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Nov. 4th, 2017

Even though it neverrrrr comes up in game I kind of enjoy coming up with funny stories Sam tells about the shit his asshole (616) friends do. So far my favourite one for Steve is the time he was bored on April 1 one year so he went to the Smithsonian in his uniform to pretend to be a statue for a while until a chance comes up to just casually interject something in a nearby conversation, and for Bucky the time Sam almost died choking on his own laughter in the middle of a fight when some bad guy started sputtering about the Geneva Convention and Bucky deadpanned something like, "Is that one of those anime things?"

Oct. 11th, 2017

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Sep. 24th, 2017

me rn

Slept like crap Friday night. Up early Saturday to get to work by 8am. Voting started at 9, closed at 7pm, stayed to do reconciliation and packing up until just past 10. That's fourteen, count them, fourteen, hours, and then I had to walk back up the hill, check in with everyone to see what the results were looking like so far (not great but could theoretically swing a bit more left still), and ended up taking some lorazepam and going to bed around midnight.

Oh, and it was daylight savings so we lost an hour. I. AM. SHATTERED.

Today and tomorrow off, then on Tues I head in to the electorate headquarters to investigate any double votes, etc. My schedule is Tues-Fri, then Sat-Mon off, then Tues on and that's about where they're predicting to finish up hopefully.

Anyway on Knowhere Ianto's doing some tribble modelling to predict how screwed they are, Caithe is pondering at which point they turn cannibalistic, Maya is sulking a bit, Angela is weirdly insulted by them and slicing them up with her ribbons if they get too close, Elsa is prepping weapons, Storm is securing her gardens as much as possible, and Sam is sort of hibernating since his metabolism requires either a lot of food or a lot of sleep. His drone is still guarding any caches the tribbles might be able to get to and it set to pew pew them.

On Displaced Maya's chill with helping with the party stuff, Aracely's thrilled to visit New York again and wants to try all the snacks people sell from food carts and see all the animals, America's sort of *thinking emoji* about Kate maybe having secret powers, Laura's been working at the bar and the gym and possibly chatting with Jason Todd a bit, Angela is working on an accounting of her life and possessions in the hopes she'll find some kind of goal or motivation. Etc.

Apr. 29th, 2017

I can't believe I never realised this before but I'm finally watching Guardians of the Galaxy and Peter made a comment about putting up a blacklight and his ship lighting up like a Jackson Pollock painting.

Which reminded me that birds can see in UV.

Which means that, when Sam looks through their eyes, so can he.

I have to wonder how many times he's just bit his tongue and not said anything even though he really wanted to.

Aug. 9th, 2016

Soooo I have a job interview on Thursday (today is Tuesday). For Statistics NZ. And not one of those interviews where you can just roll in and wing it. At the start I have to give a 5-10 minute presentation on the relevance of recent significant events for StatsNZ. !! Only slightly nerve-wracking, lol. It's cool though, I actually quite like statistics despite having a humanities focus and I'm pretty sure I know more or less what I'm going to talk about, I just have to do a ton of reading and put it into some kind of order and get data to back things up and then practice a bit because oh god I haven't done a presentation in foreverrrrrrr.

Feb. 25th, 2016

Because nerds gonna nerd there's a whole heap of resources on the web for analysing and learning Trigedasleng, the Grounder language in The 100. One of the conversations that seems to come up fairly frequently is its similarity in some aspects to AAVE and whether that was intentional or subconscious or coincidental. I obvs don't have the credentials to weigh in on that, but what I do notice is three features of the basic grammar that are very, very familiar to me.

