Aug. 9th, 2016

Soooo I have a job interview on Thursday (today is Tuesday). For Statistics NZ. And not one of those interviews where you can just roll in and wing it. At the start I have to give a 5-10 minute presentation on the relevance of recent significant events for StatsNZ. !! Only slightly nerve-wracking, lol. It's cool though, I actually quite like statistics despite having a humanities focus and I'm pretty sure I know more or less what I'm going to talk about, I just have to do a ton of reading and put it into some kind of order and get data to back things up and then practice a bit because oh god I haven't done a presentation in foreverrrrrrr.

Jan. 11th, 2008

all done

Well as several people know it has been an intense day for me. But on the whole I'm feeling pretty okay at the moment. We finished tying up loose ends on [info]rev_mods and have sent ads to a couple of places and commented to be added to [info]rpgindex. I also found, after much dithering, the plans and a couple of pictures for Halfway House, and Hadrian agrees that it's very cool looking. I've had fun trying to find good ones that were a decent number of bedrooms, without being too many square feet, but that also had room for social areas, a library, a small room where people could talk about Drama and Tragedy, etc. I mentioned that there's going to be a house elf, and, well, it can't be avoided. Zacharias and Hermione are going to get into it over SPEW.

Also I now have a tub of chocolate ice cream in the chest freezer, that I indulged in a big bowl of, and a little tiny tub of frozen yoghurt in the house freezer, I think it was passionfruit flavour. And some abnormally soft red licorice, a block of 72% dark ghana chocolate and a box of rose and lemon turkish delights. Oi, am I set for comfort food.

I think after dinner I'm going to close everything down again and just watch a couple more episodes of Babylon 5. I saw season four, 5-6 this morning, and the Shadow/Vorlon war has just (apparently) ended, but they're still broken off from Earth so I'm fully expecting Earth and Psycorps plots in the future. Yes, I know this show is quite old, but I haven't seen it since it was new and can't remember a damn thing that happens. :P Actually, no, I did remember a few things - the teddy bear in space, Ivanova and the alien ambassador having sex "the human way", Delenn turning half-human, and the Jazz singer with the pretty, pretty voice and lovely songs. All of those are before season four, so I'm going in blind now.

I hope Michelle calls me back soon. I want to know if I have a job.

Jan. 8th, 2008


I am basically awesome, you guys. The manager, Michelle, is really nice, and she bought me hot chocolate and said she's had depression before too, and later she said I was basically her ideal candidate. Assuming my reference check doesn't go completely awfully I should get the job. *fingers crossed*

Not to bore you all but I just walked to the shops and on the way home I had an idea of something else Zacharias could do after the war. He has this whole quiet guilt thing about buggering off from the final battle which is part of why he's going into wards (though he was doing it anyway), but, if his father died and he inherited the big-arse house, or even if he had the money he might've got from his mother and bought a different house, he could totally run a sort of halfway house for people. In a very casual way... you come in if you need a place to stay, you pay whatever you want for costs, there'd be a big library, a room where people could have casual group therapy (lol), etc. I can kind of see him doing it on the condition that he gets to call them on their bull and challenge them to overcome their problems. I... can kind of see him liking that.

Jan. 7th, 2008


I have a job interview in, like, thirteen hours. I have to have a shower, because if I have one in the morning my hair will probably still be damp when I get there, and I very clearly remember that lady in charge of the IN2WRK course last year saying never turn up to an interview with wet hair. I'm trying to remember what else she said.

I want to work. If I do not work, I will go crazy. I will sit in the corner of my room gibbering madly and rewatching all my dvds over and over until I can recite every single one of them word for word.

On the other hand, I'm slightly terrified of actually being given any kind of responsibility that I'm actually getting paid for after all this time.

By the way, I'm fairly certain that Oscar Wilde was completely mad for young, extremely attractive, faintly feminine, pouty, petulant, egocentric, spoiled, fanciful prettyboys. I can say this because there is one in everything he ever wrote and they are always the object of much passion from an older male character. I got the idea that Zacharias would like Oscar Wilde's work on a whim, but I'm really starting to see merit in it, considering that he is a young, extremely attractive, faintly feminine, pouty, petulant, egocentric, spoiled, fanciful prettyboy.

I should take my medicine before I forget. Somebody please kill me. I am going to shower now.

Jan. 5th, 2008


I just got a phone call from one of the people at Whitcoulls in South City, one of the chain bookstores here, apparently they have an 11.30-4pm shift on Saturdays going. It's not very many hours a week, and I told her why I haven't been working and she still asked me to come in on Tuesday for an interview, so *fingers crossed*. Esp since my availability is wide open and I can fill in for people on a casual basis. I vaguely remember Whitcoulls having really good benefits, though some of them might be for full time staff only.

