they've moved slightly to the left with dr's visits "free" for under 13s (they haven't increased the funding for this enough to actually accomplish it, I don't think) and an extra four weeks paid parental leave phased in over the next two years. But cuts to public broadcasting, freezes to police after a cut last year, I can't remember if it was a cut or an effective cut for tertiary education, but definitely effective cuts to health that don't even match inflation let alone population growth, and a six year freeze on funding the Cullen fund which last year raised as much money as asset sales did. Oh, and they removed import duty on plasterboard so building a house will cost about $3,500 less now. In Auckland that's a letter box, as someone commented. Plus an "interest free loan" to help fund more roads in Auckland when they claimed they couldn't afford the urban rail.

They're bragging about a $370m surplus (which won't happen, because they never get a surplus) when we owe billions in debt to pay for the shit in the 2011 budget and yesterday they were claiming the floods that suddenly started happening three years ago in Christchurch have nothing to do with the earthquakes.

Wow, that was a rant I did not intend to have. Okay then.

May. 7th, 2014

You know who would be fun as hell to play? Lisa Hallett, pre Canary Wharf. I'd have to join another game though because obvs I wouldn't want to play her and Ianto and I'm pretty hesitant about that. Really better to stick with the characters I have. At least I managed to be online at the same time as Portland's Jack yesterday for epic yet very muted dramaz of the "yeah, no, I actually cannot deal with you being alive again" variety (not exactly in those words), leading to Ianto getting quite drunk, ranting to Dean and Charlie, and deciding to a) just avoid Jack now and b) get a dog. As you do.* He also managed to get on Brian Kinney's shit list, and River's just turned up, yay more Whovians.

I was rewatching Once Upon a Time 2.08 and 09 again for Aurora characterisation and I swear, every single time I see 2.08 it drives me up the wall how long it takes them to notice that the ink is on the fucking scroll. Really, guys? Really?

Ugh, 3k word essay due on Monday, vaguely started it today. It's on the barriers to greater participation of women in NZ politics and how they're being overcome and on the plus side the first assignment was annotated bibliography and essay plan in prep for it. One of the bits of feedback I got was that my essay plan is about participation in Parliamentary politics, so either I have to clarify that in the introduction or include discussion about other forms of political activity. Not sure yet which way I'll go, it probably depends on how much I have to write for the other paragraphs. I think everyone in the paper must be busy with their essays because shit is going down in NZ politics right now and this is the class where we used to have pretty intense conversations in the Stream forums. Like, our Justice Minister has been caught out doing corruption and then repeatedly lying to the House about it, and another Minister just lost all his portfolios for intervening on behalf of a donor with police after he was arrested for domestic assault. (Which, btw, our Justice Minister is defending him for.) And then the government came up with a plan to give $3k to 1000 beneficiaries for them to move to Christchurch if they get a job offer and keep it for three months. You know, Christchurch, the city I moved out of, because there's no where to live and thousands of unemployed people? It's cool though because the Prime Minister reckons if the companies that employ these beneficiaries don't give them somewhere to live they can crash with friends or family.

*The drunk-logic on the dog thing is that he's always wanted one and not gotten one for responsible reasons and he doesn't want to still be in Portland in like two years time thinking about things he could have done but didn't. Plus the conversation with Jack made it feel a lot more real that he's going to die, so he sort of wants to stay in Portland now just to, like, avoid that. Soberly, he is at least revising this plan to probably adopt an older dog.

Jul. 7th, 2010

I'm alivr (I think)

-I haven't been RPing for ages so there wasn't as much reason to be active here
-LJ still sucks so I mostly post to DW but it crossposts to LJ (is keieeeye on dw)
and I'm iun comms on LJ like wow_ladies and sf_drama and ontd_feminism
- I post some Torchwood stuff, some WoW stuff, some feminism and racial, and queer and lots of bunnies are cute type cool story bros
-still not working. still pretty crazy. I don't even know anymore.
- still on the waiting list for teh anxiety disorders unit. it's supposed to come up sometime in august. been waiting since december.
- my benefit went up $40 when I turned 25! it was so fucking excite.
-really rough right now. Blizarrd is being a cock and I might lose WoW as an outlet/social space. was already bad before that. been under effects of lorazepam for the last day and a half, started after my appt with my new doctor when I had to go over everything.
- I kind of miss people. and BL. and being more sane. and not feeling like any of my safe spaces could let me down at any minute. even criminal minds is being fucktarded. at least this season of doctor who was amazing but now there's no more for ages and apparently there's lots of character bashing in the fandom.
- getting hard to convince myself there's anything consistently good in the world especially with the oil spill

Nov. 5th, 2009

I'm sorry, Maine. :(

53% should not be enough to overturn legislation. It just shouldn't. Even the student union at university requires two-thirds majority and they're not issuing civil rights.

Aug. 25th, 2009


If your characters had to teach a class at Hogwarts, which class would they choose?

Astra would pick Charms, or in BW-era the household magic course. Benjy, obviously, Arithmancy (or Healing, if in an era or fanon where that's an option). Pepper I think would take great delight in teaching History of Magic Reenacted by Dinosaurs. You know, for the boring bits.


Aug. 9th, 2009

Good lord that meta got out of hand. Thinking way too much when I should be working on my prompt for the 10th.

Jul. 26th, 2009

What it says on the tin.

Jul. 18th, 2009



2) All Torchwood fans posting fic right now? If your summary is "what happened after CoE" or "My denial fic about CoE" or you don't even have a summary, I'm not reading it. I'm scrolling past just like I'm scrolling past the other seventeen fic with equally little information as to what they're about.

My bunny is SO SWEET though. And I was cleaning his cage this morning and he kept trying to "help", which was not particularly helpful at all.

Jul. 11th, 2009


That happened.

I hurt. I feel utterly broken into pieces. Don't know what I'm doing now. It was hard enough to write yesterday and it should have been better today but it's like... I don't know. I said I didn't want my tv to apologise for how the world was, but. That wasn't even my show.

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