Two of them are in the pronouns, specifically in the first person plural cases and in both third person cases. In the third person, there is no gender specification. That's not that uncommon a feature, to be fair. English is already towards the far end of the scale in gendered/ungendered languages, and it's not hard to imagine dropping the genders from pronouns as well. But then there's also "we":

yumi, meaning "you and me"
oso, meaning "we, these people and me and also you"
osir, meaning "we, these people and me, but not you"

That doesn't feature in mainstream English. I'm not sure if it does in AAVE. The wiki page for Trigedasleng identifies the etymology for you plural (yo) as "you all", or y'all, which definitely does feature in some existing variants of English. This separation of first person plural does occur in Pacific languages, though, or at least in Te Reo Māori. It's not exactly the same - TRM has this yumi/oso differentiation in the number of people referred to in all plural pronouns. Yumi/oso is the equivalent of tāua/tātou. Osir is split into māua and mātou (me and one other person, me and more than one other person). Yo becomes korua (you two) and koutou (all of you). And emo, the Trigedasleng for third person plural, is rāua/rātou (those two, those more than two). But the start of the shift is there, in the differences between yumi, oso and osir.

The third thing is in the locatives (/demonstratives, spatial adverbs, whatever). There are nine of them in Trigedasleng, three sets of three. One refers to things that are close to the speaker. One that are close to the listener. And one that are further away from both. Again, this three-way split, rather than English's two-way split between here and there, is something that features in TRM with the particles nei, na and ra (right here, there by you, there far away).

Obviously it makes little sense for Trigedasleng to be influenced by Pacific languages, and especially not by Te Reo Māori which is spoken in the very south of the Pacific Ocean and is elsewhere so minor a language that Trigedasleng's architect, David J Peterson, has probably never heard of it. The show is set on the East Coast of the United States, closer to the Atlantic, so you can't even argue for a Hawaiian influence. But it's interesting that there's two major similarities in the basic grammar. Most likely the splits came from a need for precision in a warrior culture under threat from a vastly technologically superior external force (the Mountain Men). When your enemy has radio communications and guns, and you have face to face communication and spears, you really need your orders and plans to be very, very clear.

Jul. 8th, 2014

Nearly caught up with Pretty Little Liars - just starting 5.01. And new Teen Wolf today, so this hat I'm working on may get done by the time I run out of new tv to watch. Which is prob good because I'm feeling sick :(

Thinking about my characters. Having some trouble with HG so I might drop her and put a "wait and see" flag on one of my others. Emily and Spencer from PLL are both on hold and part of me had been tossing up putting in a hold on Emily or Mona so now it's just a 2-option coin flip between holding Mona or not holding Mona. I'd kind of also like to play Cassie again, she was sort of a victim of me getting fed up with the other game. So it's possible I might drop 0-2 and pick up 0-2.

I want to sleeeeep :( I can't really be bothered replying to or posting anything much atm. There's a couple of important tags that might be able to prompt me to do something IC but otherwise, blergh.

Nov. 10th, 2009

Staff at the bottle store recognising you - good customer service or a statement about how often you're there? HMMMMM.

I have confirmed that there appears to not be any lionhead rabbits in New Zealand. This makes me sad. That's three small breeds that never made it here that I'd otherwise like to get - American Fuzzy Lops, Polish and Lionhead. Seriously, lionheads have short fur all over their body except for long hair on their heads. How awesome is that?

Instead if I get a second rabbit I suspect it will be a light coloured Dutch or minilop (fawn or blue with white for Dutch and god only knows for a lop because they come in every colour ever). Or a Dutch x lop, since I have actually seen more than one litter of those advertised and mix breeds can be healthier than purebreds.

I've written nothing today, but it's not 4pm yet and I'm not cooking or cleaning tonight so I should still have time to do stuff. I'm coming up on the dramatic climax of the thing I'm writing, and once it's finished I'm going to go on to something else, so really I guess it's NaFicWriMo.

I apparently have the same birthday as St Aloysius. Also Chingy, Matthew Gray Gubler and the BTK killer.


Aug. 9th, 2009

Good lord that meta got out of hand. Thinking way too much when I should be working on my prompt for the 10th.

