Apr. 22nd, 2014

Short (1500 word) essay due in six days which I've already started! Well, I have most of the introduction. But still.
Wrote a proper-blog post.
Fiddled with [info]nosuitnoservice because I'm used to writing private wards and Ianto canonically keeps a diary and posting entries from it outside of but connected to the RPG is the kind of easter egg that keeps on giving all year long.
Remembered to bring the laundry in. I'm sure it enjoyed the fresh overnight air. (And good timing because now it's actually raining.)
Been a bit of a bitch to Jack.
Acted totally harmless to draw people out some more.

I guess I'll have a go at finishing off the introduction and then read some more.

Apr. 19th, 2013

Character summaries

To avoid writing a novel every time I introduce myself to new people )