Oct. 21st, 2016







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Sep. 26th, 2016

PS These two fic I found:

Lie a Little by eva_roisin
Mature; Underage sex; Remy LeBeau/Laura Kinney

While still adjusting to his new role as a teacher, Remy longs to see Laura again. When he's reunited with her, he makes a mistake that threatens to transform the nature of their friendship.

And all the colours I am inside by maia_saura
Teen; No warnings; Sharon Carter, Maya Lopez, Peggy Carter, Steve Rogers

This is a story about Sharon Carter and her best friend (a tiny deaf socialist from New York City who never ran from a fight, named Maya Lopez.)

This is the story about Peggy Carter and her secrets.

This is the story about the topography of choice, and the logistics of freedom.

Sep. 24th, 2016

It is truly impressive how many times my flatmate's toddler has watched Zootopia in the last week.

Man, I would love a Gabby. So much. Esp because Laura's in sort of this weird place where she's still grouped with "the kids" (though Storm and TJ kind of are too), doesn't have as much responsibility as she does back home, and is a little bit more fragile after Storybrooke etc. And Gabby is awesome.

eta: pairings I have come across while browsing the google image results for 'x-23 fanart':


and platonically:
Laura+Elektra (???)
Laura+Peter Parker (???)

Which all reminds me the doctor thinks I should start practicing drawing again.

Sep. 15th, 2016

The new All-New X-Men features Bobby going to a gay club, it's super cute. I also found the All-New Wolverine Annual in which Wolverine and Spider-Gwen switch bodies and oh my god. (I'm not sure why Laura has such trouble with Gwen's spider-strength though. She's canonically supposed to be super strong herself. I guess they're just... slightly different amounts of super strong?) I'm almost tempted to canon update Laura again but I did that like two months ago so it can really, really wait. Memories of being a Spider-Gwen are not that important.

Also I watched like all of season two Dark Matter that's out so far (I think there's only one more episode which is airing in a couple more days) and we found out Five's name and age and there's been so much character development and it's all tremendously exciting. Three and Five even had a whole episode where they bonded together it was fucking adorable. She also made a very dramatic entrance at one point.

"We've caught all of them except the girl. But she's of little consequence." Ha.

Also I updated my character page and figured out what to do with having two games on there and made it really pretty.

Aug. 25th, 2016

I finally got around to just subscribing to All-New X-Men and All-New Wolverine on Comixology so next month I'll get them automatically when they're released, yarrrr. I didn't actually bother grabbing anything from the newest Wolverine though.

I'm the #$%^& Wolverine! )

Aug. 14th, 2016

I'm watching Stranger Things. My Laura muse is just like "no no no no nope nope". I feel like she'd want to stop watching but then keep turning it back on to find out if Eleven is okay. :/

Jul. 21st, 2016

Guess what day it is!

All-New Wolverine #10 - meta )

All-New Wolverine #10 - pure squee )

Jun. 20th, 2016

I enjoy re-reads. Just went through the whole second half of Avengers Academy after Laura turns up, I'd forgotten a bunch of the details of that. (lol Hawkeye was her teacher! He and the grown-up Iceman got kicked out of the inter-campus football match within seconds of it starting, it was great.) Like, er, that she did actually know that the adamantium on her claws was poisonous - she briefly lost her healing ability and started dying! OTOH they also made a mistake and said that her healing wasn't as good as Logan's and had to correct themselves in the letters page, so clearly I'm just following tradition. There was also this whole discussion in the letters about her sports bra outfit that cracked me up since she's spending a lot of time on the beach wearing a sports bra atm - but that's because it's hot on the island and she doesn't have that many spare clothes. Pretty much just her Wolverine costume. I'd also forgotten it was Natasha who recruited her to the Academy after seeing her bust up a prostitution ring, though I knew they'd crossed paths a few times.

I want to put together a mash-up of the two dogs fighting story from Echo's arc in Daredevil with the last issue of X-23 vol.3, but uh it's ten past midnight and I have to go to the doctor/pharmacy in the morning so I should really be in bed...
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Jun. 18th, 2016

Guess what it's time for? Best frames of Wolverine #9!

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Maria Hill is just facepalming through this whole thing I think. Gabby is developing into the comic relief and it's pretty adorable. Though it bugs the hell out of me that they consistently just shrug off the possibility of her being injured ever. She can't feel pain! She has no idea if she's bleeding internally or has broken bones or anything and no one ever bothers to check her over! Sorry but not being able to feel pain is basically the worst super power ever. Right up there with literally being made of glass.

Anyway it looks like the next one might have some AU Wolverine!fam feels so I'm looking forward to it. Now I'm going to read the new X-Men.