May. 22nd, 2009

Torchwood: Outside the Weather, Beyond the Elements

It's been crazy with wind and rain today, so naturally we got three book deliveries from Fishpond. Two were in the more compact packaging and sat happily inside the letterbox. The third was in a bulkier one and got blown to the ground and sort of soaked through. That one was mum's. (As was the third one, I believe.)

So now I have Border Princes to read! I also downloaded the Hidden audiobook, though I'm only about a quarter through because it's hard to listen for long stretches at once, and ummm Everyone Says Hello and Another Life (I think it's an abridged version, read by JB). Naoko Mori doing Jack's American accent or a Welsh one is slightly hilarious.

Despite previous failures, I'm attempting to write a longer-than-my-usual fic. I'm hoping it won't be too long because I actually would like to finish it. I'm 2k words in and I've just loaded up my They Keep Killing Suzie avi to steal dialogue. Hussah! *mad stealer*

Apr. 25th, 2009

Tiny gunporn meta on power and dominance in slash

Sometime last year I wrote Shooting Your Mouth Off, a Pepper/Aubrey gunporn smut, which made me realise I have a bit of a gunporn kink. Last night, my brain wouldn't let me sleep until I'd gotten back up and penned Take Back the Night, a Jack/Ianto gunporn smut.

Not Safe For Ange )

Okay, and that went on way more of a tangent than I expected, considering I'm talking about boys playing with guns, but suffice to say, power is a funny thing that doesn't always depend on who has the firepower.

Apr. 24th, 2009

God, this fic is beautiful.

The Calm During (Jack/Ianto, NC-17)

It's just... sort of gentle. I don't much buy into fluffy Jack/Ianto, because they're both so broken in hidden ways, they're just not domestic. But there's a difference between fluffy domestics and just being comfortable with each other. It's probably because I'm up past my bedtime, but reading this fic is like the smut version of watching a late-night fireworks show, yawning and pleasantly tired, leaning your head on someone's shoulder and feeling warm where they have their arm wrapped around you.

Still working on my first time PWP. I suppose if I'm to continue hitting all the cliches of Jack/Ianto fic my next shot ought to be post-Countrycide. But it probably won't be.

Mar. 3rd, 2009

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence!

"We don't ha--" he starts, and Zacharias doesn't want to hear it, doesn't want pity and freebies, it's his shitty life and he wants to own it, so he sucks in a breath and kisses him.

"Ugh, you're right, I am... considerably inebriated," he decided, a lofty tone imbuing the words with even more highborn intelligence than they would otherwise have.

I look around for a moment as though I'm visiting someone's house for the first time and don't know quite what to do, then I remember that this is my apartment, and I make the rules here, and then I pull my legs up so my feet are on the fabric and I can wrap my arms tightly around my knees.

He was incredibly and unreasonably attracted to Aubrey and would very much like to tie him to his bed and shag him senseless all weekend.

There was something to be said about being able to look out all around and see no one at all between you and the horizon, to be able to entertain yourself all day with just your own thoughts.

When Bags announces her intention of running for Minister, Pepper throws a fit and insists that he has no desire to train a new boss and will be voting for the other guy.

Pepper interrupts his thoughts with a wry tone, eyebrow arched, and nudges one hip against the bench in a way that makes Aubrey want to stare at them again, but the fact that he'd just been caught at it is already making him flush in embarrassment.

"I know you get off on being miserable, but really, there is a limit."

Blaise has always been better at those subtly insulting looks than he has, but then he's lucky enough to have an incredibly fine-featured face.

With his clean-cut shirt and big long coat it's very dramatic and would probably be kind of sexy if Pepper wasn't tied to a bed in some crazy-arse secret hideout or Muggle government lock up or whatever the fuck this was.

Jan. 7th, 2009

Fie, bunnies, fie.

I love reading longfic (provided it's good). I hate writing it. I'm awful at it, I plan it faster than I write it so I lose steam and lose interest and it never gets past a couple thousand words.

