Apr. 14th, 2008


I am ascending to heaven )

Thanks to the economy explosion on wajas I got my two custom otter waters :) and this morning I trained all my pokemans in Emerald up to 15. I restarted the game, because, well, I felt like it. Probably I should actually go back to the island and capture some of the pokemon in the Granite Cave.

Mar. 10th, 2008

^_^ Old, I has it.

Thank you everyone for birthday wishes :D

Sadly I did not get my ginormous giraffe stuffie, but I half-expected that - it's certain to be pretty expensive, after all. What I did get was books. The Complete Works of Shakespeare, since (shockingly) I did not have a copy, the Tamora Pierce: Circle of Magic book I was missing, Paul Gallico's Thomasina and a Borders gift card. My sister who's studying at Vic in Wellington this year? She came down for a surprise visit!! And she gave me a purple head scarf/shawl/bohemian accessory of flexible variety with silver threading running through it, which is very very pretty. And then my two sisters and my little brother and me played The Amazing Labyrinth and geeked out amazingly.

Also I made like three or four different people squee with happy, and I'm pleased about that, because I like when I make people squee with happy. And I sold my single African waja pup, which was a sort of dark brown with tan 100 giraffe and quite nice looking, if you like Africans. So all around it was a pretty good day except for one piece of sad news in RP-land.
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Mar. 8th, 2008

'I contain a factory for producing my own prison' )

I have to write the tag for the Seamus/Zacharias scene and work on my Benjy app. The wajas calendar is being a pain - it hasn't aged my wajas for today yet even though it's nearly 3pm server time, and the fish-a-waja says I've already played today, but the pear tree was accessible. Grr. Tomorrow is my birthday and there's one present I'm really hoping to get, but I'm worried about the cost of it so I'm not sure if I will. At least it's the weekend now. No job, obviously, but Monday-Friday I do cooking and/or dishes every night, so the weekend feels like a break anyway.

Mar. 7th, 2008


Waaaaaaaaajas. :( It's down for maintenance again because of the load times - if I was lucky, I could load a page, but then the next one generally timed out. Though on a few occasions where it wasn't so bad I managed to get age and normal pears from the shop while everyone else was either mired in lag or giving up in disgust. ^_^ And I checked the downtime forums and there's a thread up by Estuko with the mutations she's finished for the Tempest. Not long now hopefully. I want my pure white stud and my pretty Kitsune girl and the Jags. And I'm waiting on five litters, four of which are the first ones from the girls. I want to see how Winter Plum x Butter comes out. (The girl in my icon, and a white with yellow giraffe stud.)

In RPland, Regulus is feeling better and suggesting to Evan that they investigate who ratted them out to the Ministry and get some DRED REWENGY. Pepper is oblivious. And I've finished the appearance section of my Benjy app. So tiring. D:

Mah birfday is in two days. I hope I get my big stuffed giraffe. Do want.

Mar. 2nd, 2008


Paubrey just sounds like "pobrecito" in my head.

Also, I now have 44 adults and 44 pups in my cave o'wajas. Whee! Babies. I got some real purty ones, too.

But. Um. I have to be up in under 8 hours for plot stuff? So probably I should stop giggling over the cute little award and get ready for bed.

Feb. 29th, 2008

In synch??

[info]regents and I are totally in synch. Like, the weather, and bleeding from the uterus. XD

Which is making me very hormonal and blah. I'm worst in the mornings at the moment. I was feeling better after about one, two in the afternoon, chatted to friends etc, did a bit of writing. And then wajas came back!! *squees* Oh I'm so happy. I'm waiting for Tempest tokens to go on sale now. Mmmmmm customs.

I'm watching Shortland St now. They're starting to get to the end of the serial killer plot. Right now Joey is out having drinks with the four nurses that he thinks are slags - Morgan who tried to sleep with him, Shanti who was betrothed to another Indian guy while dating a coworker, Tanya who he wanted to date but she went off with another guy and is now saying she'd rather have "fun times" and Alice who's dating an older doctor but is a bit of a party girl. He's just convincing them to come to another pub down the road now.

Aw no fair, I think those two guys in the background are plainclothes cops. I wanted death and destruction!

American Psycho is tonight. I feel I have something to watch for once.

ETA: FUCKERS. Okay, so the cop in charge of the investigation called the plainclothes guys and told them to arrest Joey because they'd got some new evidence from the hospital in Port Moresby where he used to work. But they lost him, and he was walking the four girls to the new pub and one of them decided she needed to pee, so he said he'd wait for her while the other three went ahead. So he's got her alone in the alley and he's being all ominous at her and they END THE FUCKING EPISODE. Nice Friday cliffhanger. >.> But on the previews for next week, he gets her to his secret lock up place and straps her to his medical table all still alive and such. XD Normally he strangles them with a cord and then does medical procedures on the corpses, but he's decided he wants Alice alive. You know, since he's probably about to be arrested and put in jail the rest of his life.

Feb. 14th, 2008

*cuddles puppies*

I have 16 puppies on Wajas now including two lovely silver divines and a fire that has 10-40 in about twenty seven million different markings. Sadly the divines are going to get 10/20 rainbow when they hit twelve days old which'll cover up the silver. I'm keeping the male, the female's gone up for sale for 50k, I don't expect her to sell until she's a bit older because buying 5 day old pups is a pain. :P Though if anyone does want puppies, there's four or five for sale in my cave.

I'm bored. Rewatching Firefly. Have to keep an eye on the weather, there's a load of laundry on the line and sky's all clouded.