I really want to go back to work.
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Oct. 1st, 2007


Shanton peoples called me. It's a local chain clothes store, I applied there like a few months ago when I was cold-calling (or rather, cold-lettering) places. Of course it sounds like they have tons of people applying there hoping for good benefits, but I decided to say that I am still available for work just on the off-chance... I will try to assume that I won't actually get a job because I have no references and all, which will keep my stress levels down - I think my little mini-freakout that time was because of the stress in trying to find work. But I do like retail, and service work isn't really so very stressful for me as long as I'm not in charge of anything, once I actually have the work. So.

My parents are coming back tomorrow so I think I'll go to bed now so I have sleep reserves to last me getting up at 2-3 am and then staying up until a normal hour. Well. After dinner at least, so, at least 8 pm.

Jun. 30th, 2007


I would say "there isn't much in the situations vacant today" but I'm not sure how true that is - there's probably three or four, at least, that I could apply for, but they're generally a vague description or tagline, a phone number, and usually but not always a name. That sort of thing really puts me off. There are too many unknowns, and it sets off the bits of anxiety that go with my depression. I hate making phonecalls to people I'm not close to already, so I at least like to have all the information to make it slightly easier.

What I am thinking though, is applying at the local supermarket. It's not the job I really want to do, but I wouldn't mind it, it's something familiar, and it would get me a recent job history and reference. I've also been told millions of times that employers like hiring people who are already in the job market, so it would help there too.

I'll have to stop by at some point and see what they have open...

I wish Whitcoulls had got back to me though. That would have been cool. :-/

(Also, part of me is torn - sit on my MUD and quest my lowbie cleric, or shut everything down to free up processor space for watching Dr Who.)

Jun. 27th, 2007


I put honey on a tree outside Floaroma Town, and didn't realise that I can't go back that way after getting the bike in Eterna... blah. I also didn't spend much time in the grass on that route so I might have missed some pokemon. I guess I'll have to go around and back later. There was some berry plants I wanted to water too.

I captured Ponyta and was thinking about putting him in my team but I don't know what I'd switch out. I don't really need a fire type anyway, I can use Chatot against grass type.

I got a Pachirisu too :P

My whole team is up around level 21, and I'm around the cycle path south of Eterna. I want to get them quite a few levels higher though. When I fought the gym leader her last Pokemon was higher than all mine. (annoying story about that too... I switched out Staravia for the Chatot I traded my Buizel for, and because I didn't have the badge yet, it wouldn't obey me in battle, so I had to get Staravia back out to fight all the trainers in the gym to get the badge. *weep* I put Chatot at the start of each battle so it at least was getting levels while I did it though...)

Finished course today. Did the application for Whitcoulls. They wanted my last three employers as referees, so I ended up putting Judy from WINZ in the first slot and then my last two jobs, hopefully they decide that's okay. Also wanted to know if I've ever had an injury that caused me to miss work (once, I basically chopped the tip of my finger off when I was cutting pumpkin, and only missed one morning while I was at the doctor) and if I have any sickness that may affect my ability to work.

Jun. 26th, 2007


I got a call back from Whitcoulls in town. Apparently they have part time vacancies, but all the applications are done online. I could fill it out now, but I, uh, left the hard copy of my CV at WINZ, and I want to attach it. So I will actually remember to get that tomorrow. Actually I'll probably get it emailed to me and use Mum's computer to save it as a PDF. I don't have Word or anything on here...

So, yes, tomorrow I will do the applicationness, because Whitcoulls is awesome and sells lots of books and stuff.

From the website which I am reading properly now:

"Whitcoulls employees can also achieve a National Certificate in Retail, level 2. This programme is offered in association with the Retail Industry Training Organisation (ITO) and is supported by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)."

"At Whitcoulls we believe in rewarding star performers through incentives and competitive rates of pay. Our incentive schemes recognise outstanding employees both as an individual and a member of our team."

"To encourage employees to experience all the great products that we offer, Whitcoulls provides eligible employees with a generous discount on products sold in our stores."

"Whitcoulls recognises that some employees will desire to further their own education through formal study and the company commends this level of personal commitment to self-development. Solely at the discretion of the MD, financial support will be provided for further education where it is relevant to the employee’s job and will add value to the business."


I need book icons.

Jun. 25th, 2007

The IN2WRK course facilitator Judy came into the computer room while I was tapping away with my 70-80 qpm typing speed, then later when she was going through my cover letters before I enveloped them she suggested I would be a perfect receptionist. I was like, "Yeaaaaaahhh, I hate telephones." So, not so much.

Mailed out 14 CVs, anyway, and went off early because there really wasn't much else to do after that.

I need to do last night's 30_something.

Jun. 21st, 2007

I'm about to go re-dye my hair.