Which is why I really hate when I get a plotbunny. Even (and/or especially) when it's a slightly hilariously cracky one. Like this one.

Where the fuck do I get this stuff from? )

As you can see, all the interesting stuff has been written out in my head already. This makes actually writing the story sort of boring to me. Therefore, imagine that ^ that plot was presented in a lengthy and well-written fashion, with wonderful verbalosity and an engaging narrative voice that is humorous when appropriate and steeped in mood-giving properties when needed.

Dec. 1st, 2008


For anyone who is actually interested I renamed [info]nanokei to [info]lifeanddeath which I can't believe no one already had. But yeah, it's not exactly a NaNo anymore, it's just... the slow exploration of NextGen-canon Pepper's history and I just put up angsty Catholicism so people who've been reading it have to read it somewhere else now ok cool.

Nov. 20th, 2008

*updates nano journal madly*

I... have not been keeping up with my wordcount. At present I'm at 21k and I suspect this is going to morph from a nano to... an ongoing project mishmashed of third person scenes and autobiographical ramblings that doesn't really have much of a point.

Considering I already have the death scene(s) up (which are a bit squicky btw), which I was going to stick near the end of the nano.

Jun. 6th, 2008

random for me

Collecting prompts together, I want to write some Pepper/Mill but all I have is scattered images so I need to look at words until it coalesces.

long list )

and the 7spells are listed here

Apr. 21st, 2008

Seven sevens

Raisa linked me to a place on LJ that has coolio prompts (yes, that is my word of the moment, coolio).

sets )

Though technically first I'm doing a mix and match set, so if I actually do do the whole lot, it will be eight sevens. We shall see.

Mar. 29th, 2008


Aubrey trots over as Jo leaves, grabbing Pepper by the arm as they head out to the foyer and he rolls his eyes tolerantly, passing over the fag.

"What's for dinner?" he asks, and takes a drag. "Can we get Indian? I'm dying for a curry."

"If you spill it I'm taking it off you." Really, Pepper suspects, that's probably not in line with Jo's instruction, but he's only had his place a few weeks and hell if he's going to let curry stains mess it up.

He thinks his partner might be psychic, because he hits him in exactly the same place Jo did. "If you starve me I won't have any energy left for sex."

"I'll take the risk. I can always trade you in for a cleaner model."


"Un-housebroken mongrel puppy dog."

"It works better if it's short."

Pepper laughs, taking the cigarette back and sucking down the last of it before stubbing it out on the wall, grabbing some floo powder from the bowl and announcing his address. "Don't fall out the wrong grate."


I'm starting to feel a bit better. I rewatched Serenity today for like the twelfth time and just veged out, and my daddy bought me microwave popcorms yesterday so I popped some to eat while I was watching, and now I'm attempting to write and watching some random action movie with Sylvester Stallone in it. Also, Bones is starting a new season I think on Monday and the episodes I've caught of that show before were sort of amusing, so I think I should start watching it. This would make a total of two nights a week that have decent television on.

I'll probably be able to afford a new computer in a few weeks. ^_^

Earth Hour was tonight. We... did not participate. It was quite eerie looking out the window, though, and seeing utter blackness in large areas instead of the speckled lights on the hills and the squares from the closer neighbour's windows. I wanted to look at us on Google Earth, but it's not real time, so. :( Apparently the council offices turned off the lights. Mum wanted to know why the lights would be on at 8pm on a Saturday anyway. And the Lotto, which starts at 8pm, was talking about it, but I suspect they didn't want people to go "Oh, that!" and turn the tv off. Our Lotto broadcasts are fucking annoying, they don't just give you the numbers, they go on for about five minutes - in the old days that involved a lot more fluffing around and pointless crap, but they've added in bonus balls and Strike 4 and a roulette wheel and all sorts of crazy shit now.

Stuff is exploding on tv. :D

Mar. 15th, 2008

writing, I has it

Zacharias/Terry drabbley bit )

It's just past ten so I might go to bed pretty soon.

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