Feb. 8th, 2008

Drama Descension


There's basically nothing on television tonight so I might stick another dvd on for background noise. I have a book to finish, cross-stitch to do, challenge drabbles... I'm in a weird, slightly hate-the-world, restless mood.

Umber had twin boys. :) No more babies until tomorrow early afternoon, my time. But I got an Egyptian with 100 in giraffe, Heqet of Song Flow, and put in a breed request with a male Divine with 100 in giraffe that belonged to the same person, so in five days I hope to have giraffe Egyptian baby/ies.

When LucyLily gets back on line and Laura is active again in Unlocked, things are going to get complicated for East. He has messiness with Dorian (he has absolutely no feelings for him whatsoever. Really. None.), he's supposed to have a sex-thing with Laura, and he managed to get the Head Girl (Victoire) to make out with him at a party. And Victoire and East really amuse me sometimes. The poor boy. At any rate, we have more plot starting soon, and Melanie is officially the Huff 5th year Prefect. (There was a movement to make East Head Boy. My sanity requires that I assume it was a complete joke.)

I think I might post again for Dissension, since it's starting off slow, eep.

And Demelza should probably make a post from Spain.

I'm just tired.

right so

I'm fairly sure there is a mouse in my room. I have never actually seen the mouse, or any physical signs of it (nibbles at my food, droppings), but I can hear animal noises at night sometimes that sound like a mouse. I went to the petstore near here but they don't have live mouse traps and I don't wanna kill it if it exists because it's an ickle mousie, even if it is wild and not very sociable.

I'm tempted to embrace it as my own and leave out a wheel and stuff for it to play on and food and water. Only tempted. Though, at least if I leave a wheel out and hear the squeaking I'll know there really is a mouse.

I have two baby wajas born, both of which might be given away or sold cheaply, and more coming in 3-4 hours - the next litter is from Umber and Hatsuyaki, so 60~ and 100 in LQ. Chances are fairly good there's more than one. And Earth or Divine. *swoon* These ones ought to have fairly good stats, too. We shall see.

I'm slacking horribly on my challenge drabbles. I have Yellow nearly finished and then there's just Zacharias+Justin Independence.

Feb. 7th, 2008

Waja peeps

omg guise.

Gen 7 fire male, 100/100/100/0, 1WC studding.

That's the father of one of my Egyptian studs. 60 in Wind too - that and Giraffe are the two markings I want to focus on, I think, at least with the Egys.

I have my first babies in 12 hours!

Feb. 5th, 2008


I am crying tears of laughter. Why yes, the amnesia did wear off. And O/D/E are freaking the hell out.

Also, Demelza has another one in the line of her seven million alternate PBs - Skye Sweetnam. There was a set of her on [info]pb_updates and I'm currently working on one of my own. Crazy musicians are good PBs and she has better expressions and things than Daveigh.

I have like 12 adult wajas now. I'm starting to get more specific with the ones I get and breed though, so I can get breeding stock with good stats and then breed markings and things. Sadly my beautiful Egyptian girl Roanoke has double wings, which is icky, but her stats are nice enough that I got her anyway.

Feb. 3rd, 2008

Good lord, the girl can talk

Demelza lectures Orsino on Muggle beliefs, human nature and evolution. She's... verbose today.

In cross-stitch - I'm just about finished the fourth colour of 26 on my giraffe and animal tower piece. It's... coming along. I'm quite pleased with it so far and haven't made any irreparable mistakes, but I suppose the test is whether I can keep that up. I hope that starting out with the aim to eventually have it on the wall gives me an incentive to be careful. :P

In wajas and random statistics - Okay, so the rune game. There are ten spots on the image map. There are five runes that you have to collect in order. You get the biggest prize for getting rune #5 on click 20. Capiche? Twice today I have worked through the image, going 9 8 7 6 etc, and got the runes in order 1-5. What are the chances of that? Seriously. Creeped me out a little. On the plus side, I have over 100k WC atm from playing that game over and over, I have three pregnant wajas (though I have 4 days to wait for my first pup D:), I have a small stock of love, male and strange pears, and I have a blue leaf and a rainbow leaf, selling at 75k+ and 200k+ in player shops. Not bad for 24 hours.

In Antiques Roadshow - BOOYAH. I am the man. I called exactly two of the prices tonight. Of course, if you take a guess on even half the pieces every time you watch the show you're bound to get some right out of pure chance eventually, but it was still cool.

I should go get a shower and shave, I have to go to the pharmacy tomorrow to get my seroquel refill.


Okay, [info]emilie_burns has me hooked on wajas now. I've managed to get six adults and someone randomly gave me a teenaged normal as well.

I copied your waja journal format sort of :P I have mine at [info]keiwaja, which sounds kind of tribal and cool. Sadly there's only like half a dozen people with "wajas" in their interests.

[eta: *flail* I got this girl for 15k. I am squeely over the MU and LQ. I have a breed request in on a white male divine stud that's doing 1WC studs at the moment who has a 100 LQ, too.]

Last night my sisters came for dinner, and also a friend of Sass', and we ended up playing like three games of Cluedo. It was weirdly fun. Dad brought out some port, sherry, etc at one point and even though no one had more than a glass, my eldest sister was getting woozy, Sass knocked over her glass (her second one, but she didn't get to drink it) and I was bizarrely clear-headed for someone who has the excuse of being on two different medications that both fuck up alcohol consumption.

There is a bit in the rules that tells you that each player plays the character that's closest to where they're sitting. BUT! It's only the character that's closest at the start! You keep the same character, even if it's not closest to you later in the game!

I'm not kidding. The rules actually say that. I asked if this was Cluedo for Dummies and either Sass or Julie, I can't remember, said, "No, that's Clue." Snerk. :P