Aug. 3rd, 2009

I love my sims

I'm playing my Torchwood house and like all of them have reached their lifetime wants except Martha, who's just waiting to go back to work for her last promotion. Ianto has finished TWO lifetime wants, as after he got business tycoon I randomly put him in the culinary track to get the candy maker career reward, and his second want was earn $100,000, and he just now got a chance card that when he won gave him a logic point and $55,000. Nice! Now he wants to be a criminal mastermind, though he's one promotion off completing the culinary track so I want him to do that first.

Jack is a flight officer in the military as he tries to reach General, though he's been abducted by aliens so he'll have a baby to look after soon. Tosh is a criminal mastermind, but she's going to switch to the adventurer track soon. Owen finished the science track and is now working on gamer.

Also, they have about six career objects in the house, $206,000 in cash and I replaced the garage with a swimming pool. I'm thinking about sticking a third storey on the house.

Jun. 26th, 2009

*head aches*

how can such a teeny animal, that in and of itself doesn't actually make any noise louder than a murmur except when screaming in extreme pain, be so noisy? it's the thumping and clomping... the websites on rabbit communication say they thump when there's danger to alert the rest of the warren (/people), but holly has not read these websites. he thumps to tell me he's bored of his cage now and wants to come out. today it was at 8am, but he's done it at 4am before. and then he runs around going "clomp clomp clomp" all over the floor. i also have a fairly impressive bruise on the inside of my forearm where he was giving me lovebites.

though somehow unexpectedly expensive / unexpectedly noisy / expectedly messy / occasionally painful with affection < FUZZY AND DARLING. especially coz he is alive and able when by all rights he shouldn't be.

have been playing sims - the doctor set the kitchen on fire once already and keeps burning his food, took many days to find a job and is generally a rather incompetent father, while jenny has top marks, more friends than him and is capable of actually cooking a meal - and working through the completed fic from tardis big bang. novella-length torchwood fic for the yay! and, you know, basically guaranteed that they're going to be of decent quality, unlike some of the many-short-chaptered epics that get posted to the fic comms I'm on.

i should really be writing my own fic. have to figure out how they track their dude down for the chase scene and get into jack's headspace for the swimming bit.

Jun. 25th, 2009

What I've been doing instead of writing (again)

First off, I finished reading Skypoint today, which means I've basically read all the tie-in novels except for Slow Decay, and I have the three that are coming out soon pre-ordered.

Mostly, though, I've dug out my Sims game again. 2, not 3, because I'm not cool enough (I need an Intel duo core processor, which I decidedly do not have - but then again, I shouldn't even be able to run Sims 2 on this machine, let alone the four or five expansions I have installed.)

Much of the neighbourhood is comprised of myriad characters from RP games in the HPverse, but today I was mostly focused on the Jones house, which is home to: Jack Harkness and Ianto Jones, who are going steady but definitely not engaged or married kthx - Jack has the popularity aspiration and his lifetime want is to reach the top of athletics career, and Ianto has fortune/business. Martha Jones has the knowledge aspiration and is going for the top of medicine, though she has already been fired once (don't drive ambulances on the footpath, kids) and then stayed in the hot tub too long, overheated, set herself on fire and died. Luckily!!!! Ianto ran downstairs and begged for her life. She was very grateful. Also Owen and Toshiko Harper (who aren't married, I just couldn't be fucked messing around to get Tosh's surname right) - Owen has knowledge and wants to be a mad scientist and Tosh has fortune (IIRC?) solely so her lifetime want can be maxing the criminal career. Aside from Martha being a tool with no self-preservation, things are going pretty well, with no unexpected offspring, etc.

Then this evening I started the Who house as well, which, obviously, is the Doctor and Jenny (Tennant's version, though Sims 2 is still pretty shoddy for recreating faces on). Jenny's only a teenager so she's gonna have to go to school, and her aspiration is pleasure - her lifetime want is 50 first dates but I'm gonna change that coz it's fucking impossible. The Doctor's aspiration is knowledge (of course) and his lifetime want is to reach the top of - get this - adventurer career. So perfect. I couldn't actually remember if that career was even tied to an aspiration and was going to reroll it until I got Mad Scientist, but I like how it is. All that's actually happened at that house so far is a pillow fight, the Doctor failing to find a job in the paper, and Jenny settling down to study cooking.

