Jun. 5th, 2009

I love being a bitch to people on Yahoo Answers. It's their fault for asking stupid as fuck questions.

I have read two more Torchwood books and I like these ones that are set in mid season two because they actually have Ianto in them. I was expecting to like Trace Memory more than Pack Animals, but Pack Animals was so much fucking cooler. That shit was awesome. (Though Ianto's "I am bored, barefoot, eating pizza and having a James Bondathon" moments in TM were pretty neat. And him and Jack "having the place to themselves", but only as long as it didn't interrupt his James Bondathon. I'm imagining Jack doing distracting things to him while he watches Goldfinger, now...)

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Jan. 22nd, 2009


I logged into yahoo!answers today... and I have a top contributer badge. XD I feel like there should be one just below it that says "smartarse" too....

ETA: No, seriously, this is just creeping me out every time I see my name.

On an unrelated note, 49 Zerry logs saved from the gaping maw of GJ. The journals will be tragically left to finish their lingering death of server rot, but the logs are saved.

May. 18th, 2008


Well, not silent, but pretty quiet. Guess what? It is just about a year since I got this journal. It's my IJversary soon! I demand presents.

No, not really.

I'm doing the backstitch on my cross-stitch, which means it's nearly finished, and it's so fucking exciting. It looks good with the black outline stitching. I'm excited to take a picture of it when it's done. After that I'm going to start on a river otter that I'd like to put on my door as a "KEEP OUT PLS" sign, though as my brother's birthday is coming up, I also have to figure out what exactly I'm making for him, so I imagine that will come first.

Since I have my new computer I've been watching inordinate amounts of Lost, rewatched the first six eps of season seven Scrubs, rewatched a few Torchwoods, etc. Glorious processor speed and hard drive space is mine!! I feel so poor without the $700 buffer in my bank account, but it is very much worth it.

RPwise I'm gonna do a PSL which makes me very happy, and I'm still/again debating whether to bring Esther to BL. I briefly entertained the idea of having Pepper going "screw you guys" to the Order and not joining so she could be media/Order supporter, but scrapped that (esp as Rory is apparently quite against the idea, if his allcaps is anything to go by) so if I do, she'll just be plain old media. I don't know. The sticking point is interaction.

My eye keeps leaking. It is annoying.

Mar. 15th, 2008

writing, I has it

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It's just past ten so I might go to bed pretty soon.

Sep. 18th, 2007

Why would anyone want to comment on a change of CEO? *headdesk*

Also, f-list, help me. There just isn't enough magic in my sex. I need advice on how to use my wand better. :( The HP kind, I mean. Aside from the age old lubricus charm and accioing sex toys, what are some fun things that magic opens up? If it's such an all-pervasive part of life as it seems to be (though I do mock the fact that pretty much every song title in the books has to scream OMG WIZARDING REMEMBER THIS IS THE WIZARDING WORLD) you'd think there could be some awesome things to use it for in the bedroom.

Terry: I'm going to bring Bico [the kitten] and we're going to watch you [cook], and then I'll teach him How To Be a Man.
Zacharias: Do you think it would help if he had a man to learn from?
Terry: Hey, hey now, I'm a man. I'm a manly man, very hardcore and tough. Like bricks or nails or nails in bricks.
Zacharias: That sounds uncomfortable.
Terry: For the brick, or the nails?
Zacharias: Depends how hard you hammer the nails in.
Terry: Pretty hard, I bet, but not too hard otherwise the brick would break, and that would be a really bad analogy or metaphor or whatever it is I was making if the tough brick broke.
Zacharias: Obviously it's all in the technique. Of hammering.
Terry: Yes. I've got an ace hammering technique.

Oh boys.

Sep. 14th, 2007

Something DREADFULLY FUNNY has occurred

Sheena showed me what she has of Terry's bio. This was bound to be dreadfully funny anyway, despite the fact that I only had view access on gdoc and not edit so could not insert witty margin-notes, but it was only heightened by this:

Wand: 12 inch apple dragon's heart string

What is so funny about that? you ask. And well you might, for unless you are cunningly stalking me you do not know about the page I have, the page that includes the following notes:

- former house: Hufflepuff
- sexuality: Gay, but closeted.
- wand: Apple, 11 3/4", dragon heartstring
- occupation: Ward-caster

Terry's is a quarter inch longer. Zacharias says that this is because Terry has more to compensate for.

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Sep. 2nd, 2007

Bring back the porn!

It is possible that I'm sort of a procrastinator. I got up at 2 am Sunday the second, loaded my f-list and went, "Oh yeah, Bring Back The Porn is on. I should do something about that."

Now, on my computer I have a folder called "writing", containing completed short stories, scrips and scraps, overly-ambitious WIPs and notes that have long since lost their meaning. In this folder was the beginning of the scene that follows. What I feel I should tell you all is that I never meant to finish this. It's highly problematic, because it was just a mental image that leapt into my mind one day, which means I never consciously decided what to do about Terry's characterisation. I didn't deliberately make him like [info]quitedreadful's portrayal, and I didn't deliberately change him to avoid the, you know, character swiping. If I did deliberately aim for Sheena's Terry, I wouldn't want to write from his POV, but this scene requires Terry's POV. So, even though I've finished it, it has no name, I'm not posting it on my creative journal, and I have to say please don't reproduce it anywhere.

And yes, I do realise that that is a stupidly long disclaimer for a piece of pure PWP.

It sort of felt like Terry should have been surprised to find Zacharias on his doorstep... )