But first I want to say, why's everyone ragging on the guys that [allegedly, just to follow procedure, as they haven't been convicted - yet] killed Aaron Hall? I mean, seriously, apparently he told one of them to suck his cock! And you totally know that after five hours he was going to get up and rape them in the arse, so a six hour beating is totally reasonable.

Especially since everyone in Crothersville knows he was gay.

btw, please don't hit on me, male or female, coz I'm not really into anyone at the moment so I'll probably get my friends to cream you, okay?


We are making CVs tomorrow and then going over interview skills in the afternoon. The guy at EB Games in town said I could bring my CV in and talk to the manager, I didn't think it was a good idea to be coldcalling cafes during the lunch rush so I didn't check anywhere else.

Jun. 20th, 2007


I had my P&A seminar this morning and got to sit down with a case worker to do all the setting up stuff and things. She managed to get me booked in for the IN2WRK course that runs from tomorrow (Thurs 21st) through til next Weds 27th. Starting at 9am unfortunately but that's okay - my getting up time has been slowly creeping up to about 9.30 instead of 9, so it'll be good for me to kick that.

They'll help me write a CV, teach me interview skills, things like that. On the forms I said I had appropriate clothes for interviews but then I realised I only have like one pair of plain black pants, so maybe I'll bring that up when we cover it and see what they think. WINZ has something called a Work Start Grant that covers the cost of buying clothes for job interviews if they think it's not enough.

She also said that they can pay for the costs of my medical visits (last year it was covered by health insurance, but I decided not to continue with the plan that covered visits and prescriptions, just emergencies and things) and gave me the forms for the Disability Allowance to bring next time I go to the doctor.

Tomorrow and Friday it runs until 3pm and I have a lunch hour at 12-1. There isn't really much for me to do in town that doesn't cost money, so I'll probably end up bringing some snacks and playing Emerald for a while. There is an EB Games in town but I don't think I'll be tempted - if I buy D/P at EB, all my reasons for doing that are because of loyalty to the branch at Eastgate Mall, so buying it at the one in town would be counterproductive. (Though, if they happen to have a copy of the DS browser... Eastgate only has the Lite version. Considering how long the Lite's been out it's a longshot, but I might get lucky.)

I'm kind of wrung out, emotionally. Nekarra came on to tell me she's not well so I don't have to show her around today. That's okay - I'll get some quests done instead before it's time to cook dinner. Something low stress.

ETA: I just noticed something really special about this bag of licorice. Here, food packets generally have a super-condensed list of ingredients that's just the bits that are common allergies (wheat, soy, gluten, etc). On this bag? "contains: gluten, soy, liquorice."

If you can't figure that out, maybe you deserve an allergic reaction...

Jun. 11th, 2007

I has a Nintendo

I went on an Epic Journey today. Well, to the doctors, but it sort of got a lot more complicated than it should have been, since first I forgot the incredibly important form I needed filled out, and I was running five minutes early - until I went a few stops further on the bus to WINZ to get a new form, and ran back down to the doctor's office, where I was fifteen minutes late.

Luckily Dr Salkeld agreed to see me anyway, filled out the form and prescribed some ointment for chilblains, though while this would have taken about five minutes with Dr Gardner, it took about half an hour with her. But that was okay, because she was sweet, and I completely managed not to break out in tears in her office.

After that I went BACK to the WINZ office to get my client number looked up and ask about a referral to Workbridge. The guy at the desk made me an appointment to see him on Wednesday about that.

There was a truck vs car at the intersection by the office, it was very exciting. If you're wondering, the truck won. It didn't look like anyone was hurt, otherwise it would be... less exciting.

But anyway, I came home with a sore ankle, and I had a package! And it is my DS! Wrapped in vast quantities of bubble wrap and sellotape, so I had to take a pair of scissors to it, but I reigned victorious over the damnable things. Woohoo.

Now I are play with this thingie and make it go.

Jun. 4th, 2007


So there was a job advertised in the paper on Saturday, pretty much exactly what I used to do when I worked at Muffin Break - come in at 6am, make the sandwiches and things, plus set up the store for opening. It said to call or drop in on Monday, and seeing as it's about two blocks from where I live and I hatehatehate phones I went to drop by after my shower.

Except today's a public holiday (Queen's Birthday) and they're closed. o.o I assume they've run the ad in previous weeks and forgot to change the "Monday" part. Which is actually a good thing, because it means people aren't snapping the job up, so I have a chance of getting it. I assume the fact that it starts at 6am and is in a pretty small neighbourhood aren't particularly desirable things, but it's perfect for me.

The sign said they open at 7.30 so there'll be some serving included, too. I know how to use a till though, so... *crosses fingers*

T minus six days until my benefit runs out....