I'm about to go to bed though and while I'm waiting for sleep I'm gonna try and focus on, like, solidifying plot and shit. So that I can write more. Coz I want to finish my stories.

Mar. 27th, 2009


Also, I would kind of like to RP Ianto.

Also again, I have a Sims house with Martha, Ianto and Jack, and the first things Ianto and Jack did were have a pillow fight and admire each other. Jack also frequently has the want "change into undies" and while on a date with Ianto had the want "ask sim on date". It's like they know him!

Jan. 12th, 2009

How shocking and unexpected

According to the 4-grid Sorting Hat Test people are taking I'm Ravenclaw (at 63% Orderly, 35% Moral) and Pepper is Slytherclaw (53/19). The "which Weasley do you identify with the most" question was really hard to answer, both for myself and for Pepper.

I've just finished the iconning for the second part of Sense and Sensibility so tomorrow I'll sort the caps for the final part and have a go at finishing some of the sets. Oddly, of the four people I'm iconning from the miniseries, three of them are men and one is a preteen. (Well. In the book Margaret Dashwood is thirteen*, though I'd have picked her as more like 11-12 from both the Emma Thompson movie version and the miniseries.) Dominic Cooper I wasn't intending to icon at all but his face is really interesting, so I added him in, then realised he actually doesn't make any expressions. But I'm iconning him anyway. He's really well-cast as Willoughby, IMO, because he's capable of looking like a complete and utter twat.

* I finished reading Mansfield Park and started S&S and yes, I'm still a Henry/Fanny girl. Incidentally, in the Bertram house on Sims, the Crawfords stopped by and Henry and Fanny had two very short attempts at conversation (apparently she likes desks and he doesn't) before running off to have a water balloon fight. Someone needs to learn to cook well so I can get Fanny and Julia into private school.

Oct. 14th, 2008


Pepper/Jo makes me giggle so much. Especially when he has to try and talk her out of running off to try to kill Death Eaters and ends up breaking out the big guns.

I shouldn't quite say that Sims 2 runs perfectly on this computer - for some reason it cuts out my internet and when I'm done playing I have to restart. I am having fun though. XD The House of Woohoo (aka Pepper and Jo, they both have romance aspiration and no jealousy) has a baby and Pepper's working on getting Aubrey to move in, and Astra is pregnant with her and Marius' second kid.

Sep. 4th, 2008


I'm playing the DMLE house in Sims which is always good for a cracktastic time, and just now, Mill was vibrating the lovebed so Pepper decided to get in with her (I swear I didn't even tell him to) and when they were done a baby appeared - another girl, named Marsala - and they got out of bed, got dressed, and Pepper SLAPPED MILL!

The only thing I can imagine is that the words that went with it were something like, "YOU TOLD ME YOU WERE ON THE PILL!"

Aug. 16th, 2008

Sims post

The DMLE have moved house )

Jul. 27th, 2008

obligatory sims post

Pics from the smartie-pants house )

Jul. 17th, 2008


Note to self: Do not forget morning medication. If I do it means I take my whole day's dose in the evening, and my stomach does not like that. It's settled now I think though, it was just really not feeling good for a little while there.

I have been delving further into the intricacies of Sims and I have learned that there is a way to make children grow up!!! There is also a way to turn pets into people. Most of the spells look like they have side effects though there are some that are more useful like the one you can only use once that leaves piles of money totalling 50k simoleans around your lot, but definitely for Astra at least I'm focusing more on the cooking aspects of Makin Magic than the actual magic anyway. I think I might actually be able to get some carrots harvested soon - about three times I'd planted them and then had gophers or rabbits eat them. Astra wants to make carrot cake, dammit. I also wish you could buy bulk baking mix and sugar because there's only one way to get it and buying them one at a time is rather tedious.