May. 30th, 2016

They still have the wolverine. His name is Jonathon. *happy tears emoji*
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Apr. 28th, 2016

ALL-NEW WOLVERINE IS BACK!! It's been six weeks, aka FOREVER, but they gave us a hilarious Squirrel Girl crossover so I can't even be mad.

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so happy rn

Apr. 3rd, 2016

soul-tired. started writing on my tablet so I didn't have to lean up but the on screen keyboard is fucking terrible, randomly duplicates the first few letters of words, sticks a hanging a to the right of the cursor... idek. I have to replace my tablet - not only does it no longer charge while connected to the dock or in use, but the time on the clock is frozen and only updates when you rotate the screen. Looking at the same type that's available now (Asus Transformer) they've changed from Android to Windows OS and I don't want Windows. So I can get basically the same model I have already, which is some years old, or I could get like a Galaxy Tab of some kind and a bluetooth keyboard, because on screen typing sucks.

I have stuff to plan for during and after weatherbrooke too. but again. tired. when they get back maya's gonna muse about her birthday a bit and then announce she's going on a vision quest (tbd if she actually says it's a vision quest). (lol she'll barely have time to notice elektra. she'll probably name drop wilson though. fun times.) Laura is....... yeah. that'll be interesting. and unfun. but it's basically rock bottom for her so hopefully after that she'll start to improve. meanwhile ianto's going to try to make friends with the TARDIS by playing games with it. and in the doorway I have stuff going on with maya and mcu!matt. but right now I just want to sleep. I have unread mail but eh.

woke up at 4am yesterday. last night took 2mg lorazepam (sedative, normal dose is 1mg), and still woke up at 6am. fuuuuuuck.

I think... I'll make myself go and have something to eat and drink, at the very least some spoonfuls of yoghurt, and then maybe nap again.

Mar. 26th, 2016

Marvel Team-Up, vol.3 #5-6

"Or don't. I care not."

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Mar. 25th, 2016

I did a lot of reading yesterday, and I have thoughts about age and also romance in the Riordan books but that's still fulminating, so for now I'm gonna muse about comics, because comics yay.

a) I re-read the second lot where Maya turns up, Daredevil vol 2 #51-55, all in full-screen so I could really see the detail. Those five comics have so much imagery in them, like,

I don't think Maya's at all Christian, and really that's the only explicit Christian symbolism - most of it she's thinking of him as an animal spirit. That small picture of the sign for "wolf" shows up over and over when he's on the page and other signs are scattered around everywhere as well. Sometimes words that reinforce the text, sometimes the letter signs spelling something out. The art is all done in quick rough sketches and often the same picture is repeated several times with variations. It's just so expressive of her style, the way she thinks and tells stories through movement and art. I really wish I was a better artist because there's an idea in my head based off this story Logan tells her about the two dogs fighting (which it turns out came originally from her father) and how in the illustrations the mean dog's skeleton is visible. Like, placed on top, and it's repeated with Logan and then razorblades for adamantium. I can see Maya doing a piece based off that, with thick paint for the dogs and then intricately realistic skeleton drawn on paper and pasted on top of the mean dog.

(After Weatherbrooke - during which is Maya's birthday, lol, she's gonna semi-miss it - she might end up doing another vision quest, too.)

b) I was futzing with the quotes on my current character list and went to look up X-23 quotes for a better one than I had and found a reference to an appearance in Black Widow! vol 5 #11, Femmes Fatales. There's no context as to how they met up or why they're working together, it's just this snapshot of them rescuing a friend of Natasha's who's being held on the top floor of a casino and Laura calls her "Nat" and takes off her shoes and hoop earrings before going in to slaughter a whole bunch of guards while dressed in like this fancy white pantsuit and then there's a bomb and she slashes a hole in the floor so they can drop down crouched on a segment of cement to escape the blast and I have hearts for eyes now. The synopsis on Marvel Unlimited says "in the wake of Wolverine's death" and Natasha tells her that she needed someone angrier than she was and that Logan wanted her to look out for Laura. I just love the idea of her realising she needs to plan a rescue and thinking to swing by and get Laura so they can punch things together, and the way they work really smoothly, splitting up to do things they're suited for and then joining together again.

Mar. 18th, 2016

RP highlights today is a mix of Ianto dropping "I'm familiar with safe words" in a conversation with Twelve and Henry Mills explaining Easter egg hunts to Laura with "adults are weird".

Speaking of I caught up on All-New X-Men 5&6 and All-New Wolverine 6 and oh, I have feels about how damn awesome Laura is in these.

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Also, there's this bit in ANXMen #6 and I just have to have a moment of happy for when something I make up for RP becomes canon, re: Laura's sleeping habits (=not in bed, hiding in corners, etc). An earlier ANXMen had her rescuing a puppy as well which supports my "Laura loves dogs (except German shepherds)" headcanon.